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Activating The License Key

Once you have installed the Call for Price for WooCommerce Pro plugin, you will need to activate the license key. This will help you to receive update notifications automatically on the Plugins page.

Steps for Activating the License key

The following are the steps to save and activate the license key:

1. Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Call for Price -> License page.

2. Here enter the license key provided in your email, in the License Key field.

Entering the license key 

3. Click on Save changes button and then the Activate button. A message active will appear next to Deactivate button in green color.

License key activated

This shows your license key is now activate. Your plugin will work properly even if you do not complete this step, but the only difference is that you will not receive any update notifications. Hence we recommend you to activate the license key during the time of installation.

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