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Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts Usage Tracking

Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce is used on more than 10,000+ WooCommerce shops. However, we do not know what kind of businesses use the plugin, what are the features which are used the most, and how many gateways are set up on the store.

As of v2.6.3, we’re now giving the site admin the ability to choose to opt-in for data tracking. Enabling this feature sends us non-sensitive diagnostic data about the size of the store, how our plugin is used, and so on.

Collecting this data gives us an insight into how our plugin is used, what are the features that the users rely on the most and more. This helps us make important business decisions on how to move forward with the features and ensure that our plugins continue to provide the best possible experience to our clients.


The only sensitive thing we store is the admin email. We do not track or store any personal or business-critical data from you or your clients and keep track of the admin email address simply to get in touch regarding important updates or major bug fixes for the plugin. Tracking data is sent automatically to our servers once you opt-in and once a week from there on.

How to opt-out

Enable WooCommerce->Settings->Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts->General->Reset Usage Tracking and save the settings. This will reset your choice resulting in the opt-in banner to be displayed again. You can then choose to opt out.

What exactly is tracked?

Below is the list of the data we track:

  • Site URL
  • WordPress admin email
  • Theme
  • WordPress version
  • WordPress locale
  • WordPress debug mode
  • WordPress memory limit
  • Webserver software & version
  • PHP version
  • Some PHP Settings like maximum post size, maximum input vars, if suhosin is enabled, if you have cURL, SOAP and fSock enabled
  • MySQL version
  • WooCommerce version
  • List of activate plugins
  • List of inactive plugins
  • Plugin license key and status (applicable only for the Pro version)
  • Plugin settings
  • Enabled Payment Gateways in the plugin.
  • Payment Gateway Fees and how frequently are they updated along with other related settings for the same.
  • Number of products present on the site for each gateway

This is all done in the name of making Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce better. By seeing how our customers are using the plugin and what their setup looks like we are able to draw the kind of conclusions that lead to helpful features, better documentation, and more good things.

Opt-in and get a coupon

We send everyone willing to opt-in for the greater good a coupon of 20% off on the next purchase for any of our plugins or bundles.

Thanks for reading this

The fact that you are reading this post means you had at the very least, an active interest in helping make Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce more awesome and we’d like to thank you for that. If for some reason this user tracking isn’t for you, we understand and we say good luck. ?

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