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Category: WooCommerce Tutorials

How to add a new WooCommerce order status into Dashboard widget?

WooCommerce has a widget that shows up on the admin dashboard named “WooCommerce status”. By default, the widget shows orders that have a status of “Processing” or “On hold”. It doesn’t show any other order statuses like “Completed” or “Refunded”, etc. There is no setting provided in WooCommerce which would allow adding any other order […]

How can I implement “Buy 1 Get 2 free” action in WooCommerce?

One thing E-commerce store owners know is that the customers love offers and discounts on the products. E-commerce store owners give various offers on various products to customers, now & then. It increases the sales for the products and makes the customer happy. Many stores give offers such as “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”, where […]

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