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3 best free WooCommerce plugins for Buy One Get One Free promotion

Did you know that in about every 35 visits to an online store, only 1 generates revenue for it? That’s right, only 2.86% of e-commerce website visits actually convert into a purchase. Even though this sounds shocking, it’s a sad reality. In such times, different methods to grab your customer’s attention towards your store are a must! Discounts are one way to go. During holidays, discounts have the biggest impact on consumers. More than 70% of US internet users agree that discounts help them make purchasing decisions.

The other way is by offering some free products and services.  Nearly two-thirds of the participants from a survey agreed that a promotion (such as Buy One Get One Free) often helps them purchase the item rather than thinking about whether it should be bought or not. From this, we can easily conclude how promotions such as Buy One Get One Free are integral to understanding the customer’s shopping habits.

Most often online stores offer BOGO deals to not just acquire new customers but also turn them into repeat buyers. Another advantage of offering it is being able to recover abandoned cart sales. Since BOGO discounts are considerably affordable than online advertising, it’s also known for helping many small online businesses. For WooCommerce users, there can be two ways of configuring this promotion. One way would be automatically adding a product to the cart. The other way would be using a plugin that offers the Buy One Get One Free deal for your WooCommerce store. That’s what we are going to cover today for you. 

Plugins for WooCommerce BOGO deals


1. Pricing Deals for WooCommerce by Vark

The Pricing Deals for WooCommerce plugin has over 7000 active installs to date. You will also find that it is packed with features such as discount pricing and marketing deals. This free plugin among the others probably supports a lot more features for the Buy One Get One Free offer. To configure the BOGO offer, you can simply create a New Pricing Deals Rule and name it whatever you wish to call it. To do this, simply go to the ‘Pricing Deals Rules’ and click on ‘Add New’.  Under Discount Type, simply choose ‘CART Deal’, and under Deal Type choose ‘BOGO’.

New Pricing Deals Rule

You can further choose what kind of action you wish to apply to the deals under the Deal Action option. ‘Begin Date’ and the ‘End Date’, on the other hand, will help you schedule the duration of the BOGO deal.  You can even choose to apply the BOGO deal to specific items under ‘Apply Discount to -which- Cart Item First’ as shown below:

‘Apply Discount to -which- Cart Item First’ setting

You can further configure many settings such as which product to apply the BOGO deal to, automatically add free product to the cart, select discount type based on either percentage or monetary value, and even set the checkout & advertising messages that will be displayed!

advertising image

Checkout message

Here is how the applied setting will appear on the front-end:

Cart Page

Checkout Page

If you wish to explore more advanced options, you can check out the Pro version of the plugin. It is called Pricing Deals Pro for WooCommerce and costs $50 for a single license! The pro version offers features like bulk discounts, deal scheduling, and marketing, and more.  

2. PW WooCommerce BOGO b

PW Woocommerce BOGO plugin is probably the easiest plugin to use when it comes to configuring it. With over 600 active installations currently, this simple plugin will allow you to set the ‘Buy One, Get One Free of equal or lesser value’ on your WooCommerce store for all your products!

Once you have activated the plugin, as a result, just under the Dashboard you will find the ‘Pimwick Plugins’ option. Here you can ‘Create New PW BOGO’ offer. After clicking the button, you will be directed to a page where you will have to simply enter the Title, i.e, the text you wish to display on the Cart page that will let your customers know about the BOGO offer. Over here, for example, you can enter the text ‘Buy One, Get One of equal or lesser value for free.’ as we have done below:

PW BOGO settings

Or you can enter a text such as “Enjoy the ‘Buy One, Get One of equal or lesser value for free’ offer from us!“. Simply click on ‘Publish’ after this and your job is done.  If you wish to stop this Buy One Get One Free promotion on your WooCommerce site, you can simply click on ‘Move to Trash’ button. Please note that once you have published this offer, all WooCommerce products in your catalog will be eligible for it.

Here’s a view of it on the frontend:

Cart page Part 1

Cart page Part 2

Checkout Page
You can also check out the PW WooCommerce BOGO Pro plugin that will cost you $59 for one site. Some of the features that will be included in the Pro version are:
  • % discount on the second item
  • % discount on the second item after spending a certain amount
  • Consecutive discounts such as “Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off”
  • Scheduling begin and end dates for the BOGO offer
  • Option to exclude sale items

3. Buy one Get one Free – Other similar BOGO WooCommerce discount rule maker b

With over 500 active installations, this plugin can help you choose the number of items you wish to give for free as part of the BOGO deal on your site.  Once you have downloaded, uploaded, and activated the plugin, on the Dashboard you will find the ‘BOGO Deal’ setting. Since this is the free version you will only be able to configure some of the settings under the ‘Basic setting’ option.

The first option that you will find here is the ‘Disable BOGO’ option. When enabled, the button will turn orange and disable the BOGO rule globally. You will also be able to set the Quantity of the X (mandatory) product and the Quantity of the Y (free) product.  Lastly, you can choose the simple product from your product list that will be given for free to the customers under the Buy One Get One Free offer.

BOGO Deal settings

For example, you can set the Quantity of product to buy and Quantity of product given free as 1. So that means that in the cart there needs to be one product in order to get another product free. Under Product given for free, we have chosen the simple product ‘Classic Margherita Pizza’. This means that for every Order that has one item in it, the second free item will be a ‘Classic Margherita Pizza’.

In order for the above-mentioned settings to work, you will have to enable the BOGO option for every product that you wish to apply this offer to. For example, we have enabled the BOGO offer for a simple product named ‘Album’ as shown below. To configure this, you can go to the Dashboard > Products > All Products. Simply select the product first, then click on edit, and scroll down till you find this:

BOGO settings on the Products page

And tick the box which says ‘Enable BOGO for this product’. Here’s a look at how the settings will be displayed on the Cart and Checkout pages:

Cart Page

Checkout Page

If you wish to spend a little more and unlock extra features from this plugin, you can download PRO Buy one Get one Free – Other similar BOGO discount rule maker for WooCommerce. For one year you need to pay only $25 for this plugin. Some of the features that you will find in the PRO version are:

  • Configuring category rules and category message
  • Offering other products as a free product
  • Allowing users to remove the free product from the cart
  • Changing the text color and the background color of the message

Some other great ‘Buy One Get One Free’ promotion plugins

For those of you who are looking to pay a little extra for WooCommerce plugins that offer various discount-related features, you can check out some names below:

1. Discount Rules for WooCommerce- PRO for $49 per year.

2. Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce for $60 per year.

3. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin for $60 per year.

Please note that the Buy One Get One Free feature of these plugins are not available in their free versions.

Wrapping up

‘Buy One Get One Free’ deals have been around for a while. And online stores have been quick to utilize them whenever the need arises. If you are looking for free plugins that can help you out with it, we are sure that you will find one from our recommendations.

Since different plugins are offering different features, it’s only right to choose one that fits your needs. Test the plugins out for yourself, see if it fits your business strategy, and proceed accordingly! And don’t forget to let us know in the comments below which plugin you are most excited to try out.

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