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Plugins Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce
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Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce

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7 customer reviews

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7 reviews
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1 year license
30 day money-back guarantee
WordPress 4.4 and above
WooCommerce 3.0.0 and above

Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce lets you numerate WooCommerce Orders as desired. Orders can be numbered sequentially or randomly. Order number templates using fixed merge tags incuding dates can also be setup. Orders can be renumbered manually as well.

Version 1.2.4
Last Updated November 15 2018
Billed yearly until cancelled

Customize your WooCommerce Order Numbers

This plugin lets you numerate WooCommerce orders. Orders can be numbered sequentially or randomly, while reseting the numbers at a desired frequency. The plugin also allows you to prefix or suffix orders including fixed tags and dates.
Alternately, order numbers can also be edited manually.

Allows admin to create and manage custom order statuses gif
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Thanks for this great plugin - even free version is perfect - Pro is even better...

Key Features:

Sequentialize Order Numbers

Assign Order Numbers sequentially.

Randomize Order Numbers

Assign Order Numbers randomly.

Renumerate Order Numbers

Renumerate existing orders starting from 1 onwards.

Manually assign order numbers

Assign Order Numbers manually.

Assign custom prefix and suffix

Assign custom prefix and suffix to order numbers.

Order number width

Setup the width of the order numbers.

Dates in order numbers

Add date as prefix and/or suffix in order numbers.

Admin tracking

Track Orders using custom order numbers.

This plugin allows you to do the following:

Set order number using template gif

Customizable Order Number Template


Setup Order number width to a fixed value

Set order number width gif
Set order number manually gif

Manual Order Number Counter


Reset Order numbers at set frequency

Set order numbers at set frequency gif

What people say for the plugin:


what I needed

Just what i needed, there are other plugins, but they are outdated or with too many other features, i just needed to change the order number and this is updated which is very important and it really works! It changes order in the email messages too


Great plugin

Thanks for this great plugin – even free version is perfect – Pro is even better…


Great plugin. Great support.

This plugin does exactly what it claims to do and it’s very easy to use. I requested a new feature and Tom had the update ready in just a few days. My client is very happy.


Works Fine!

Great! works as expected.


it’s great plugin

It helped a lot to my site.


Works – but doesn’t overwrite for exports

This is a great app for changing the order numbers visually within wordpress, however this does not change the original post data in the database so that if you export your order data for input into a shipping system the exports include the original post/order number that was created, not the updated number created by this plugin.


Easy To Use and It Works

I got in a jam with my orders due to a site restore, and the author was very responsive. It’s a slick little plugin that does what it says. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different methods for numbering orders?

Orders can be numbered sequentially or randomly. The plugin also allows the ability to create an order number template which can contain dates and fixed prefixes and suffixes.

Can order numbers be reset?

Yes, order numbers can be reset at a desired frequency using WooCommerce->Settings->Custom Order Numbers->Sequential: Reset Counter.

Can I hide Renumerate Orders menu for certain roles?

Yes, you can hide the menu item from certain roles by setting it up in WooCommerce->Settings->Custom Order Numbers->Hide Renumerate Orders admin menu for roles.

How do I make sure a third party plugin uses the updated order number?

If a third party plugin is using the order number, it should be able to get the updated order number.

Can I get the original order ID from the modified order number?

Yes, the plugin modifies the order number and not the order ID. So, in case if you wish to get the original order ID, searching the orders based on the order number, you can retrieve the original order ID.

Does your plugin comply to the GDPR guidelines?

We have made every effort to make our plugin compliant to the GDPR guidelines. As a part of compliance we do not capture any data of end users and customers without consent.

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Our Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce plugin will allow you to manage your WooCommerce store with more ease than ever before.

Number your WooCommerce orders to best suit your needs. Choose from the variety of numbering options the plugin offers and renumerate your existing orders as well.

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Just what you were looking for?

The plugin allows you to renumerate existing orders and customize WooCommerce order numbers sequentially, randomly or using a template as desired.

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