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Understanding the compatibility of Custom Delivery Settings with WooCommerce Advance Shipping plugin

Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin has so far shown range of functionalities alongwith addons to help set order delivery date and time settings. We shall now focus on its compatibility factor with other plugins. Firstly let us understand the compatibility of custom delivery settings with WooCommerce Advanced Shipping plugin. This WooCommerce plugin helps […]

Dropshipping with WooCommerce

With the advent of internet based shopping platforms, online business websites, more popularly known as eCommerce websites, have gained immense popularity. Anyone, who ever have had an eCommerce website on WordPress is aware of the amazing WooCommerce plugin. The plugin provides the right functionality to every eCommerce website, enabling them to sell their products or […]

Alternate way to send WooCommerce Bookings To Different Google Calendars For Each Bookable Product

Our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce has a feature named Google Calendar Sync. This setting allows you to automatically export the bookings for a WooCommerce product to Google Calendar in real-time. This is an alternate way to send WooCommerce Bookings to different Google Calendars for each Bookable Product. The screens you will see in the post are according to the latest […]

How to setup delivery date & time settings for WooCommerce Product Categories?

Now we move to the third part of the Custom Delivery Settings after discussing the setup of delivery date and time for Shipping methods and Shipping classes. Today we will look at how these settings are setup for WooCommerce Product categories. The Steps for Setting Up The settings for different product categories have to be […]

How to setup delivery date & time for different WooCommerce Shipping Classes?

In our earlier post, we discussed about setting up delivery date & time for different shipping methods. Today we will focus on how to setup delivery date & time for different shipping classes for Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin. Shipping classes are the default WooCommerce shipping classes and are related to products inorder […]

How to setup delivery date & time settings for different WooCommerce shipping methods?

We have discussed our new addons of Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin in previous posts which were Pickup Date Addon, Local Pickup Plus Compatibility Addon and WooCommerce Subscriptions Compatibility Addon. We will now focus on the integral part of this plugin called ‘Custom Delivery Settings’ which provides powerful features & out of those […]

Out of stock label shown below WooCommerce product price

Facebook Group Question: How to move “Out of stock” label to show below the WooCommerce product title?

This question was asked on the Facebook group: WooCommerce Help & Share. Exact question: Does anyone know how to modify PHP to move the “out of stock” label on each individual item page? I want to move it to show up directly under the product title where the price normally is displayed. Answer: By default, below […]

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