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Yesterday I received a phone call from one of our customers of Booking & Appointment plugin. They rent travel gear, photography equipment & baby products (like strollers, car seat) for people visiting India.

They’ve been a customer for 2 years now. They inquired on the phone that if they do not renew the subscription that is due on April 22, then would it affect the plugin usage? I replied back that the plugin will continue to work, just that they won’t receive customer support & future plugin updates.

They mentioned that currently their revenue is zero, hence they don’t want to renew.

I froze for a second hearing that. We’ll get to that in a bit.

I told them I totally understand & that they can cancel the subscription. Then their next question was if we had any offers running for renewals, to which I replied that because renewals are tied into the payment gateways, it’s hard to set up special offers.

Once that conversation was over, it got me thinking.

I felt terrible that their business has to go through this hard time. At Tyche, we want to help small businesses succeed & here we’re seeing them in trouble.

I may be stating the obvious, but the travel & tourism industry is facing their worst crisis and is one of the most affected industries due to Covid-19. We don’t know when will it get back to normal. Nobody knows that.

I asked myself this question: What more can we do to help?

After talking internally in our team, we decided that the best way to help would be to give a 50% discount on all new license purchases of the Booking & Appointment plugin.

Not only that, if you are unable to renew your subscription right now, just let us know & we will give you a discount the next time when you are ready to purchase the plugin again. We will match the discount to be in line with your subscription charge.

You can use this time to purchase the plugin at a lower cost & prepare your site to take bookings for your services once things open up.

The discounted prices are as below:

Starter plan – $119.00 $59.50
Business plan – $199.00 $99.50
Enterprise plan – $249.00 $124.50

Please use the discount code STAYSAFE on the checkout page. Click here to buy.

On April 20 (yesterday), we released a new update to the Booking plugin, v4.19.2. It contains some usability fixes, enhancements & some bug fixes.

We would love to know if there is any way we can help you in this tough time. We want to support you.

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