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Author: Brenda Barron

How to Make Sure Your Online Store Is Accessible

Online shopping makes it possible for anyone to browse various products and make a purchase at their leisure. Naturally, the shopping process and experience is different for everyone, considering we all have different tastes, habits, and preferences. However, for some people, online shopping can be quite difficult. Some internet shoppers may live in a country […]

Why Your Online Store Needs Product Reviews

If you’re like most online store owners, you’re probably wondering how to increase the number of sales. While an attractive storefront and optimized website can go a long way towards improving your conversion rates, there is another way to consider and implement. We’re talking about product reviews and in this post, we’ll discuss the benefits […]

How to Boost Your Sales for Father’s Day

Holidays are always a great opportunity to boost your sales, especially when they come just before the slower parts of the year such as summer. Even though Father’s Day is not as profitable as major holidays, it still accounts for nearly $13 billion in sales. As such, it pays off to create a marketing strategy […]

How to Improve Sales With Payment Plans

When it comes to ideas for boosting revenue, WooCommerce payment plans are often overlooked and then ignored completely. However, there is no denying it that when it comes to high-ticket purchases, most of us would prefer a convenient payment plan instead of shelling out the entire amount immediately. What’s more, a payment plan could be […]

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