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I have been using this abandon cart plugin on my handmade & personalized anniversary gifts store at It has helped recover many abandoned carts and allows me to immediately get in contact with potential customers. Highly recommend.

Tony Schwartz

I use Tyche's Booking & Appointment plugin for my rental company's website and of all the plugins and software programs I have tried, this is by the far best one for our specific use. I have yet to have any issues with it, and the support has been great. I usually don't even have to reach out... I can just look at the forums and find the answer I need. Great plugin, and the developers seem very proactive and helpful. With a 30 day guarantee - which they do honor! - give their premium plugins a shot. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Lorraine Evert

Thank you Priyanka & Shruti for the awesome support! I use WooCommerce and the booking plugin by Tyche Softwares. This team is awesome, with great plugins and excellent support. Thank you again!


It is a great plugin which works perfectly. The only thing i would want to be added, is the opportunity to send smileys in the subject line and also be able to see through tracking who press on the mails to open the cart link to keep shopping 


Worked fine. I would add one more step to the process though. After the menu is imported, you need to go to the Appearance | Menus tab, select the menu name from the drop down box, and at the bottom of the page, select “Primary Navigation” and save the menu.


many thanks



Charles Barber

Excellent, unwavering, and persistent support! Helped me with significant improvements to their order-delivery-date plugin for my outside catering business. 5 star!

Ron Lum

Very solid, knowledgeable support team. I purchased a booking & rental plugin for a popular e-commerce system. It had some bugs in it initially. So I complained to their support. They were very accommodating and within 24 hours replied and manually fixed the code for me. Their update followed shortly after. Definitely gives me peace of mind to work with a development team that responds to issues quickly.

À moi la toque

Don't look further ! Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce is THE plugin you need ! Great support, Cheers !


The perfect solution for handling time slots. Managing deliveries is now smooth.

Mahmood Rahma Ali Hassan

I am doing a media business in Dubai and giving media services to worldwide media companies and broadcasters, trying to build an online booking system that gives my costumers an option to book there services required in an easy and user-friendly way, I did not find better plugin than Woocommerce-Booking, and I would like to thank Shruti from Tyche Softwares in helping me to fix some issues in modifying the system to work with my business requirements

Barbara Katharina Guschlbauer

The support is absolutely excellent! They do everything possible to help fix any problems!

Karin Ulrike Soika

I am using the Arconix Shortcodes since a while, which lately is being supported and maintained by Tychesoftwares. The WP-plugin worked fine, but suddenly stopped to do what it used to do. I contacted support and Bhagyashri from Tychesoftwares very patiently investigated the issue. He finally found the bug: a jQuery was not working on our site. And he provided an individual solution: a change in code logic. Thank you very much, Bhagyashri!

Adrien Vancostenoble

A great support and true efficiency. very fast response time. Congratulation !

Uzair Majid

Never have I experience the same level of remote support! I am so glad I chose this plugin for my needs. 5 stars from me!


Client needed to add a ship date just so guests could pre-order some goodies but ship them later. This plugin did the trick and effortlessly! Thank you!


Hi team, Thanks a ton.. I searched for tweaks and many solutions to find a way out for min. preparation time. This plug in did that in a snap.


We are using these plugin and it is working.


Works great! Thanks


I used this plugin for one my clients website. I had to setup cron manually from server due to some server restrictions, but otherwise it worked perfect.Thanks


This plugin did its job beautifully.My only problem was installing it directly from WP: even when I wrote its exact name, this was not the first plugin returned, but the last on the page. Still, I think this is WP problem and has nothing to do with the plugin itself. I suppose it will get higher as it gets more users and reviews.

Bran Weintraub

Customer service is great, they go above and beyond to assist and corrected any issues I had with setting everything up in a timely manner. I use the abandoned cart plugin and am very satisfied with the results and carts recovered.

Maria Marquez

Is the best that i had used. In adittion, the tecnichal service is very good. I recommend it


Works great so far, just what I needed, thanks!

Diane Jenks

Great response to a "glitch" that occurred with the "print invoices" plug-in. Works perfectly now - response time was <24 hours. Happy happy!

Botić Denis

I am WP custom website web developer and I needed custom solution for booking and renting group of products under one name. I have tried several plugins before ordering Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce at price 119usd/year. Those plugins had only round 60% of solutions that I needed. Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce had like 95% of solutions already integrated. Therefore I have contacted support to see if they are willing to make their plugin even better and create those 5% missing (solution for grouped products). Support has responded very fast (in up to 48hours) and I have get their full attention. Plugin developers have crated required solution for my needs in next 7 days. Which is why I gave them 5 star rating.

A happy customer

Simple, customizable plugin that does exactly what it is supposed to. Chetna Bhutka is generous with support!

Kevin Hock

We use Abandoned Cart Pro and really appreciate functionality of the plugin and the great support that we receive from Tyche. Highly recommended plugin and company that stands behind their products. Thank you!


Great and must need plugin


I am using the free version for my site. The plugin is great for what it does. The setup was really easy and I was sending abondoned cart emails in no time with very little customization to the email templates.I must say contrary to many plugin authors, Chetna Bhutka offers super awesome customer support. I was facing a customization issue and he sent me an edited version of the code. I mean no one does that for a free version but had to say I am really impressed. I will surely be happy to pay for the pro version.Keep up the good work Chetna.

Dheeraj Gupta

great plugin and support team ...go for it

Volker Maier

This is a great plugin that help us to save a lot of time. It was not easy to find it but this plugin is having everithing we need. I am not only like the plugin I also was satisfy about the fast and frindly support. Thank you


i think this is a feature that should be as default in woocommerce, at least to see the abandoned carts info. Thank you for the plug in.

Becca Booker

We use the Abandon Cart plugin for Woocommerce and the support they have is excellent. Thanks for the help Vishal!

Stef Compeers

Great plugins, great support! Many thanks from Belgium!


The free plugin was not compatible with a paid currency convertor plugin that I use. I worried that I would first have to upgrade to the paid plugin to get any help on that, but Chetna provided a custom fix within 2 days.Thank you for the quick fix. It works great!This must be the best and fastest support I have received from a plugin developer all year. Keep up the good work!


It does exactly what is expected for this kind of plugin.Their support is great too!

Laurence Anthony

good plugins, great support! thanks for the help Moxa :)

Matthias Hofmann

A great delivery time plugin for woocommerce - with great support!

Lorenzo De' Medici

Abandoned Cart Pro: excellent plugin. It's not localized (italian in my case) but thanks to a great customer care I succeeded in fine tuning it for my business.

Nicole Tooker-Nicholas

Currently using the Order delivery date pro plugin for my website Delicious Buds Chocolate Bouquets so my customers can choose a specific delivery date for their gift. This plugin works fantastic, it has a massive amount of options for me to customise. Great plugin guys cant recommend enough.

Brendan Nolan

We use Order Delivery Date Pro for our florist business. We're open Monday to Saturday and have different cut-off times for delivery to suit our trading hours. We may also deliver on a Sunday for special events. This plugin lets us set custom cut-off times for each day, even additional charges if required, which replicates exactly what we do in-store. When we've needed assistance, the support we have received from Tyche has been excellent. This plugin does exactly what it's designed to do. Five stars!


First of all, Thanks for the great plugin. i used it in my other site… i want to know, i try to install the plugin on my other website with the woocommerce new version but its don’t work… i hear that you have a great support team so it will be great if you can help me figure it out


Very helpful.This plugin has helped us recover a few orders since we got it

Vishal Mathur

I purchase the plugin "Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce" and after that I got excellent support from team of Tyche Software. As per their standard refund policy we can claim it 100% within 30 days from purchase. But we cross this limit and even after this time-frame when we put up our case that this plugin is not able to meet our requirement fully then without asking by us Tyche Software refund the amount 100% very fast. Before purchase and after purchase we received out-standing support. My hairiest congratulations to Vishal and his team for very high standard of professional ethics. I recommend all the customers if any of the product or plugin from this company fulfill your requirement then must buy from here. You guys will get excellent support and service that you will remember life-time. I wish the requirement I submitted to them is fulfill soon so I can buy it again immediately. Wishing the Tyche Software team great journey ahead.

Marco van Wijnbergen

This is THE booking plugin you need. Don't look any further. Really stop looking for other ones, this is it. A lot of this plugin is editable and can be changed like you see fit. Bookings for massage, office spaces, holidays and so much more can be managed by Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce. Support is so good, the people at Tyche will do everything to get you happy. I think if I ask them to come by in the Netherlands they will consider :-). Thanks girls and guys at Tyche software! Marco mcmwebsites

Luxe Eventrental

Tyche Softwares has innovated our event rental business practices and their service is a very important part of our success. We have a strong and thriving business because of the TYCHE SOFTWARES TEAM! We are truly thankful! Regards, Luxe Team Atlanta

Helmuth Fara

Great Plugins and perfect support! Thank you so much and best regards from Austria!

Jeffrey Clark

Just an outstanding product - but even better: OUTSTANDING SUPPORT! I am doing a custom ticketing program for tours, and there were some configuration issues that I just could not get past with ANY product. The Bookings software, however, came closer than anything and I resigned myself to doing workarounds in the bookings. The support folks came through though and got me up and running with a product that could be configured to meet my every need! Well done and keep up the good work!

Miroslav Mazalica

This fully customizable plugin has saved us $6,997.81 over the last 5 months in abandoned orders. If you're on the fence, don't think twice. Abandoned Cart Pro pays for itself really quickly.


super productive plugin! and a crazy support ! you people are so nice. i created about 6 plugins and i never give such a great support like you !thank you thank you !

Cathy Earle

Great product and great support. My client needed a solution that would allow their customers to select a date for delivery or a date for pick up. These two dates would vary. The Order Delivery Date Pro plugin worked perfectly.


Custom cut off times for each day.We use this plugin for the web shop of our florist for customers to arrange deliveries Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings. Being able to set an earlier cut off time for Saturdays (or Sundays when applicable) is great.

Pekka Varis

Very good custom support and developement! We used Tyche Softwares for booking plugin and woo commerce product bundle customation.

Thomas Sultana

Great plugin. We had some issues initially however support was there and very helpful to assist and point out the issue with our setup.

Stine Skern

This plugin is perfect for small hotels like ours since we don't have neither budget or need for the large and expensive solutions that are available. It is easy to use, and whenever I have run into difficulties the support is always quick to reply

Joe Chaput

The order delivery date works for us very well. We sell cheese platters in our store for pick up only. We needed a way for people to order online, but with 36 hours notice. We wanted them to be able to choose the date and time they would like to pick up. Problem solved. Due to some word press updates, the software would not work. However, Tyche support was very helpful in getting everything back up and running quickly.

Jon Dennis

Good plugin


Works in testing mode


This plugin is GREAT, the Pro is THE BEST!


excellent plugin


Don't listen to haters. This works


Easy money.I’m using the plugin on my shop. Installation is very easy and it works great. I’ve already recovered some orders, it doesn’t cost any effort.Support is fast and extensive.


Works as advertised.Works as advertised. Meets the basic requirements.


Great plugin, great team.A simple plugin that works as advised. The team has been very helpful for the plugin installation. Thanks a lot!


Great support and value; buy it.This plugin works as described: the lite version doesn’t cut down in functionality. You can have your orders recovered and save on sales. Depending on what you are selling, this can be a few orders to justify ordering the full package – i’m only a few away!Very recommended!


All i can say is PERFECT.




Really great.


Just what I needed and no fuss!



Nik Rickli

Great Support


Perfect plugin for delivery date

Jurgen Hollebecq

Works like a charm & great support


Awesome plugin and support!

Phil Brunet

Excellent plugin and stellar support!


Awesome Plugin


Great plugin, fast support!


Excellent Customer Service for a free plugin


Excellent & fast support!


Excellent Service & Plugin


Great plugin, fast support! I had a problem in the configuration and where the calendar had to be displayed, and very kindly and in a short time they facilitated the help


Great plugin and great support.Thanks again for the great work, really appreciate it.



Jooshua Franssen

Currently using the Lite version of the plugin, and even that version is a steal. The Lite version offers all the basic functions you would need for your orders to be recovered. Have it recover your sales and this plugin - and especially the paid version - will pay itself back in no time. Even support on the Lite version is sublime, so one can only imagine how they will support the Pro version. Highly recommended for any e-commerce shop owner.

Manik Gunawardana

Superb booking plugin, thanks for this. This saved a lot of time for my project.

Corey Gonzalez

I manage a bakery e-commerce site along with many other brand sites. We use Delivery Date Pro plugin for WP and have very been pleased with the results. Tyche's support has been outstanding and I am more than satisfied with my purchase.

Rob 'Minty' Kendal

We've been using the Woocommerce Delivery Date plugin and it is brilliant. We have a client with a relatively complex set of delivery requirements, and this plugin was a fantastic alternative to what would have been a costly and very long development process to achieve the same thing. Highly recommended!

Jack Pollock

Finally a company who supports its products. Extremely responsive to support requests. Paid plugins with ultra premium support are the future.

Kristy Morton

The Order Delivery Date Pro plug-in for Woocommerce is great, simple and easy to use and does everything I need. The customer service is great, support emails are answered so quickly and nothing is too much trouble.

Francois Guernier

Great quality team! thanks for the quality of your work in customizing your booking plugin for our need :)

Nicolas Kyramarios

We are happy having found Order Delivery Date plugin for WooCommerce. For catering businesses and other projects where the client needs to specify a specific delivery time, this plugin helps a lot with numerous setting options. Also we experienced a great and fast support. Thank you and we wish you continued success…

Santinja Online Mode Verleih & shop

This is by far the best online support I've ever received. I love to work together with these people. I use Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce as well as the Rental System Addon for WooCommerce. My entire business concept is based on renting and this plugin really saved my life. They've thought just about any solution to any problem you may have in the future. Till now I haven't had one problem they were not able to fix for me. If you are like me, small business owner and by far no programmer, developer or technician and you are building your own website, occasionally you may need a little help from smart people like tyche software. :) I definitely recommend this plugin in and the people behind it.

Tiago Nunes

Don't look further ! Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce is THE plugin you need ! Great support, Cheers !

Charles VonDutch

Excellent, unwavering, and persistent support! Helped me with significant improvements to their order-delivery-date plugin for my outside catering business. 5 star!

Stacey Simpson

Highly Recommend Tyche Softwares. Prior to purchasing I had a number of questions that were answered very quickly. Once I purchased the Order Delivery Date Pro Plugin it and had a few little bugs with my website. Vishal & Komal were fantastic in helping me out with the issues, making the changes on my website to allow the plugin to work correctly, and followed up weeks later to ensure all was still working ok after the update. The plugin has made a huge difference to my website and my working hours, being able to restrict certain dates and times means I haven't had to make unnecessary phone calls or emails informing customers they can't have a delivery due to it being a weekend or public holiday. Thanks again for all your help!

Ozmar Fraga

Their Bookings plugin is magnificent, it does what it should and with easy configuration. The support team is great. Highly recommended.

Mert Eren

Today we have big problem because of another plugin but their technical support is amazing.. Now fixed ! Good support means good product.. No need to explain more...

Alan Tomkins

We have used the Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce for bibsbakery dot co dot uk We needed a way to offer cleints collection for the cupcakes (24 hours) and macarons / celebration cakes (48 hours) and this plugin worked really well. Support has also been great. Highly recommended

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