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MalCare Security Plugin Provides Comprehensive Safety to All WordPress Websites

A lot of website owners use WordPress because of how customizable and easy-to-use it is. Over 25% of the internet is made up of WordPress sites, which makes it important to develop strict security features that prevent large-scale hacks.

Hackers can insert malware in a popular plugin, which goes on to infect many websites. Therefore, security services need to be quick to detect and patch up vulnerable plugins.

We at BlogVault have been offering top-notch backup services for over a decade. Having dealt with WordPress users for so long, we realised there was a need for a user-friendly and effective WordPress security plugin. And that is why we created MalCare.

Origin & Overview of MalCare

MalCare is the fastest malware detection and removal plugin loved by thousands of developers and agencies. It has been developed from grounds up after analyzing over 240,000 websites over the last 2.5+ years. MalCare offers a comprehensive security service that includes scanning, cleaning and protecting your WordPress website from hackers, bots and the rest.

What Makes MalCare Unique?

MalCare was built to solve all security concerns of website owners. The software uses over a hundred signals to determine whether a website is compromised, which gives it the ability to guarantee Zero False Alerts.

MalCare is a dream tool for non-technical users because it is not only easy to set up but also easy to operate. This frees you up from spending time talking to support agents to fix security issues or exposing your credentials to a third-party for cleaning your website.

At the click of a button, MalCare runs its scanner and detects the presence of malware in a jiffy. It even identifies hard to find and complex malware.

Easy Installation & Setup

The process of installing MalCare and setting it up takes less than 5 minutes. The steps you need to follow for setup are listed below.

  1. Adding your website to MalCare: By clicking on ‘Add Site’ or the ‘+’ button that appears on the top left corner, you will be prompted to enter the URL of the website you want to add to the plugin.

  2. Installing the Plugin: This can be done manually or by entering the credentials of your website.

The quick setup process is one of the selling-points of MalCare. It puts the customer’s convenience first.

MalCare Dashboard

The MalCare dashboard has various sections like Management, Backup, Security, Reporting, and White-Labelling.

Once the plugin is installed, it automatically performs a scan. Thereafter, the scanner runs daily according to a schedule which can be configured by the user. Once scanning is done, a score shows up on the dashboard, which highlights the security status of the website. This score is based on an algorithm which assigns a score from A to D, with A being the best score and D being the least secure. Not only that, but the scanner also suggests improvements that can be made to improve the site’s security even further.

MalCare’s Scanner

The Scanner works on a WordPress website daily, but you can also schedule scans manually whenever you want by pressing the “Scan Now” button on the Dashboard. Since the scanner operates on MalCare’s servers, the speed of your website isn’t compromised.

Upon running a scan on a hacked website, MalCare detected the security issue, flagged it and also sends notification via email. A scan report is displayed on the Dashboard for the user.

MalCare uses an AI-based learning model that gets better over time by upgrading its knowledge database. This advanced technology ensures that the service can detect even the most sophisticated hacks. To detect new hacks, the MalCare scanner checks for more than signature matching to report a hack.

MalCare Does Not Put Excess Load on Your Website

Since MalCare does the heavy lifting operations on its servers, your websites perform optimally even when they are being scanned for vulnerabilities.

MalCare Reduces False Positives

MalCare follows a ‘Zero False Alerts’ policy, which ensures that a user receives alerts only when it has been verified that malware exists on his website.

MalCare Cleaner

MalCare provides an automatic clean-up feature that can be operated with just the click of a button. This further shows the ease of using this user-friendly product.

After running a scan on an infected website, users can quickly clean up the website by clicking the ‘Auto Clean’ button. The entire process takes only a few minutes. The Scanner section also contains a detailed report of the cleanup, so that you can understand the situation better.

Complete Removal of Malware

Once you clean the website, MalCare makes sure that malware cannot be re-inserted through a backdoor.

MalCare Cleanups Require No Technical Knowledge

The website is cleaned-up without any manual intervention besides a button click. This removes the need for any manual assistance from security personal which can be a time-consuming job.

Surgical Precision in Malware Removal

MalCare tracks change on websites and checks for security issues when something suspicious happens. It is tremendously accurate in determining the cause and location of malware. This makes it easy to clean up the source of the malware without damaging other source files.

Website Hardening

MalCare provides website hardening features that WordPress suggests sites to implement.

  • Essentials
    • Block PHP Execution in Untrusted Folders
    • Change Database Prefix
    • Disable Files Editor
  • Advanced
    • Block Plugin/Theme Installation
  • Paranoid
    • Reset all Passwords
    • Change Security Keys

MalCare Firewall

A WordPress firewall is like a barrier that prevents access to your site from untrusted parties. MalCare provides the following ways of firewall security:

1) IP Blocking

MalCare keeps track of and blocks IP addresses that it believes are involved in suspicious activity.

2) Login Protection

If a user tries unsuccessfully to log in a few times, MalCare sends them a CAPTCHA, which prevents brute force attacks by bots.

Blocked IP addresses can be seen in the ‘Blocked IPs’ or ‘View Details’ sections on the dashboard.

Website Management

The MalCare dashboard has handy tools to update or easily delete themes and plugins.

User Management

MalCare also makes user management easy. You can add or delete users from your website right from the dashboard.

Integrated Secure Backup

MalCare provides secure backups in case your website goes down. This service is powered by BlogVault.

Price & Support

MalCare has both free as well as paid versions. The free version includes the scanner and firewall protection; the paid version starts at $8.25 per month. MalCare also has 24-hour tech support, which is very helpful for users who would like to know more about website security.


MalCare is an extremely easy-to-use service which requires no technical know-how and performs quick detection and clean-up of malware. On top of all that, it also takes backups of your websites.

If you want to white-label MalCare, you are given that option too. MalCare lets you white-label the plugin and sells it under your brand name.

Tyche Softwares uses MalCare for all it’s website security needs. MalCare is simple, effective and equipped to address any security issues that may come up for a WordPress website.

Get MalCare Now!

This is a guest post by Akshat Choudhary. Akshat is the founder and CEO of BlogVault, MigrateGuru & MalCare. He loves building products that solve real problems for real people and has been building systems and products since 2005. His core belief behind building any product is to make sure the end-user doesn’t need assistance. But if they do, he’ll try to assist them in the best possible manner.

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