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Weekend Pricing / Holiday Pricing for WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments

Special Pricing for WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments
How to price by day of the week with WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin?
In v 2.3 of WooCommerce Booking and Appointment plugin, we have introduced a new feature Special Pricing. This can be used when you need a different price for a specific weekday or on a particular date, like a public holiday. This feature allows to set different rules for pricing for WooCommerce Bookings created with our plugin.

This feature can be used with all types of bookings i.e only date bookings, appointments (dates with time slots) and hotel room bookings ( multiple day bookings ).

Special prices can be added for a particular weekday or for any specific date. The price added for the weekday or specific date will be applied to the product instead of the Regular or Sales price. The price can be a discounted price than the product price( i.e less than the product price) or it can be more than the product price.

Below screenshots guide you on how to setup Special Pricing with the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin:

Pricing for WooCommerce Bookings - Regular Price
Regular Price
Special Prices for every Saturday & 15th August 2015
Special Prices for every Saturday & 15th August 2015

You can select a weekday or a particular date under special pricing along with the price to be given for that weekday or date. Once entered, you need to click on the “Add Special Booking” button.

The above image shows the backend of the plugin i.e. how to set the special price on a particular day or date.

A real life example of special pricing could be of a theme park, as shown in above & below screenshots. Their charges on weekends & public holidays are usually higher than the regular days so this is one of the many cases where you can use the Special Pricing feature.

£1,700.00 is Regular Price & £1,800.00 is Special Price set for Saturday.
£1,700.00 is Regular Price & £1,800.00 is Special Price set for Saturday.

As you can see in the above image the original price for regular days is £1,700 but when you select one of the weekend say Saturday the price shown is £1,800. This is an example of setting special prices for Saturday or any other weekday. You could call it Weekend Pricing too.

Special pricing can also be useful for a Doctor or a Beautician who may want to charge some extra amount on some days of the week. For Tours, this could be an essential feature. For example, the “Mumbai Tour” package charges extra on weekends than the regular days and that is where Weekend Pricing feature proves to be very useful.

Pricing for WooCommerce Bookings - Mumbai Tour - Product Page
Mumbai Tour – Product Page

The date selected is a Saturday and hence the price shown is $150 instead of the original price $100.

Mumbai Tour - $100 is Regular Price & $150 is Special Price set for Saturday.
Mumbai Tour – $100 is Regular Price & $150 is Special Price set for Saturday.

The above examples give a good idea about the backend and frontend settings for the Special Pricing feature.

Note: You can either add a weekday or a specific date for custom charges, but not both at the same time.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Don’t be shy. 😉

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