Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Delivery Date, WooCommerce Delivery Time

Plugin Version: 3.2
Last Updated Date: October 5 2015

This plugin allows the customers to choose a delivery date and time on the checkout page. The WooCommerce delivery date and time will be displayed while viewing the order.
You can assign a ‘Delivery charge’ for any or all of the 7 week days. This extends to specific dates too. You can assign delivery charges for every specific date that is added. The delivery charges can be added for same-day & next-day settings.
NEW: From v3.2, the delivery date and/or time can be updated from the WordPress admin dashboard. 

Benefits of WooCommerce Delivery Date
  • Your customers can choose their preferred delivery date and time.
  • You can provide better service by delivering on the customer’s chosen date and time.
  • You can use this plugin as a Booking system on the checkout page.
  • You can use the WooCommerce delivery date & delivery time fields for any order-based scheduling system like coaching, phone calls, meetings, etc.


Plugins with which WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin is compatible with:
  • WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export plugin
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
  • WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note
  • WooCommerce Print orders
  • Zapier plugin


You can now gift flowers, cakes, etc. to your loved ones at a fixed date and time. This should make holiday and birthday shopping easy for your customers.

WooCommerce Delivery Date Video Tour
WooCommerce Delivery Date Screenshots
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The customer can choose any delivery date that is after the current date. The delivery date chosen by the customer will be visible to the site administrator while viewing the order under the "Additional Checkout Fields" section.

NEW:With the version 2.6, admin can assign a 'Delivery Charge' for any delivery week day. This also extends to specific dates. You can apply additional delivery charges for every specific date that is added. The additional delivery charges can also be added for same-day & next-day deliveries from the "Time Settings" tab.

The delivery date calendar can be displayed in 62 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES on the checkout page. In addition to that, v 2.3 contains 5 new date formats. In addition to the above, the plugin now includes the automatic updater. So all future updates from the v 2.3 onwards can be automatically pulled from the 'Plugins' page as & when they are available.

This plugin can also be used to enable only selected delivery dates instead of weekdays. Many businesses deliver on selected delivery dates only & not on recurring weekdays. The "Delivery Dates" section enables them to add the dates which they deliver on. Enabling the "Delivery Dates" option automatically disables the weekdays.

This plugin can also be used as a Booking Calendar on the checkout page. A new setting in the latest version allows you to set maximum bookings or appointments that you want to conduct in 1 day. The customizable field label & note will infact enable you to use this plugin to capture any future dates, for example, booking date, pickup date, delivery date, etc.

This plugin enables Customers to:
  • Select convenient delivery date
  • Select appropriate delivery time
  • Book appointments
  • Choose a time slot for delivery - v 2.4

This plugin enables Admin to:
  • Allow the customer to select Delivery Time along with Delivery Date
  • Same-day & Next-day delivery with cut-off time
  • Limit number of deliveries per time slot - v 2.4
  • Specify the time range available for delivery
  • Set minimal interval between the order and delivery date
  • Add holidays or black-out dates to the calendar
  • Option to show Delivery Date in Customer Notification Email
  • See delivery date & time entered by Customer in the order
  • Choose from 24 different themes for the calendar
  • Choose the convenient date format
  • Customize field label, field note text
  • Capture only delivery date or only delivery time or both
  • Show 2 months in calendar
  • Set maximum deliveries / appointments / bookings for a day - Version 2.1
  • Can also be used by site owners to have customers select in-store pickup date for web orders
  • Set Specific Delivery Dates for delivery instead of Weekdays
  • Send Delivery Date in Admin Notification emails
  • Show Calendar in one of 62 languages
  • Woocommerce 2.3 & above
  • Wordpress 4.0

  • v3.2 - There are some new features and some bug fixes in this update. Now the delivery date and/or time slot can be updated from the WordPress admin dashboard.
  • v3.1 - There are some minor bug fixes in this update.
  • v3.0 - From this update, you can add different delivery date and time settings based on shipping methods.
  • v2.8.7 - A new calendar view has been created for the delivery dates.
  • v2.8.6 - There is one new feature added in this update wherein the delivery date can be enabled for specific product category. Also few bug are fixed in this update.
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You just need to activate this plugin & the delivery date field will appear on the checkout form. Deactivating the plugin will hide the field from the checkout form as well as from the admin order page.
To get the latest version of your plugin, drop an email to updates@tychesoftwares.com with your name, email address & plugin name. The updated version of the plugin will be emailed to you upon verification. The plugin update process will be automated very soon.
Upcoming features
  • Ability to choose delivery / appointment timeslot from the checkout page - done
  • Separate delivery / appointment time range for all 7 days
  • Review by Beka Rice, seelwithwp.com (Read full review here)
    Verdict: I loved that the WooCommerce Order Delivery Date Pro plugin was very simple to use for both shop administrators and customers. The ability to select both dates and times helps any shop schedule deliveries or pickups, but I really found the options to set “inventory” by limiting the number of deliveries useful. The same day and next day fees and cutoff times are also great, and automate your delivery scheduling completely.
  • Review by Oliver Dale, wplift.com (Read full review here)
    Verdict: This plugin is very functional. The admin interface is very easy to use and has been arranged in a way that makes working through the various settings very straightforward. The visual design of the backend probably won’t impress you too much, but it works well and makes use of the native WordPress UI, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. If you need to add the ability for customers to choose delivery dates on your online store then this plugin includes everything needed to do so, while also being very easy to setup and use. However, as it is the Order Delivery Date plugin works very well and does the job it was created for. As new features are being added on a regular basis by the developers, if you do have any features you’d like to see included, then it is worth getting in touch with them.
  • Review by Joe Fylan, wpmayor.com (Read full review here)
    Verdict: To the end user this will seem like a simple feature to implement on your store, but for the admin user there are plenty of settings and features with this plugin that allow you to customise the options available to customers to match the delivery service you can provide. Being able to specify certain dates for delivery or only certain days of the week gives this plugin a good amount of flexibility. The ability to block out holidays where deliveries cannot be made is also a good feature that can help avoid customer disappointment. It would be nice if premium payments could be added for next day deliveries or weekend deliveries but as yet, this is not a feature that is included. Overall, if you want to allow customers to choose a delivery date when checking out of your WooCommerce store, this is one of the few options available and it does what it does very well.
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