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Important Tyche Softwares Announcement

On November 10th 2013 we will be changing the Tyche Softwares Terms of Service. Support and automatic updates will change to a 1 year term for all NEW purchases beginning on that date.

Customers who purchase before November 10th 2013 will NOT be impacted and will continue to receive lifetime support and updates for the license they currently own.

We are giving existing customers opportunity to upgrade your current Tyche Softwares license to a lifetime Unlimited License before this change goes into effect. Purchase an Unlimited License before November 10th and receive lifetime support and updates.

If you would like to upgrade before the change goes into effect, please fill out the upgrade request form to request an upgrade coupon code. Please enter the same email address that you used when purchasing the plugin.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a lifetime Unlimited License before they are no longer available.

Your current license will continue to be eligible for lifetime support and updates. However, if you decide to upgrade to the Unlimited License AFTER November 10th, the new 1 year Terms of Service will apply.

We are making this change to ensure the highest level of support and product development to our customers.

Will my plugins stop working if my license expires?
No way. If your license expires, your plugin will still work just fine unless something changes with the WordPress core itself. You just won’t have access to receive product updates and won’t be able to access the product support that we offer.

: The license renewal has been postponed to December 4 2013. A few last minute things need to get done. Some of them are:

1. Documentation for existing customers on how to upgrade their plugins to lifetime licenses. – DONE
2. Around 10 graphic images for the new website. – DONE
3. A better support system on the new website for issues.
4. Some test cases.

: The website migration shall take place on the midnight of 6th Dec 2013 & early morning 7th Dec 2013 as per EST. The website shall remain down from 6 Dec 2013 10:30 PM EST onwards to 7 Dec 2013 2 AM EST while the migration takes place. Thank you.

For any questions, please email on support at tychesoftwares dot com.

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10 years ago

Does this mean we have until November 30th to purchase a plugin and have lifetime updates?

10 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Yes. That’s right.

10 years ago

Hi, interesting plugin for sure! One question regarding the booking calender. Is it planned to make it like on every booking site (should read I could enter a start date and an end date)? Just started a website for a friend of mine that invited me for his grand opening party on Sunday a thousand miles away and I really would love to hand him over the website address as a gift. With your plugin the site would be even better ๐Ÿ˜‰ But IMHO the startdate and then updating the “quantity” will cost them bookings. I have quite an understanding… Read more »

10 years ago
Reply to  Sven

Hi Sven,

Yes, you can enter a start & end date on every booking site.

The plugin does work well with other Woocommerce plugins.

Thank you for the appreciation. ๐Ÿ™‚


10 years ago

There is no login page on the website. You can send the upgrade request by submitting the upgrade request form available at:

10 years ago

Also, how do I update our single site license to unlimited? Can’t find any login page or whatsoever =)

10 years ago

Thanks! will do! If we purchase a single site lifetime license now, and upgrade to unlimited sites later on, will it still be lifetime? =)

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