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Exit Intent Popup in v8.14.0 Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce

We’re excited to share with you that v8.14.0 of our Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce that’s released today, on 12th July 2021 will now come with another way to let you convert and that’s via Exit Intent Popups.

What is an Exit Intent Popup?

An exit intent popup is a popup that usually appears for the visitors on your online store just when they’re about to leave your site. This popup track’s your visitor’s mouse movements and just when their cursor moves outside the upper page boundary, it displays itself.

With this popup, you can capture their email address, offer them coupon codes to help them make the purchase on your store, or simply redirect them to the checkout page! This Exit Intent Popup is also compatible with mobile devices.

Exit Intent Popups and Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin

To use this feature, you can go to WooCommerce > Abandoned Carts > Settings > Popup Templates > Add New Template as shown below:

When you click on Add New Template, you will be displayed with this page:

You can enter your Template Name and then under Template Type, you can select Exit Intent option from the dropdown. Over here, you will find our one default template for the Exit Intent Popup (which is deactivated). Further ahead, you can figure out the rules to apply to this popup. Here we have selected the following rule which applies the Exit Intent popup to the product category ‘Clothing’ :

This would mean that the Exit Intent popup would appear if the customer has selected any item belonging to the product category ‘Clothing’. Next, we have two parts of settings up the Exit Intent Popups, the first one is for Guest Users as shown below:

After making changes to the settings of this exit intent popup’s appearance and other things, we move down to configure the popup for logged-in users as shown below:

This exit intent popup will help you direct your logged-in customers to the checkout page if they were trying to leave your store before purchasing their items. If you wish to not capture your visitor’s email address, rather you’d just like them to complete their purchase, then you can enable the ‘Allow all users to checkout without capturing email’ setting.

Frontend Behaviour

Let’s say that a guest user has added an item called ‘Designer scarf’ which belongs to your Product category ‘Clothing’. If this guest user is trying to exit your store, here’s what will happen:

The popup will appear and ask them to enter their email address. This is how you’ll be able to capture their email address while they are trying to exit your store.

Now, let’s say that a logged-in user has added the same item to their cart. If they are trying to leave your store after they have added the items then the popup will force the user to redirect to the Checkout Page. Here’s how the popup will look like:

Once the customer clicks on ‘Complete my order!‘ they will be redirected to the Checkout Page.


With our Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin, you can now find an additional way to convert sales with the help of the Exit Intent Popup. If you have any suggestions or queries, please get in touch with us in the comment section below!

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