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42% of Online Shoppers Abandon Shopping Carts Due to Delivery Dates

It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last post. Finally I’ve been able to write this on a Sunday. It will be followed-up by a series of other posts related to cart abandonment.

Delivery Dates, Return Policy & Shipping were the three biggest hurdles for customers abandoning their shopping cart. We shall study how the Delivery Dates impacts cart abandonment.

Below is the infographic that clearly indicates the importance of Delivery Time, Shipping & Returns processes.

Factors influencing Online Shopping

Delivery Dates are an important part of online shopping, with over 40% of online shoppers indicated that they have abandoned their shopping cart because of an issue with the estimated delivery date. Of online shoppers that have abandoned their cart due to estimated delivery time frame, a quarter indicated that no estimated delivery was shown. Of those who were shown an estimated delivery date and abandoned their cart, 64% of the time the estimated delivery time was 5 days or more. Showing estimated delivery time is a “quick win” for retailers who are not currently doing so.

Transparency of Delivery Dates

  • 60% of online shoppers say that an estimated or guaranteed delivery date is important at checkout.
  • 42% of online shoppers report abandoning their shopping cart because of an issue with the estimated delivery date.
    • 24% of these cart abandoners say they do so because an estimated delivery date was not provided.

Source: What factors lead to customer satisfaction in online shopping? The Online Shopping Customer Experience Study, a report commissioned by UPS, evaluates consumer shopping habits from pre-purchase to post-delivery and highlights which factors are most likely to have an impact on satisfaction with the online shopping experience. You can download the full report here.

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