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Importance of Marketing & Content Writing for Plugin Developers

That’s the topic of my talk which I am going to conduct this weekend at WordCamp Mumbai.

I thought it would be a good idea to pen a post before the talk. It helps give clarity about the contents of the talk. The idea for this topic came to me from my own experiences.

I am anything but a Marketeer. You can say that I am now shaping myself to get in the mould of a Content Writer after having written some posts.

I have had customers email me & ask: Is your website a scam?

When you are working hard, when your team is toiling day in & out to give the best support & release the best possible features update after update – hearing this is like a question mark on your abilities.

The realization dawned at that time that it’s best to give our website a facelift & also focus heavily on the marketing of our plugins & the company.

In the talk, I will spill out my learnings of how we got rid of the ‘scam’ tag for our company.

I will try to explain how Developers are missing out on opportunities by not focussing on Marketing themselves through Writing & other techniques.

I will update the slides here after the session.

Update: 27 March 2017

Here are the slides:

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