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Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce – Lite

Plugin Version: 3.2
Release Date: September 6 2017

This plugin will allow the customer to choose an order delivery date on the checkout page. The delivery date will be visible to the site administrator on the orders page. From the plugin’s admin dashboard, you can set which days should be made available for delivery, in addition to setting a Minimum Delivery time and Number of dates to choose from.

From v2.8, you can set holidays on the dates you do not deliver products under Holidays tab.


The customer can choose any delivery date that is after the current date. The delivery date chosen by the customer will be visible to the site administrator on the Orders page. You can also set which days you want to be available for delivery from the Order Delivery Date menu from admin section of your site.
The delivery date will be displayed on the My Account page’s View Order page. The delivery date will be added to the email notification received by the customer on placing the order.
Also the delivery date is attached to the customer invoice too.
This plugin allows you to improve your customer service by delivering the order on the customer’s chosen date.

WooCommerce Compatibility
  • WooCommerce 2.2.x ready

You just need to activate this plugin & get Order Delivery Date menu on your admin side panel. You can enable the days you want to be enabled for delivery. The delivery date field will appear on the checkout form. Deactivating the plugin will hide the field from the checkout form as well as from the admin order page. On deactivation of the plugin your settings will stay intact.

  1. Can the customer enter the preferred order delivery time?
    Currently there is no provision for entering the delivery time. This is planned in future release.
  2. Is the order delivery date field mandatory on checkout page?
    The field can be configured as Mandatory or optional using the ‘Mandatory field?’ setting.

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27 Comments on "Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce – Lite"

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Is it possible to add the requested “Delivery Date” to the WooCommerce Email Templates so the Shop Admin and Customer get the “Delivery Date” listed on their email confirmation?




Ok – I see the feature is listed on the Pro plugin.



Ashok Rane

That’s right. That feature is already present in the Pro version.


Hi, I am trying out the lite version before buying the pro.

I installed the plugin and got the delivery textbox appearing in my checkout page.

When I clicked the text box, the date picker does not appear.
I don’t any other plugins install, beside Woocommerce.

Is there any solution to this?

Ashok Rane

Hi KC, It could be happening due to some conflict with your theme.

Could you please email me with your site details & with the wordpress admin access so I can check this?


Hello KC,

How are you? I seem to be having the same problem. Was your issue resolved? Can you share the solution?

Many Thanks,


Hi, is there a way to have a specified date only, so user only have a limited choices of date for delivery. Like example 4-5 dates only for delivery date options.

Ashok Rane

Yes, you have the option to enter specified dates of your choice in the PRO version. You can do so from the “Delivery Dates” tab in the “Order Delivery Date” settings in admin.

Ashok Rane

I hope you got my reply Christian. Did that work?


In the description above (Version 1.8 Lite) you say that the delivery date shouldappear in the customers email notification. This doesn’t work for me. Any suggestions why this could be?


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