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FAQ for Seasonal Pricing Addon for WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Seasonal Pricing Addon for WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin:

  1. I just purchased the plugin but I am unable to find the License key. Where can I find one?
    You can find your license key in an email sent to the email account that you used while purchasing. If you don’t find an email in your Inbox folder, please check your spam folder.
  2. I have a motel which we would like to price the customers according to the season for the room booking, does your addon to the booking plugin provides so?
    Yes, out addon to the booking plugin helps in configuring or setting up the prices according to the seasons. You could have a different price for peak season and an alternate price for off-season.
  3. Does this addon provides to set up our own seasons?
    Yes, this addon lets you decide what would be the span for the season dates and also lets you set the amount of discount/addition.
  4. Can we have 2 seasons having same date range?
    No, having two seasons of same date range cannot be helpful. The season which is made first will be applied, when date is selected for booking.
  5. If I have a season which is in the Christmas days and I have not created any other seasons, so for the days except Christmas days, which rates would be applied?
    Ideally all the dates should be under some or the other season. But if not, if you select any dates which lies outside of the season, then the actual price of the product/service would be applied.
  6. Do I need to make seasons for each product?
    You could make the seasons for each product, we also have a functionality where you could make the seasons globally and they would be applied to every product which have seasonal pricing addon enabled.
  7. If I have two seasons for back to back dates, and the customer selects date range where both the seasons are involved, does your addon take care of such situation?
    Yes, the addon takes care of such situation, for example, you have two seasons S1 and S2. S1 dates from 1/12/13 to 25/12/13 and S2 from 26/12/13 to 1/1/14. S1 has an addition in the base price by 10% and S2 deducts $100 from the value of the product and the actual price of the product/service is $500. So if you have selected date range as 20/12/13 to 28/12/13 the amount calculated would come something like this: for dates 20/12/13 to 25/12/13 the amount will be $3300 and for the dates 26/12/13 to 27/12/13 the amount would be $800. So in total the amount chargeable would be $4100.
    The amount of the product is calculated on per day basis on the base price.
  8. Is there any particular method for calculating the amount for seasons?
    Yes, there are two ways of calculating the amount. Seasonal Pricing Percent and Seasonal Pricing Value. The Seasonal Pricing Percentage method adds/subtract that many percent which is mentioned from the base amount, similarly having the Seasonal Pricing Value the amount which is mentioned will be added/deducted from the base price.
  9. Which all facility do I get while making seasons?
    You would be able to assign different season to different products, for the season, would add or subtract the amount. You could also increase or decrease the price in the terms of percentage or flat value.
  10. Can I have a particular season applied to all the products without making it again and again for every product?
    Yes, there is a functionality which helps in making the seasons globally. You can go to the Booking>Seasonal Pricing page wherein you can make the seasons which you want globally applied on all the products which have Seasonal Pricing addon in an active mode.
  11. Are the seasons editable?
    Yes, the seasons are editable. They can be edited by clicking on the edit button available for each season in the table under the Seasonal Pricing tab on the product page as well as on the Booking>Seasonal Pricing page. One can also delete a season by clicking on the delete icon available for each season.Even to delete all the seasons in one go, click on Delete All, it will delete all seasons.
  12. Is this addon used for only multiple days setup?
    No, this addon can be used for single day booking with or without time slot. It can be used for any kind of setup in Booking and Appointment Plugin.
  13. Can I disable the seasonal addon for some product?
    Yes, you can surely disable the addon for the products on which you would not like to apply the seasonal pricing.
  14. How do I configure the plugin for WordPress multisite?
    You have to just upload the plugin and in network settings, check the option to enable plugin management, and then from each individual site you need to activate it.
  15. Are the licenses valid for lifetime?
    No, each license is valid for one calendar year from the date of your purchase. You can renew your license for another year at a substantially discounted rate.
  16. What do I get with my license?
    Your license grants you access to all of our support resources, documentation and product downloads for one calendar year from your purchase date.
  17. How much does it cost to renew my license?
    You can quickly and easily renew your license at a discounted price.
  18. Will my plugins quit working if my license expires?
    No way. If your license expires, your plugins will still work just fine unless something changes with the WordPress core itself. You just won’t have access to download the plugins, won’t receive product updates and won’t be able to access the incredible product support that we offer.
  19. I have purchased your plugin for single store license and I am working on my development site. I am wondering if I can use the same license when I move my site to a whole new server/ domain? How does this work?
    You can move the single-store license on your live site. Once done with the development, you need to deactivate the license from the development site & put that key on the live site. So the single-store license would work for development/live site.
  20. Can I upgrade from single store license to five or unlimited stores as well and just pay the difference?
    You can upgrade from a single store to 5 or unlimited licenses if you purchase within 60 days of purchasing the single site license.
  21. Is your plugin compatible with WPML as I wanted my site to be available in multiple languages.
    The plugin is compatible with WPML.