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Local Pickup Plus Compatibility addon for Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin Documentation

This addon for the Order Delivery Date Pro Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to create delivery date & time settings for pickup locations added from the Local Pickup Plus plugin.

It adds a field “Pickup Locations” to the Custom Delivery Settings tab while adding/editing a new custom delivery setting. All the pickup addresses added to the WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus plugin will be listed here.


  1. Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Setup Custom delivery setting for a Local Pickup location
  4. Changelog

The following plugins are required in order for Local Pickup Plus addon to work on your store:

  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Order Delivery Date Pro plugin: From v6.4.1
  • WooCommerce’s Local Pickup Plus plugin

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  • Download the zip file and install it from the Plugins->Add New Page
  • Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin area
  • Go to Order Delivery Date > Settings > Custom Delivery Settings tab to create custom delivery settings for local pickup location.

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Setup Custom delivery setting for a Local Pickup location

Once you have WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus plugin installed and active and pickup locations are created. You will see all the created pickup locations on the Custom Delivery Setting tab, you can find under Order Delivery Setting > Settings menu.

Local Pickup Plus Saving Settings.jpg

This addon will let the store admin set his preferred delivery setting for different pickup locations set using WooCommerce Local Pickup Plugin. The admin can set any type of delivery setting, like only delivery date, a delivery date with preferred fixed time slot or set a delivery date with a time range differently for each pickup location.

Local Pickup Plus Saved setting

On the checkout page, when the customer selects Local Pickup Plus as their preferred shipping method and then select the pickup location, the custom delivery date & time settings for the selected pickup location will be loaded into the Delivery Date field.

Checkout page with LPP

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Initial Release.

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