Woocommerce Abandon Cart Pro

Plugin Version: 2.3.2
Last Updated Date: June 16 2014


Abandoned CartRecover over 30% of your lost sales automatically. It’s so easy!

This easy-to-use plugin gives store owners the ability to recover sales that are lost to abandoned shopping carts by logged-in customers. Abandoned Cart works in the background, sending multiple email notifications to your customers, reminding them about their abandoned orders. The plugin offers incentives to return and complete their checkout with discounts and coupons.

NEW: From v2.0, you can track carts abandoned by guest users (in addition to logged-in users). You can now also send the notification emails within minutes of the user abandoning your cart.

Frontend demo: Add an item to cart and check the Admin after 2 minutes to see your abandoned order. Email sending will not work in demo.
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  • Put your cart follow-up process on automation & recover lost orders
  • Recover sales from guest users & logged-in users - v2.0
Why would a customer abandon their shopping cart?
  • Price higher than expected after shipping/taxes
  • Shopper decides to wait and look for a better deal
  • Lack of trust / confidence
  • Confusion during the checkout process
  • Credit card denied at checkout
  • Urgent matter causes shopper to leave

Abandoned Cart plugin merely hands back revenue to you, that is rightfully yours.


You can request support from the Contact page.

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On average, nearly 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned (according to comScore). That's huge money being lost. Recovering and closing the sales on abandoned orders is critical to increasing your bottom line. (Infographic)

The Abandoned Cart plugin allows you to recover orders that were just a step away from closing. It enables you to create automatic & well-timed email reminders to be sent to your customers who have added your products to their cart, but did not complete the order. As a result, with this plugin you will start recovering at least 30% or more of your lost sales. Why let this 30% revenue go unclaimed?
The Abandoned Cart plugin allows you to personalize every email that is sent out by using custom variables like Customer Name, Cart Information, Cart abandoned date, Coupon codes, Checkout page link, Cart page link & many more. The Abandoned Cart plugin also enables the admin to keep a track of the emails sent to the customers and giving the Admin different statistics about the emails sent like number of emails opened, number of links clicked from email etc. Abandoned Cart plugin enables Customers to:
  • Recover their abandoned carts in a single click
  • Automatically logs in registered customers
  • Tracks carts of guest users too - v2.0
Abandoned Cart plugin enables Admin to:
  • Identify the Abandoned Orders information, including the products that were abandoned
  • Track abandoned carts of guest users & guest user information like First Name, Last Name, Email Address - v2.0
  • Create unlimited email templates to be sent at intervals that you set
  • Add custom variables like Customer Name, Product Information, Coupons, etc. in the email template
  • Embed Woocommerce coupons in the emails being sent to customers
  • Copy HTML from anywhere & create templates using the powerful Rich Text Editor
  • Track whether expired coupons are causing cart abandonment
  • You are notified by email when an order is recovered
  • Track abandoned orders value v/s recovered orders value
  • Track emails sent, emails opened, links clicked for each template/email
  • Automatically stops email notifications when a customer makes a purchase or uses the cart recovery link
  • Woocommerce 2.0 & above
  • Wordpress 3.0 & above

  • v 2.3.2 - This version has 4 fixes included.
    1. The image links were not being converted properly and resulted in broken images being sent in the reminder emails.
    2. Abandon Cart record was not being deleted for users, when they do not reach the order received page.
    3. Abandon Cart record remains for guest users who have created an account on the checkout page.
    4. The Abandon Cart plugin is now compatible with Woocommerce 2.1.x versions.
  • v 2.3.1 - This version provides you with a license key after updating to this version, which will need to be activated after which further updates would be available for you.
  • v 2.3 - 1 bug fixed.
    1. Where guest carts whose accounts were created on the checkout page were being treated as abandoned carts.
  • View Full Change Log
Simply activate the plugin & enter the settings as per your specifications and requirements. Once this is done, the plugin will start storing abandoned carts & sending email notifications to your customers about it.
Email Sending Setup
Abandoned Cart Plugin relies on a function called WP-Cron, and this function only runs when there is a page requested. So, if there are no visits to your website, then the scheduled jobs are not run.

In a perfect world, scheduling perfectly timed events to run at specified intervals is what should occur, but WP-Cron is not the same as the Unix cron scheduler. The key distinction lies in how it is run; unlike a background process, WP-Cron kicks in every time a visitor opens your WordPress-powered site. As such, it will remain imprecise in terms of timing the sending of your abandoned email notifications.

For the Abandoned Cart Plugin, this can cause a “problem” for you. If you have a schedule of emails to be sent, and no visits are made to your website, the queue will not be processed, and no abandoned cart notification emails will be sent. But, there are solutions.

Advanced: This is the best set of instructions for fixing this, and making it more "perfectly timed." Create Cron Jobs

Less Advanced: Alternatively, you could try: WP-Cron Control

You need to schedule the following script present in the plugin folder so emails are sent out: "woocommerce-abandon-cart-pro/cron/send_email.php"

Once purchased, to update the plugin to the latest version, please go to your WordPress Plugins page. As & when a new update is available, a notification will be visible just below the plugin description block. If you face any issues while updating the plugin, please drop an email to updates@tychesoftwares.com with your name, email address & plugin name.