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Critical Update : Order Delivery Date v 2.1

A few days ago I released an update to the Order Delivery Date plugin. The details are as follows:

Version 2.1
  • Added the setting “Lockout date after X orders:” – This setting enables the store owners to place a cap on maximum deliveries or bookings in 1 particular day. If you can manage up to 5 deliveries / bookings / appointments in a day, set this value to 5. Once 5 customers have asked for a delivery / appointment on any particular day, then that day will no longer be available for further deliveries or bookings. A note saying “Booked” will appear on that date.
  • Updated the datepicker code to work with the Abundance theme & Bellissima theme.

Bug in Version 2.0:

In addition to the above updates, a new issue had resurfaced with jQuery removing support for the themeswitcher tool ( As a result, customers who have purchased the Version 2.0 would not be able to select themes, unless they update their plugin with the Version 2.1.

The jQuery themeswitcher has now been replaced with the Super Theme Switcher by Dave Hoff.

If you have purchased the Version 2.0 & are unable to select the themes, please drop an email to [email protected].

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