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When creating Plugins with WooCommerce, you can either have the plugin’s settings in their own sub-menu, or you can have them within the WooCommerce menu itself on a separate
Zoom integration with booking and appointment plugin
In an era where virtual interactions have become the norm, Zoom has emerged as the ultimate solution. Known for its user-friendly interface, high-quality video conferencing, and extensive customization options,
WooCommerce built-in functionalities help you to smartly set up shipping methods and allow free shipping to all products. But when your online store is jumping into clearance sale of

“I have had Order Delivery Date Pro plugin for WooCommerce for a few years now. The plugin works perfectly and makes online ordering for my rental company a breeze. Thank you for the great plugin.”

Matt Gershaw

Coupons or discounts are often used to drive traffic to your online store. WooCommerce built-in features offer an option only to enable free shipping when a specific coupon is
When using WooCommerce for your online store, sometimes you may want to provide a fixed number of options for the City field instead of the default text field in
It is very common that you may have a mix of expensive and budget-friendly products in your WooCommerce store. Offering the same shipping options for all products might not