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Stay Ahead: Important Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2023

holiday shipping deadlines 2023

Embracing the impending holiday season, we find ourselves amidst the whirlwind of holiday shipping once again. The evolving landscape has pushed the peak season earlier each year, underscoring the significance of delivering gifts before the most special days of the season. 

This is that time of the year when it is most important to meet and exceed shipping expectations for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. You must have a proper understanding of holiday delivery dates to prevent potential negative reviews or returns due to delayed packages.

On this note, remember that recognizing that customers may not be fully aware of these crucial deadlines. So, proactive communication on your online store also becomes absolutely critical. Moreover, through a prominent display of these dates, you not only keep customers well-informed but also ignite trust. 

To aid in your meticulous preparations, we’ve compiled the latest information on the 2023 holiday shipping deadlines for popular carriers commonly used by WooCommerce store owners.

Reflecting on the previous holiday season, we can observe a nuanced balance between digital and physical sales channels. This contributed to the steadfast growth of the e-commerce industry. 

In 2022, US online holiday sales surpassed an impressive $211 billion, marking a resilient 3.5% year-over-year increase. Despite the challenges posed by inflation and diminished pandemic-era savings, predictions indicate a nearly 5% surge in holiday online sales, reaching an anticipated $222 billion in 2023. 

Prepare for an imminent surge in orders by ensuring thorough preparations to deliver every customer’s holiday gifts in a timely fashion. It will also help to be well-acquainted with e-commerce holiday shopping trends so that you may tailor your holiday business strategies to what your customers need! 

Understanding the Dynamics of Holiday Order Deadlines

Holiday order deadlines, also known as cut-off or order-by dates, serve as indispensable guidelines for strategically placing orders to guarantee timely delivery for the festive season. 

These deadlines vary based on:

  • Product category
  • Shipping method
  • Destination

They highlight the need for meticulous communication with customers. Proactively informing customers of these deadlines helps circumvent potential issues, reducing the risk of dissatisfaction due to belated gifts.

Unpacking the Advantages of Communicating Holiday Order Deadlines

The fundamental principle is elegantly simple: deadlines cultivate a sense of urgency that amplifies interest and engagement. 

Stay Ahead: Important Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2023 - Tyche Softwares

Schedule Local Deliveries & Pickups in WooCommerce

Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce lets you create different delivery schedules, set charges for Weekdays & special dates, manage local pickup dates, and notify customers once the order is ready

Since the customers pick a delivery date and time set by you, order fulfillment and customer satisfaction becomes a breeze.

Recognizing that customers are more likely to make a purchase when confronted with the looming specter of time running out, it is crucial to ensure that your order deadlines are not merely visible – but conspicuous across all essential customer touchpoints to maximize their impact.

Before Diving into Details…

Regardless of the holiday your customers are celebrating – be it Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or any other special occasion – familiarizing yourself with the shipping deadlines for 2023 is paramount. It ensures that their cherished gifts arrive punctually for the festivities. 

Given the unique temporal dynamics of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, spanning multiple days, even the slightest delay in delivery could impact your customer’s celebration. Adhere to the provided ship-by dates for your specific destination and mail class. Pair this up with a keen awareness of the holiday hours for your chosen carriers, and you’re good to go!

Carriers in the USA

USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines

For those opting for USPS, dispatch your packages no later than December 16 for most domestic shipments. The exact ship-by date for your destination and mail class is outlined in the tables below. A noteworthy boon for 2023 is that USPS is waiving the holiday shipping premium, allowing you to ship without additional costs.

For Contiguous States in the USA
Domestic Mail ClassDates 
USPS Ground Advantage™ ServiceDecember 16
First-Class Mail® ServiceDecember 16
Priority Mail® ServiceDecember 18
Priority Mail Express® ServiceDecember 20
For Alaska and Hawaii 

Domestic Mail Class
USPS Ground Advantage™ ServiceDecember 16December 16
First-Class Mail® ServiceDecember 16December 16
Priority Mail® ServiceDecember 18December 16
Priority Mail Express® ServiceDecember 20December 20
USPS Deadlines for Military Mail (APO/FPO/DPO)
Mail ClassAE Zips 090-092AE Zip 093AE Zips 094-099AA Zip 340AP Zips 962-966
USPS Ground Advantage™ ServiceNovember 6November 6November 6November 6November 6
First-Class Mail® ServiceDecember 9 December 9 December 9 December 9 December 9 
Priority Mail® ServiceDecember 9 December 9 December 9 December 9 December 9 
Priority Mail Express Military® Service (PMEMS), Available to only selected military/diplomatic Post OfficesDecember 15N/ADecember 15December 15December 15
USPS Deadlines for International Mail
DestinationFirst-Class Package International Service®Priority Mail International® ServicePriority Mail Express International® ServiceGlobal Express Guaranteed® Service
AfricaNovember 29November 29December 6December 15
Asia & Pacific RimDecember 6December 6December 13December 15
Australia & New ZealandDecember 6December 6December 13December 15
CanadaDecember 6December 6December 13December 15
CaribbeanDecember 6December 6December 13December 15
Central & South AmericaNovember 29November 29December 6December 15
EuropeDecember 6December 6December 13December 15
MexicoDecember 6December 6December 13December 15
The Middle EastDecember 6December 6December 13December 15

GXG® Note: Not a guarantee; dates are for estimated delivery before December 25. Actual delivery may vary based on various conditions, including customs delays.

Retrieve shipping rates seamlessly through the USPS API, offering a comprehensive solution that caters to both domestic and international parcels using the USPS Shipping Method by WooCommerce.

UPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Important Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2023

Streamlining the holiday shipping process, UPS provides a comfortable buffer with a ship-by date of December 19, covering most service levels, and no peak season surcharges for small businesses. Additionally, enjoy savings of up to 82% on holiday packages through EasyPost for free.

UPS Deadlines for U.S. Domestic
UPS U.S. Domestic Service LevelsDate
UPS 3 Day Select®December 19
UPS 2nd Day Air®December 20
UPS Next Day Air®December 21
UPS® GroundCheck for details
UPS Deadlines for U.S. to Canada
UPS International Service LevelsDate
UPS® StandardCheck for details
UPS Worldwide Expedited®December 19
UPS Worldwide Express®December 20
UPS Deadlines for U.S. to Mexico
UPS International Service LevelsDate
UPS® StandardCheck for details
UPS Worldwide Expedited®December 19
UPS Worldwide Express®December 20

Leverage the UPS Shipping Method by WooCommerce to obtain shipping rates effortlessly through the UPS API, catering to both domestic and international parcels.

FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadlines

For those entrusting FedEx with their shipments, peruse the provided table and cross-reference with FedEx’s website for the most accurate ship-by date tailored to your package’s precise origin and destination. While FedEx shipments incur a demand surcharge, EasyPost offers a respite through discounted rates.

Check the final shipping date to ensure your packages are scheduled for arrival on or before Sunday, December 24th.

FedEx Deadlines for Domestic FedEx Ground®
FedEx Ground Service LevelsDate Range
FedEx GroundDecember 15 – December 21
FedEx Home DeliveryDecember 15 – December 22
FedEx Ground EconomyDecember 13
FedEx Deadlines for Domestic FedEx Express®
FedEx SameDayDecember 22
FedEx FO, PO, SO, Extra HoursDecember 21
FedEx 2Day & 2Day AMDecember 20
FedEx Express SaverDecember 19
FedEx Express 1Day FreightDecember 21
FedEx Express 2Day FreightDecember 20
FedEx Express 3Day FreightDecember 19
FedEx Deadlines for Domestic FedEx Freight®
FedEx Freight Service LevelsDate(s)
FedEx Freight PriorityDecember 15 – December 21
FedEx Freight EconomyDecember 12

Utilize the FedEx Shipping Method by WooCommerce to effortlessly obtain shipping rates through the FedEx API, accommodating both domestic and international parcels.

DHL eCommerce Holiday Shipping Deadlines

For shippers aligning with DHL, foresight is key for international shipments. Accounting for longer shipping times between countries and continents is paramount. Notably, DHL Express services will diligently operate until 4:30 p.m. on December 24, 2023.

DHL eCommerce Deadlines for DHL eCommerce Domestic
DHL eCommerce Domestic Service LevelsDate
SmartMail Expedited MaxDecember 18
SmartMail ExpeditedDecember 15
SmartMail GroundDecember 14
DHL eCommerce Deadlines for DHL Parcel International Direct (PLT)
Country Date
AustraliaDecember 1
Hong KongDecember 1
CanadaDecember 8
FranceDecember 12
Germany December 8
Rest of the EUDecember 4
UKDecember 14
JapanDecember 11
MexicoDecember 15
DHL eCommerce Deadlines for DHL Parcel International Standard (PLY)
African Countries November 6 
Australia November 30
Hong KongNovember 30
CanadaDecember 5 
FranceDecember 4
Germany December 6
UKDecember 12
JapanDecember 5
MexicoNovember 10

Carriers in Canada 

Canada Post

For Canadian businesses, referencing the most up-to-date shipping deadlines is non-negotiable to ensure your customers receive their orders before December 24. Use Canada Post’s online delivery standard tool to discern expected delivery times between Canadian addresses.

ZonesService and Dates
Priority™Xpresspost™Expedited Parcel™ or Flat Rate Box™Regular Parcel™
Local ZoneDecember 21December 21December 20December 19
Regional ZoneDecember 21December 21December 18-20December 14-19
National ZoneDecember 20December 20December 12-19December 8-18

Make the most of the Canada Post Shipping Method by WooCommerce to seamlessly retrieve shipping rates through the Canada Post Ratings API, managing both domestic and international parcels effortlessly.

UPS Canada

Ensuring timely deliveries in Canada necessitates adhering to the recommended last days to ship for a December 23 delivery with UPS. 

Canada Domestic 
UPS® StandardCheck for details 
UPS Expedited®December 20
UPS Express®December 21 (December 22 with Saturday Express delivery options)

Canada to International Destinations 

For shipments from Canada to other international destinations, a calculated approach is essential – compute time and cost at, taking note that certain destinations may warrant an earlier ship date.

Carriers in Australia


For those venturing into the Australian market, the latest dates to send orders that arrive before Christmas Day are elucidated below.

Sendle Domestic Date
Long-haul NationalDecember 5
Short-haul NationalDecember 14
Same CityDecember 19
Sendle Express Date
Long-haul NationalDecember 18
Short-haul NationalDecember 19
Same CityDecember 20
Sendle International Date
Zone 2 & 5 (Asia Pacific and rest of world)November 30
Zone 3 (US/Canada)December 6
Zone 1 & 4 (NZ & UK)December 13

Carriers in United Kingdom


With Christmas Eve on Sunday, December 24, DPD’s commitment to weekend deliveries is commendable. For specific details, reach out to their customer support team. Importantly, to send parcels on these crucial dates, ensure booking with DPD Air Express.

DPD International 
IndiaDecember 7
USADecember 18
Australia December 12
South AfricaDecember 13
UAEDecember 18


The posting deadlines for sending parcels in the UK and internationally are as follows. Notably, from November 13, the drop-off time for Next Day delivery has been temporarily adjusted from 12 pm to 11 am. To facilitate same-day collection, drop off at a ParcelShop or Evri Locker by 11 am Mon-Fri.

Evri Standard International Shipping
FranceDecember 12
UAEDecember 15
Evri Priority International Shipping
FranceDecember 17
USADecember 12
GermanyDecember 16
IrelandDecember 16

Strategies for a Seamless Season

Recognizing that the holiday season is not only a lucrative time for businesses but also a period rife with potential pitfalls, prioritizing customer satisfaction and punctual deliveries is imperative. To this end, consider the following comprehensive strategies to ensure a merry and bright season.

  • Add order-by dates to product listings and your shopping cart: Elevate customer awareness by incorporating delivery estimates and cut-off dates into product descriptions. Specify deadlines for express and standard shipping, providing customers with transparent choices.
  • Add a buffer: Alleviate unnecessary stress by incorporating a judicious buffer when communicating shipping deadlines. This strategic approach ensures that the promised packages arrive on time, enhancing customer joy and satisfaction.
  • Evaluate last year to plan for this year: Gain invaluable insights by analyzing past trends, anticipating the level of order fulfillment activity, and determining the optimal expected delivery date. This foresight empowers you to set realistic expectations for your customers and circumvent potential delays.
  • Consider Order Delivery Date: Transform your WooCommerce store’s customer experience with the Order Delivery Date Plugin, a robust solution that allows customers to effortlessly select their desired delivery date and time at checkout. This versatile plugin, equipped with flexible date options, easy management tools, and conditional choices, enhances your ability to streamline delivery operations and prioritize business growth. 
  • Mark the cutoff date and time for holiday delivery: Enhance efficiency by leveraging insights from previous years’ warehouse and team activity. Calculate the time required to fulfill an order and determine when to notify customers about potential delays. Running corresponding promotions, such as engaging email campaigns like “Only 2 Days Left to Receive Your Holiday Gift,” can prompt action and serve as a gentle reminder amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Endnotes: Important Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2023

The holiday season draws nearer and nearer! Meticulous planning and effective communication of shipping deadlines are non-negotiable for a successful and joyous experience for both businesses and customers alike. Armed with comprehensive knowledge and implementing the aforementioned strategies, confidently navigate the holiday shipping frenzy, ensuring that gifts arrive on time and leaving an indelible positive impression on your valued customers.

With the holiday season here, the right plugins prove to be indispensable, providing customers across various WooCommerce versions with the flexibility to schedule deliveries amidst the festive rush. Ensure a seamless and personalized shopping experience, fostering heightened satisfaction and loyalty during this crucial time of increased demand and expectations.

Here’s to a prosperous and delightful holiday season!

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