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The first time I had to get a paid review done for one of our WooCommerce plugins, I was slightly hesitant for a few reasons:

1. The cost was $349. I was skeptical to invest this much amount when I wasn’t sure how much would it really contribute back towards sales.

2. I was fearing if the reviewer wrote something which I did not want the audience to read about. It was not a “perfect” wordpress plugin. It did have that odd bug, it did have that section of code that I wish I had removed & so on. I feared what if it would affect the sales negatively.

These were the 2 main reasons. Eventually I decided to give it a try. The first one I went ahead with was WPMayor. I got their recommendation from another customer.

The results were surprising.

The best thing was that I got to know some aspects of the plugin, that I had overlooked or I had undermined how important they were.

For example, when I got the first review done of the Order delivery date for WooCommerce plugin, one point the reviewer (Joe Fylan) mentioned was:

It would be nice if premium payments could be added for next day deliveries or weekend deliveries but as yet, this is not a feature that is included.

Eventually we did go ahead & add this feature a couple of versions later. The unbiased WordPress plugin review actually helped.

Incoming Traffic, Social media

Apart from feedback, what we did also get is a constant stream of incoming traffic from WPMayor.

I didn’t measure how many converted into actual sales & how many didn’t, but it’s always good to have relevant users coming into your website from a particular source.

It’s this constant stream of relevant users that a site owner always strives for.

The screenshot above is taken today, an hour ago. All 3 websites are ones where I have had my one or more plugins reviewed.

Most reviewers also have anywhere between few hundreds to few thousand followers on their social media channels. They would share it when they publish the review. Some of the reviewers also send a weekly newsletter to their subscribers where the review gets mentioned. That’s an added advantage & gives a boost to your WordPress plugin review.

I will get into the comparisons of each of the reviewers in another post. But if you are still thinking if you should get your WordPress plugin reviewed or not, please go ahead & get it reviewed. Some of those reviewers that I found relevant are:

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