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Order Delivery Date Pro For WooCommerce Update

You can choose to update Order Delivery Date Pro plugin from within your WordPress Plugins page with one click or manually.

One Click Update

For this process, there should be an active license key for the plugin. If you do not have an active license key for your plugin, please refer this post to activate your license key.

Once the license key is active, you will receive the Update notification under the plugin on the Plugins page as shown below.

Plugin Update
Plugin Update

You can view the details/changelog for the new version by clicking on the “View version details” link on the update notification. Once the details are checked, click on the “update now” link.

Once the plugin is updated, you will see a message as shown below. This indicates that your Order Delivery Date plugin has been updated successfully.

Plugin Updated to the latest version
Plugin Updated to the latest version


Manual Update

If you do not want to follow the automatic update process as shown above, then you can also take the manual approach as explained below. This could be needed in cases where if you have done some modification in one of our plugin’s files or if the one-click update is not working for you for some reason.

  1. Login to: http://www.tychesoftwares.com/wp-login.php
  2. Go to: http://www.tychesoftwares.com/purchase-history
  3. Download the .zip file for latest version of the plugin.
  4. Unzip the Downloaded file.
  5. Upload the unzipped order-delivery-date folder to the wp-content/plugins directory on your web server overwriting the old files. You can use FileZilla or any other FTP software to do this.

Once, the plugin is updated you can now configure the settings for the New features added in the update or the bug fixes made.

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