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Comparison of WordPress plugin reviews

In my previous post, I talked about getting a paid review done for your WordPress plugin.

In this post, I will be talking about my experience with the different companies & people who I worked with for our wordpress plugin reviews.

I’ve had paid reviews done by several WordPress bloggers & experts. Some of the companies are (along with what they provide in a plugin review):

  • WPMayor – Detailed review, Video walk-through, Sharing on their social media channels
  • WPLift – Detailed review, Sharing on social media channels, mention in their weekly newsletter
  • WPHub – Detailed review, Sharing on social media channels, I don’t recollect if they have a newsletter or not
  • SellWithWP – Detailed review, sharing on social media channels, mention in their weekly newsletter

They usually charge anywhere between $300 to $350.

While WPMayor does include a video walk-through, which is always helpful, the others do not. Initially I thought of that as a limitation.

But eventually, what matters most is the actual content of the plugin review.

In terms of content, the one I loved the most was that of Beka Rice of SellWithWP. For 2 reasons:

1. Before writing, she asks you which keywords do you want your wordpress plugin review to be focussed on. This could be keywords where either you already rank high on Google, or you want your ranking to improve.

For example, in our case, we focussed the reviews on the keywords “woocommerce abandoned cart“, “woocommerce appointment scheduler” & “woocommerce delivery date” for the respective plugins.

She herself would also do the research & let you know what she would think would be a better keyword target.

2. The content that I got for each of my 3 plugins was simply ‘awesome’. It was written in a way that would match the business function with the feature set of the plugin. For example, for the “WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin” review, we had sections like:

Sell Vacation Rentals with WooCommerce
Sell Volume-discount rentals with WooCommerce
Sell Appointments with WooCommerce
Sell Concert Tickets with WooCommerce

That’s amazing, isn’t it? That’s what a user would look for on Google: “sell appointments with woocommerce”. And boom! That review currently shows in 3rd position on Google, with 1st position being our plugin.

I would still have the reviews done by the other experts too. Because they also write very relevant reviews & they also have a huge social media following. My order of reviewers would be the following:

1. SellWithWP
2. WPMayor
3. WPLift
4. WPHub

Each one of them has contributed & helped me to give immense exposure to our plugins.

Check out some of our plugin reviews from the above companies:





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