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Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce

1 year license
30 day money-back guarantee

Order Delivery Date plugin allows the customers to choose a delivery date and time on the checkout page. The WooCommerce delivery date and time will be displayed while viewing the order..

Version 5.9
Last Updated 15.11.2016

Powerful extensions for WooCommerce

You can assign a ‘Delivery charge’ for any or all of the 7 week days. This extends to specific dates too. You can assign delivery charges for every specific date that is added. The delivery charges can be added for same-day & next-day settings.

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Seem a little pricey at $99? Some quick math… say you charge $40 per hour. Then 3 hours of your time is worth $120. So, this plugin only needs to save you 3 hours to pay for a Single Store License!

This plugin allows you to do the following:

Select convenient delivery date

Select appropriate delivery time

Book appointments

Choose a time slot for delivery – v 2.4

Allow the customer to select Delivery Time along with Delivery Date

Same-day & Next-day delivery with cut-off time

Specify the time range available for delivery

Set minimal interval between the order and delivery date

Add holidays or black-out dates to the calendar

Option to show Delivery Date in Customer Notification Email

See delivery date & time entered by Customer in the order

Choose from 24 different themes for the calendar

Choose from 24 different themes for the calendar

Customize field label, field note text

Customize field label, field note text

Show 2 months in calendar

Set maximum deliveries / appointments / bookings for a day – Version 2.1

Can also be used by site owners to have customers select in-store pickup date for web orders

Set Specific Delivery Dates for delivery instead of Weekdays

Send Delivery Date in Admin Notification emails

Show Calendar in one of 62 languages


  • Your customers can choose their preferred delivery date and time.
  • You can provide better service by delivering on the customer’s chosen date and time.
  • You can use this plugin as a Booking system on the checkout page.
  • You can use the WooCommerce delivery date & delivery time fields for any order-based scheduling system like coaching, phone calls, meetings, etc.

Plugins with which WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin is compatible with:

  • WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export plugin
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
  • WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note
  • WooCommerce Print orders
  • Zapier plugin

Sites using this plugin

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Changelog for WooCommerce Order Delivery Date PRO plugin

Version 5.9(Release date: November 15 2016)
There are some bug fixes in this update which are mentioned below: 1. An incorrect delivery date was coming auto populated in the field on the checkout page. The issue is coming when calculation on shipping days is enabled and the current date is disabled for shipping. This is fixed now. 2. Delivery settings were not updated on the checkout page on change of the shipping methods when the Custom Delivery Settings are added for the table rate shipping classes....

Updates and upcoming features:

Ability to choose delivery appointment timeslot from the checkout page

Separate delivery/appointment time range for all 7 days

How to install

Installing the Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin is easy, simple foillow the steps:

Step one

Download the plugin and move the zip content on your plugins folder.

Step two

The delivery date field will appear on the checkout form.

Step three

Deactivating the plugin will hide the field from the checkout form as well as from the admin order page.

What people say for the plugin:


The support I received from Komal at Tyche Software was first class. I’m not very technical but that didn’t matter at all. Komal took over and fixed my problem with great efficiency. I am delighted with their service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the product. – Amanda at Smith & Kinghorn.

Richard Burr

Guys, you did a GREAT job with the improvements of the last update. I know how hard it is to switch to a new structure because of my experience with web applications with tons of users. You did a good job! – Richard Burr


This plugin sounds terrific – Kera, Time4somethingelse.com

Carl Michael

Great plugin. v1.1 is a definite improvement over v1.0, keep up the great work. – Carl Michael


Thank you very much Ashok all is working wonderfully. Your customer service was fantastic. Your response time impressive. – Kimba

James Sadgrove

Love your plugin. What excellent Support! Looking forward when you add the Time option. – James Sadgrove, Sadgrove.com


Order Delivery Date PRO for WooCommerce: Really loving the Order Delivery Date for Woocommerce – Pro plugin. Keep up the good work. Love your plugin. – Iain, Nicecontent.net


Great plugin, great support. Ashok helped modify the plugin to work with my current theme. I highly recommend purchasing this plugin! – Tom, tomanow.com

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290 thoughts on “Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce

  1. Hi,

    Help Please its not working.
    I just purchased and installed Order Delivery Date Pro for WP e-Commerce, Woocommerce.

    While the delivery date field shows in the checkout it is not functional – clicking field has no affect.

    Please explain how I can fix this.


    1. I have sent you an updated version which displays the calendar correctly with your theme. The Bellissima theme is using an old version of Jquery UI library. The Datepicker used in the plugin does not work with that version. Let me know the results.

  2. Thanks for all the support Ashok, love the plugin and thoroughly recommend it to anyone using Woocommerce.

    Great that you took on board my feature request also!

    Thanks again 🙂

    1. It should not be difficult to add the field.

      Currently the plugin adds only 1 date field on the checkout page. For rental services, I assume you would want 2 date fields, Pickup Date & Drop-off date.
      This will need to be added as per your requirements.
      You can email me at ashok at tychesoftwares dot com

  3. Hi,
    It looks like this plug in would suit my needs – I’m making a food takeaway website and the client wants to be able to let the user choose a date and time for delivery. Just one question though – he only has a few delivery drivers and wants to limit the amount of people ordering at any one time. For example if five people wanted food for 7:30 then the sixth person could not select this time. Would this be possible with the plug in? I see you have the lockout for the day but could that be time specific?
    Many thanks.

    1. That could be implemented by adding timeslots for deliveries wherein the number of deliveries are limited by a timeslot rather than a specific time. Having it the way you have suggested is difficult as that would mean blocking every minute after a certain number of orders have been booked, which is not feasible.

  4. hi

    interesting plugin.

    Why the date is not showed in the email sent to the admin? Only the customer get the email with the date and time.

    Not even the Order received page shows this info

    How can I add the date to that page and to the email?

    1. Yes, the date is purposely not shown in the Admin emails. It can be shown on the order received page as well as in the emails to the Admin with some change in the code. Everyone might not want the delivery date to be emailed to the Admin, or to be showed on the order received page. Thus separate settings need to be added so that can be configured from the Admin Settings.

  5. thank you for your kind answer.
    Can you provide a snippet to add the date/time in the Admin email and in the Order received page?

    1. I cannot provide the code snippet as I don’t have that right now. I can provide that to you once you have purchased the plugin & once I have implemented these into the plugin.

  6. I bought his plugin but when i set up the cut off date for same day delivery it doesnt work after 8 0clokc at night. lets say i set it up for 12 am cut off time, by 12:01 pm i cant order same day but by 8:01 pm it makes same day available again and it takes away next day delivery even though i vahe next day delivery set to all time available ( 23:59 ).

    Please Help…

    1. The cut-off time works with respect to the timezone as found in the General Settings of the WordPress Admin. The same-day delivery would not be enabled after the cut-off time unless there is a change in the timezone settings done & those are then not adjusted in the same-day cut-off time.
      If you want to make next-day delivery available all day, then there is no need to set it explicitly if you’ve set the same-day delivery.

      I’ve also replied to your email.

      1. Please check before 8:00, see that it works, i have it set to -4 UTC in general settings and the i have cutoff time at 12, but then at 8pm it goes berserk and makes same day available again and takes away next day availability, i really like this plugin please help…

          1. I already fixed it the problem is taht it is working in combnation with wordpress wp-settings default stamp wich is set to UTC, so at 8 it thinks its a new day and it resets since at 8 ny time is actually 00:00 utc time. i played around with it and i think i can fix it placing default time as America/New York in wp-settings, i will let you know after 8:00, thank you for being attentive to my issue i really do appreciate the fast comunications, really happy i bought this plugin. 🙂

          2. Glad that it’s fixed. I did have the impression that it would have something to do with the timezone settings rather than the plugin. I did check the calendar before reading this comment. It worked fine.

            Please check the attached screenshot. It shows 2nd Nov as disabled. The time is 23:06 right now.


            Thank you for your comments. Let me know if there are any more issues.

  7. Solved the admin notification email.

    Open admin-new-order.php from woocommerce templates.

    At my line 47 it says

    Alter that one to

    And done.


      1. That’s good, but not the ideal way. I have implemented the option to send delivery date in admin notification email, will be releasing that one very soon along with a couple of other updates.

  8. Just bought it and already love it! Where can I translate the days and months to dutch?

    Another great feature would be if the customer could choose between pickup or delivery and if a shop owner can set specific limitations. For example, for pickup I don’t mind if they come the next day, but for delivery I need two days.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. @Remko: For the dutch translations, you can open the order_delivery_date.php file, and on line 165, add the below 2 lines:

      $options[] = “dayNamesMin: [‘zo’, ‘ma’, ‘di’, ‘wo’, ‘do’, ‘vr’, ‘za’]”;
      $options[] = “monthNames: [‘januari’, ‘februari’, ‘maart’, ‘april’, ‘mei’, ‘juni’, ‘juli’, ‘augustus’, ‘september’, ‘oktober’, ‘november’, ‘december’]”;

  9. Awesome work guys… we had developed something very similar about 8 months ago, but it was purely for delivery dates with a simple date picker. Cost about $500 to develop. Now I see this one, and it is bloody awesome compared to what we got done. well done guys, it is now part of our business model.

    1. Thanks Ciaran. I am glad you liked it. I like the $500 value part much more 🙂 So what would otherwise cost $500 is available only for $29. Wow.. Thank you for the appreciation!

  10. I’ve got the same question as remco: i’d like to translate it in Dutch.
    -Where can i find it?

    Also: the picked orderdate isn’t showing up in the mail (to customer & admin). How can i fix it?

    thanks in advance.


    1. Regarding the dutch translations, I will need to check that & then get back to you on how to add it.

      For the delivery date not showing up in the emails, that’s a bug. I am releasing an update tomorrow or day after tomorrow that will be fixing that issue.

    2. For the dutch translations, you can open the order_delivery_date.php file, and on line 165, add the below 2 lines:

      $options[] = “dayNamesMin: [‘zo’, ‘ma’, ‘di’, ‘wo’, ‘do’, ‘vr’, ‘za’]”;
      $options[] = “monthNames: [‘januari’, ‘februari’, ‘maart’, ‘april’, ‘mei’, ‘juni’, ‘juli’, ‘augustus’, ‘september’, ‘oktober’, ‘november’, ‘december’]”;

    1. For the chinese translations, you can open the order_delivery_date.php file, and on line 165, add the below 2 lines:

      $options[] = “dayNamesMin: [‘zo’, ‘ma’, ‘di’, ‘wo’, ‘do’, ‘vr’, ‘za’]”;
      $options[] = “monthNames: [‘januari’, ‘februari’, ‘maart’, ‘april’, ‘mei’, ‘juni’, ‘juli’, ‘augustus’, ‘september’, ‘oktober’, ‘november’, ‘december’]”;

      The first line should contain the dayNames in chinese & second line will contain the monthNames. The dayNames start from Sunday.

  11. Can I add this feature to the product page, or just checkout? I sell private city tours, and I need my clients send me informations of what day and time they would like to do the tours.

      1. Is this something that is planned for the future? Or is there a way to at least display available days on the product page before they proceed to checkout, maybe without the field?

        I’d also like to know how difficult it would be to link the quantity field to this, so that if a customer chooses a quantity of 3, then 3 delivery dates could be chosen.

        1. This is planned for the future as part of a booking plugin wherein customers can choose date & time when they want to do a tour. I am working on it currently.

          Linking the quantity field would not be difficult, but would be tricky.

          You can email me on: ashok@tychesoftwares.com for details about the product page datepicker requirements.

  12. Hi!

    What if I require the following functionality, does your plug-in (perhaps with some minor customization) support it?:

    1: For every day except Friday and Saturday, the delivery may be the next day, if the order was placed before 12:00
    2: For Friday the product may be delivered on SUNDAY if ordered before 12:00
    3: For Saturday the product may be delivered on MONDAY if ordered before 12:00


    1. The plugin already supports same-day & next-day deliveries with cut-off time. Special case for certain days will need to be added. I have sent an email to you about it.

  13. Hello,

    Is it possible to add the delivery time to the invoice/email that the customer and administrator receives (rather than just the custom field)?

    1. Yes, the delivery date & time do get added to the email that the customer & administrator receive. You need to select the “Show Delivery Date in Customer Notification Email:” option. That will put the selected delivery date & time in the emails to both customer & administrator.

    1. I agree. I do receive requests for translations. These are planned to be added in a future release, most probably in the next 15-20 days. We will have those fields as well as a Languages dropdown.

  14. Hi,

    I recently purchased the plugin and It works fine but I have a question about languages.

    Is it possible to have the plugin in two languages (spanish and english). I use qTranslate and I’ve seen that it can have widgets and plugins in varios languages. Also I ve seen that you are making the new update with translations features.

    May I wait for the next release or I can make it easy with qTranslations and shortcodes?

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Thank you for purchasing the plugin.

      You are right, the next update is going to be support multi-language calendars, including Spanish & many others. I would suggest you to wait for the next release, which will be released within next 30 days.

    1. I have just released the new update today which contains the spanish language for calendar as well as first day of week change. You would have received an email with a download link.

      1. I would like calendar to begin on Sunday if possible? I’m currently using the English UK language option. We’re in the US and that seemed to be the best option.

        1. Keeping it in “English UK” makes it begin on Sunday? Or despite choose all the english language calendars, you are unable to get one that begins on Sunday?

          1. Correct, it’s still starting on Monday. I also checked my general wordpress setting just in case, and I have Sunday as the beginning of the week there too. Weird?

          1. Correction – My bad that I gave you the wrong code. The correct line to be put was:

            $options[] = “firstDay:0”;

            It is now there on your site & Sunday shows up as first day of the week. Thank you for your patience.

  15. Hello,

    Could you please tell me how I can call the plugin directly from my template code? I need to show only the “delivery date” form for certain products on my shop. I know how to include de condition, but not how to call the plugin externally.

    Could you please help on that?



    1. Hi Ivan, it is not possible right now to call the plugin from template code to show it on individual product pages. The datepicker is only visible on the checkout page in this plugin.

  16. Well, in case some others have the same problem, I have added the condition on the line “do_action(‘woocommerce_after_checkout_billing_form’, $checkout);” of the WOOCOOMMERCE plugin.

    If this line is not executed, the plugin is not shown. So you can choose whenever you wanna show it or not depending on the items on the cart.

    Best regards.

    1. Hi Ivan, you are right. That is the hook that is used to display the Delivery Date field in the billing form. But I am not sure what is the “problem” that you are referring to as that hook is what displays the delivery date field in my plugin too.

  17. Hello, I just have purchased the plugin “Order Delivery Date for Woocommerce – Pro”.
    Please I need your assistance to translate the days to Spanish.
    (I have tried following the instructions in the responses in this link http://www.tychesoftwares.com/store/premium-plugins/order-delivery-date-for-woocommerce-pro-21 But after I add the lines: $options[] = “dayNamesMin: [‘zo’, ‘ma’, ‘di’, ‘wo’, ‘do’, ‘vr’, ‘za’]“;
    $options[] = “monthNames: [‘januari’, ‘februari’, ‘maart’, ‘april’, ‘mei’, ‘juni’, ‘juli’, ‘augustus’, ‘september’, ‘oktober’, ‘november’, ‘december’]“;
    The dreamweaver shows a php syntax error, and the php file doesn’t work correctly.
    I look forward for your urgent assistance.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for purchasing the plugin. I will check this issue today & get back to you. Most probably there could have been a problem while copying & pasting those lines into your file.
      I will confirm this & let you know.

      1. Thank you sir.
        I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly.
        It was exactly as you told me (I just deleted the commas and typed again and thats it).

  18. Just bought the plugin, entered in all of my settings, and the field shows up on the checkout page, but the calendar does not popup. I am using WooThemes Merchant theme (a WooCommerce theme). Also, my “Field Note Text” does not show up. My site is scratchfood.com. Let me know how I can fix this ASAP. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for purchasing the plugin. I saw the checkout page you have, but couldn’t see the field there. It seems you might have deactivated the plugin since it’s a live site. However, I found the following errors appearing on your checkout page: http://screencast.com/t/Tl2eP7hC4H4

      I think these are causing the datepicker not to work on your checkout page. You could try to fix those issues & then verify whether the datepicker works or not. You could switch to a different theme & also verify if your theme is causing the issues.
      For further details, you can drop me an email at: ashok@tychesoftwares.com

  19. Hi there,
    Once a time slot was booked would another shopper will see it as booked, can the same time slot be booked by 2 shoppers?
    Is there a way to show times available and times taken on a specific date not using the sliders.

    I am looking for a plugin to use for appointments date and time rather then for delivery. The are few plugins for appointment but yours is the only one integrated with woocommerce.

    If you offer custom work I would love to get a price to modify the plugin.


    1. Hi Simon,

      Currently there is no way to place a limit on the number of orders that can be booked for a particular time. As you rightly said, that would require the available times to be shown in a dropdown as opposed to sliders & few other changes in the admin.

      Yes, I do offer custom work. Please drop me an email on ashok@tychesoftwares.com with what all you are looking for & we can take it from there.


  20. Hi,

    just bought the plugin, when i activate my wordpress is giving me a lot of errors in front and backend! Please check http://bellefleur.artsjok.be

    i have following installed: WordPress 3.4.2 + plugins:

    bbPress door The bbPress Community versie 2.2.2,
    Hello Dolly door Matt Mullenweg versie 1.6,
    Login Logo door Mark Jaquith versie 0.7,
    Order Delivery Date door Ashok Rane versie 2.2,
    Regenerate Thumbnails door Viper007Bond versie 2.2.3,
    TinyMCE Advanced door Andrew Ozz versie 3.5.8,
    User Role Editor door Vladimir Garagulya versie 3.9,
    WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping door Mike Jolley versie 2.0.4,
    WooCommerce door WooThemes versie,
    WP SlimStat Dashboard Widgets door Camu versie 2.9,
    WP SlimStat door Camu versie 2.9,
    Wysija Newsletters door Wysija versie 2.2

    Any idea how to have it solved ? i just spend 29 dollars on a non working plugin. (before purchasing this i tried your free version and that was working great)

    1. Thank you for purchasing the plugin & providing the details. The errors on your site are coming due to the PHP settings that you have & not due to issues with the plugin itself.

      It would be very unfair to call it ‘a non working plugin’ without giving me a chance to look into it & especially when the error is due to PHP settings on your server. If the error doesn’t get resolved, you will get the refund of $29 that you have spent.

      I will look into this & get back to you. In the meantime, you can deactivate the plugin on your site if it’s live.

  21. Hey,

    I am consindering this to use with woocommerce on a new site I am working on.

    Is it possible to change the language of the calendar and also have the week start on monday.

    Not all of us is in the US – I need a calendar for Denmark 🙂


    1. Yes, it is possible to change the language. You need to add below 2 lines in the plugin’s file. For the week start on Monday, I will check how to do that & get back to you. But that can also be done.

      For the translations, you can open the order_delivery_date.php file, and on line 165, add the below 2 lines:

      $options[] = “dayNamesMin: [‘zo’, ‘ma’, ‘di’, ‘wo’, ‘do’, ‘vr’, ‘za’]”;
      $options[] = “monthNames: [‘januari’, ‘februari’, ‘maart’, ‘april’, ‘mei’, ‘juni’, ‘juli’, ‘augustus’, ‘september’, ‘oktober’, ‘november’, ‘december’]”;

      Replace the day names & month names with your language.

    2. The next release of the plugin is going to contain the multi-lingual feature which will display the calendar in over 70+ languages & also change the first day of week according to the language/country.
      That release is scheduled to be out anytime in the next 20 days.

    3. I have just released the new update today which contains the language as well as first day of week change as per the language. You would have received an email with a download link.

  22. Hi there!

    I have purchased and installed this plugin.

    My problem is that I am loading the checkout vía ajax, so the call fails. Clicking on the input won’t show the picker.

    How can i load it on the fly? (as the callback of the ajax request)

    1. The problem is that I use ajax to load the checkout page in the sidebar. The problem is that the order dellivery date is not inited untill there is items in the shopping list. So the plugin fails in the checkout page (because the page hasn’t been reloaded..)

      If I check for the items count and if the cart was empty then I document.location.reload() the page so the plugin will work,

      Any way to re-declare de plugin using ajax? I want to prevent this document.location. reload() but I haven’t found the way yet..

  23. Hi There,

    I’ve installed the lite version alongside Woocommerce 2.0.3, I can’t see the settings in the admin menu, any suggestions would be great thanks.

    1. Hi Dave, the lite version does not contain any settings for any Woocommerce version. Settings are only available in the PRO version. You can purchase it from this page.

  24. Hi Ashok,

    I have a customer who needs a delivery date solution and your plugin looks near enough to what I need, but before I purchase it I would like to know if it can do the following:-

    1) Can the plugin be assigned to ‘Local Delivery’ option only, rather than all delivery options as my client has a local delivery within a particular area and a national delivery option which is dealt by courier.

    2) Can the ‘time’ option be removed so that people do not book more of the same time?


    1. Hi Ben,

      1. Currently the plugin cannot be enabled or disabled for specific shipping methods. That can be customized for you for a small fee. Please drop me an email on ashok@tychesoftwares.com so I can give you a quote.

      2. You can disable the timepicker if you don’t want your customers to chose time or have multiple customers choose same time.

  25. Hi Ashok

    Having some problems with selecting the time when checking out for today. Have set the time for 6pm to 11pm which is the option after todays date but if it is the current date is allows anytime to be selected!

    Also what is the point of the NOW button?

    Any finally is there any way to have two opening times? (It is a restaurant)


    1. Hi Stephen, do you have same-day delivery enabled?

      The NOW button allows you to select the current time on your PC as the delivery time.

      There is no way to have two opening times with the plugin currently. What are the 2 opening times?

      Could you send me the link to your store?

  26. Hi Ashok

    Yes the same-day delivery is enabled.

    The NOW button does let you have the current time even if it not the times allowed. It does seem to switch to pm sometimes when saying ok but I have just now got a am time. And the slider can do anytime for todays date (but not for later dates which are ok…

    Thought that would be the case. Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner with a gap between….

    The store pages are not live so don’t think I can send you a link. Though I realise seeing is believing…


  27. Its possible to sell hour appointments?

    Set duration

    i have a music studio with 3 rooms
    or i have a spa with 3 rooms/employee

    Customer will select the hour of the appointment.
    So i someone already bought 19/03/2013

    1. Thanks for the follow-up. I’ve had 2 rounds of testing done on it by my development team & had a few minor fixes done too. Now it’s time for me to test it & give a final go-ahead.

      Currently I am travelling in US for a month to attend a few conferences, which gives me limited time.

      But I do sincerely hope to have the testing done in this week & the update being released in the next week.

  28. Hi Ashok,
    I do not have your email address on my gmail, so have to send a message via here. I would like to download the latest version as I have an issue with the plugin not working as it is supposed to on our site with the latest WooCommerce and Catalyst Theme.

    Once I have your email, I will send you credentials of the site so you can see for yourself of the functioning.



  29. Hi again Ashok,

    I notice that someone near the end of last year asked for a collection date to be added to the functions. Can you confirm that this was done at some stage, and if so I would like to add this to our site to see if it will be something that we can use.


    1. Yes, someone had asked to have Collection/Pickup date & Delivery date both on the checkout page. Do you want the same thing too?

      This was never added in the current plugin neither it was added for that customer as for some reason, he chose not to add it to his site.

      Let me know if you want to have that on your site. Once again, my email is: ashok@tychesoftwares.com


  30. I’ve noticed when using this plugin on a Responsive theme the Delivery Date field is too wide and causes a scroll bar.

    This part is the problem in ‘order_delivery_date.php’ file:

    I’ve fixed it using my child-theme by adding this to the child ‘style.css’ file:

    Thought I’d share.



    1. This is the problem bit of code, seemed to get remove from above

      div id=”wpefield_delivery_date_field” style=”width: 202%; float: left;”

  31. Hi Ashok,

    When i update from 2.2 to 2.3, do i uninstal and delete the old plugin and then reinstall it?

    I’ll lose all the dates I’ve booked for holiday etc, no?

    1. Hi Matt,

      Yes, you will have to delete 2.2 & reinstall the 2.3 version.

      You will loose all the old settings & you will have to enter them again. This would be the last time that would happen as 2.3 now has the automatic updater wherein updates can be pulled directly without deleting/reinstalling.


  32. Hi Ashok,

    I tried emailing but didn’t get a reply so hopefully this message finds you.

    I would like to insert the ‘Delivery Date’ field into the email template in WooCommerce in the WP-Admin section: “WooCommerce – Settings – Emails – New Order”
    I have looked at modifying the template but have been unsuccessful.

    Please can you help? If it is not possible I would need to refund the plugin purchase.

    Many thanks in advance


      1. No problem, wondered if my emails had been getting lost.

        I have now managed to work out and customise the email subject myself.

        Happy to share if anybody else wants to know how I did it.

        Many thanks


  33. Very interesting plugin.
    can you explain how does the APPOINTMENT feature works?

    our need is a bit unusual:
    we are going to sell admission tickets to shows (so it’s going to be virtual products, no physical delivery).

    We don’t want to choose the date in the cart, but right on the product page before hitting “add to cart”, just like any other product option.

    Basically each product should have its own availability calendar, and the customer can choose the date before buying.
    Potentially she/he should be able to buy multiple tickets, each one with different date.

    do you have anything going in this direction?

    1. Currently the appointment just allows you to book fixed number of appointments per day (by renaming the field label).

      I have sent you an email for the rest of your requirements.

  34. I’m creating a Hot Air Balloon Rides website for a client. He needs the ability to sell his rides online and show a calendar with available dates. Each date can have up to 4 tickets/rides/deliveries whatever you want to call them. Would this plugin allow for that type of application?

    Say a customer wants to book a ride for 3 people – can they view the calendar and see what days have 1 or less already booked for that same day?

    There are weight restrictions too? The 4 passengers can’t weigh over 800lbs combined… I know that’s a bit advanced but curious if it could handle any or all of this client’s needs?

  35. Hi Mark, the plugin currently does not handle any of the requirements you want. It can only capture dates on the checkout page as of now.

    I have sent you an email for the rest of your requirements.

  36. Hi

    just so I understand, it seems like the delivery times are an hour slots.
    Now, if someone orders a delivery at 10.00 AM does the system then ‘block out’ another delivery being ordered at 10.00 AM?

    If so it could work.

    Ideally though:
    I am looking at a project where we need something similar to delivery slots that supermarkets tend to use, i.e. we would have preferred a between 10.00 and 12.00 (3 slots available)
    Even more ideally:
    The days would be pre-selected bassed on area / postcode as the delivery van is only in a certain area on a certain day.

    1. It doesn’t block out another delivery once a particular time is chosen for a prior delivery.
      It can be done the way you need it, but that will need to be done by using time slots instead of current time sliders. Number of deliveries per time slot can also be limited if needed.

      We can have different days loaded as per the postcode or shipping method, however, that is not inbuilt in the plugin. That’s something that can be customized & built for you.

      Please drop me an email at ashok@tychesoftwares.com if you want to include such a feature.

      1. Thanks Ashok.

        I am talking to the client about the project so will let you know if we need to take it further.

        Does sound like a good idea to use time slots though for people using your plug in who have just 1 van or 1 delivery driver so they couldn’t take on more deliveries at the same time.

  37. Hi Ashok,

    Goof plugin BUT there is one flaw with the current plugin.

    I will be using it on an e-commerce site that offers next day delivery. If I book a holiday in the system (e.g bank holidays in the UK) the plugin still allows next day delivery.

    Let me explain in more detail as I’m sure this is applicable to a lot more people/stores than me:

    Monday 27th May was a bank holiday in the UK so on the plugin I marked this as a bank holiday, correctly the plugin doesn’t offer deliveries on this day.

    HOWEVER AND THIS IS WHERE THE ISSUE IS, it allows deliveries the day after a holiday, which is fine if they order before the cut off point (I’ve set to 16:00) so for arguments sake if they’d ordered before 16:00 on Friday 24th May there’s still staff about to complete the postage requirements and book a courier BUT if they order after 16:00 on Friday 24th May or even on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, the plugin is still suggesting they can have delivery on Tuesday 28th May – this is incorrect, the earliest they should be able to have delivery is Wednesday 29th May (if they order after the cut off point the day before a holiday) as clearly there are no staff about to complete the order.

    I’ve contacted you about the issue but you seem relucatant to do anything about it, I’m highlighting this issue as I KNOW IT WONT JUST AFFECT ME AND IM SURE OTHER PEOPLE READING THIS WILL CONFIRM THIS IS AN ISSUE.

    The workaround currently is after the cut off point the day before a holiday to manually put another holiday in the day after the holiday – but this isn;t the best way – it would be much better if you could code the plugin to do this automatically.

    Thanks for your time


    1. Hi Will,

      I assume you meant “Good plugin” and not “Goof plugin”. A single alphabet changes everything.

      I do understand your point. This is something that I may take up at some time in future. A gap of 2 days for my response via email would not really indicate I am reluctant to take this up.

      Thank you for bringing this up.


  38. Hi Ashok,

    I Have been implementing you pro plugin. Great work, thanks.

    I run in to trouble though. It seems in firebug that the header tags your module prints, end up within the body tags of the HTML file. When I look at the source it seems fine, any thoughts?


    1. Hi Patrick,

      Thank you for the appreciation. Could you give me the URL of the site so I could look at it? Firebug would be showing the correct source I think, which means what you are saying could be true. Feel free to drop me an email at ashok@tychesoftwares.com so I can check your website.


  39. Hi !
    Just purchased plugin. Great features, but see some errors on my site:
    WooCommerce 2.0.8
    WP 3.5.1
    123Ecology Themeforest Theme

    In backend i have no see and can’t change Theme choice dropdown for plugin in Appeareance tab.
    In Frontend – wrong and transparent view of date picker.

    May this CSS error. Can U help my with this problem. Your plagin very needed. Great work.

    Thanks !

      1. Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Can you please email me the wordpress admin details & the FTP details of your site?

        I did notice the frontend issue you mentioned on your checkout page. I can look into it once I have the access.

        Please send the email on: ashok@tychesoftwares.com

          1. Yeah !
            Thanks for fast solution !
            Plugin work brilliant ! Thanks again for great support !
            Recommended for all potential customers !

  40. And what may I have overlooked?

    The admin notification email does not contain the Delivery Date & Time. Do I have to add it manually in the template or what?

    Kind regards,

    BTW! +1 to the time slots suggestion. I need to be able to have two slots available during the day and.

    1. Hi Jan,

      Thank you for purchasing the plugin. You have to select the “Show Delivery Date in Customer Notification Email:” checkbox in the “Date Settings” tab. Once that is selected, you will receive the Delivery Date & Time in the customer & admin notification emails.

      If it does not work after checking the above setting, please let me know.


  41. Hi I purchased your plugin the other day and installed it, no problems however I realised earlier that it has made my checkout button on the checkout page disappear?

    Assuming this is a mere CSS issue but don’t know how to solve it, your help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Daniel,

      That’s weird. Are you sure it’s the Order Delivery Date plugin that causes the checkout button to disappear? If you deactivate my plugin, does the checkout button appear?

      Could you give me details about your website & it’s wordpress admin so I can check? You can email me on ashok@tychesoftwares.com .


  42. hello i have bought this plugin but now it is breaking my website. if i activate it the site breaks down. can you help me to fix this ?

  43. Hi, I’m looking at purchasing your plugin just want to make sure it does what i need. Can your plugin allow the customer to choose delivery times dependent on postcode?

    On my client’s site if you live in Postcodes 3000-3100- deliveries are on Tuesday 1600hrs -2200hrs and Friday 0500hrs -1000hrs

    if you live in Postcodes 3101-3205- deliveries are Thursday 0500hrs-1000hrs and Thursday 1600hrs -2200hrs

    Can this be set up?

    Thanks Pete

  44. Hi,

    How can I put the delivery date on last page (order review page)? Because right now it shows up on Billing Info form page. I want it on my order review page.


  45. Hi Ashok,

    Interesting reading and great work, sounds like you are helping a lot of people!

    One thing I have been unable to work out from reading through the above is if your plugin will allow for different Woocommerce items, to each be scheduled for a different delivery date?

    To give you an example, a catering company I am chatting with would like a site where a customer who orders 3 different lunch packages, to be able to choose the days each lunch should be delivered. Is this currently possible with your plugin? If not any possibility this could be added down the track?

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for appreciating my customer service.

      I think what you are requesting is a delivery date field for every product. That is not possible with the current plugin. This is being worked on in a different plugin (not yet released). This cannot be added in the current plugin.

      You can drop me an email on ashok@tychesoftwares.com with the details of what you need. I can also brief you of what I have on the other plugin that can be useful to you.


  46. Hello!

    Could you please tell me if an admin can change the delivery date after the order has been submitted? We need this for backorders and people who often change their mind.

    1. Hello Eugen,

      Yes, The admin can change the delivery date from the order after it has been submitted. That will only change the delivery date in the order details page.

      1. So if I have a custom order status and corresponding e-mail template and send an e-mail to the customer after updating the delivery date, the new delivery date will be shown in the e-mail?

  47. Hello Ashok,

    This is a great plugin that you have developed which works well with our needs. We just want to have that capability of having the ADD to CART button appear even the time/date is not selected. Customer’s have been demanding and asking a lot of questions and they are confused if the product page they are seeing is a product since ADD to CART doesn’t show if a date is not selected.

    Please help.

    1. Hello Verge, I think your comment was meant for the Booking & Appointment plugin & not for the Order Delivery Date Plugin. I do understand your point of showing the ADD to CART button always visible as it may create confusion for some customers.

      Showing the ADD to CART button without selecting time/date is already developed. It is ready to be shipped out in version 1.2 of the plugin.

      The update will be released today or tomorrow.

  48. Is there anyway that the delivery option dropdown could be placed in the “your Order” section in Shipping. SO the customer could select a nominated delivery and choose the date which would have a certain price e.g

    Shipping Next day Delivery 1 working day £5.95
    Free Delivery 4 working days FREE
    Nominated Delivery “choose date using plugin” £7.95

    Looking forward to yout reply

    1. That is not possible right now in the plugin. I might need to check if the plugin can be placed besides the shipping method or not.
      Do you want the same delivery dates to appear irrespective of any shipping method that is chosen?


      1. This would be ideal. I think if the price was dependent on date. So

        IF: Sat delivery item chosen then $10, IF Date < 4 days from current date then price = $8, else price = $5.

        That would allow you to have a dynamic range of costs depending on when the delivery is wanted.

        Are there any plans to add this functionality? Thanks

  49. No the delivery dates would change depending upon the shipping methods. It would be nice to have the order delivery date as part of the shipping costs. Wish I knew enough php to sort it out. Just might have to look into it!

    Thanks for the reply

  50. Hi, i juste have a question, i need to unset the order delivery field from the order page when i have just virtual product in the order, can you send me a way to do that ?
    i think i will test the _virtual variable, and if there is only “yes” in response, i want to unset your plugin, can you help me with that,
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Arnaud, I am afraid I can’t help much there. At best, what you could do is hide the field based on that variable. You could comment the part that adds the field to the checkout form.

    1. Hi Dimitri, the calendar itself can be configured in one of 62 different languages. The checkout field labels are also customizable from the admin interface. The admin side text strings of the plugin might still display in English with multiple language websites with WPML since that has not yet been tested.

      1. Before i Buy your extension, I need to know for sure if I can show everything in each language.
        Use the calendar in each language, etc …

        If you are not sure, i can test it for you 😉


        1. The calendar can be shown in each language, the checkout field label is customizable from the “Appearance” settings of the plugin. So you can go ahead & purchase it. 🙂

  51. Hello Ashok, the plug-in works lite a charm. Perfect for my use. I was wondering though, if it is possible to add a feature that includes the delivery date on the invoice or packaging prints. I use the plug-in for Print Invoices and Delivery notes, maybe I need to configure settings in that css or do you have a solution?

    Many thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Bertil, Thank you for the appreciation. Yes, it is possible to include the delivery date on invoice/packaging prints. Please drop me an email on ashok at tychesoftwares dot com. I shall send you the necessary code.

  52. Hi,

    I’m building a website voor a food delivery service. This plug-in looks nice. I have a few questions:

    1) Would it be possible to ad a ‘deliver as soon as possible’ checkbox?
    2) Is it possible to limit the time slider by 30 minutes, so that by sliding it time will be showed as 10:00, 10:30, 11:00. 11:30, etc.
    3) Is it possible to limit the dates a customer can pick in the calendar to 2 days from ‘today’?

    1. Hi Didjee, Thank you for the appreciation.

      1. No. It is not possible in the plugin currently.
      2. Yes, that can be done but not currently there in the plugin.
      3. Yes, you need to enter 2 in the “Number of dates to choose” setting.

  53. Hi, we have bought the plugin for our website. How can I add an additional cost of $35 to saturdays? So if they choose saturday an amount of $35 will be added to the total amount?

  54. Hi

    Can you select specific date as well as regular dates
    Ie. My client is a food based company & ships orders every tuesday & thursday.
    But over the xmas period they would like to add a couple of extra dates in, is this possible?
    Or would they have to disable the dates & put in the time slots for say the next 3 months


  55. Hi Ashok,
    Is it possible to set a gap time between order and time slots? For example: if now is 14pm, system will show time slots from 15pm (with 1 hour forward). It’s basically time to prepare delivery food. I saw there’s day gap, but not time.

          1. Great! So, we’ll purchase this plugin soon. It has all functionalities we need to a project we are starting! Thanks a lot!

  56. Hi,

    This looks perfect for my requirements. But I need WPML compatibility. It is not enough that any language can be chosen. The point with WPML is that it controls the language selected and then all text in the website is displayed in the appropriate language as controlled by WPML. In a WPML setup, the text strings must be able to be displayed in several language choices for the same website. There are good incentives to be WPML compatible, not least having our product marketed to their user base.
    So could you please test for me if this is WPML compatible. I sincerely hope it is – fingers crossed. 😉 Thanks in advance for any feedback. WPML Testing Tool

  57. Hello, I have a question before purchasing
    is it possible for example to put for a monday delivery a time slot of 2pm-7pm and for tuesday a time slot of 11am-2pm plus 4pm-7pm?
    Thank you!

  58. I am currently building a woocommerce site and have purchased this plugin so my customers can select their delivery date. On the check out page, when the customer hovers over the Delivery Date field the mouse cursor turns to a red circle with a slash through it. The field can still be clicked on and the date can be selected with the calendar and it will be put in the field but I am concerned that when some of my customers hover over this field they will be confused. It there any way to get this changed? Thank for the assistance.

        1. Hi Ashok, I managed to solve it. i had to change:



          if($from_hour_new.$from_minute_new != $to_hour_new.$to_minute_new)

          So it checks it by minute as well, otherwise it doesn’t save

  59. I very interested about this plugins. But I have a required for my web as not allow order from current day to next day (disable 2 days nearest). This plugins can do that?

    Thank you!

  60. If I click a save button on any WordPress admin page or front-end form this plugin (v2.5) throws an error. It seems to be due to line 2501 of order_delivery_date.php:

  61. Hi i want to purchase your plugin however may I know if there is an option to incorporate Delivery Date and Time Slot into the woocommerce order management page? and have the ability to filter these fields?

    1. The Delivery Date & Time Slot field would appear under “Custom Fields” section in the orders page. There is no way to filter by these fields. Feel free to check the full version frontend & admin demo of the plugin on the link given above on top of page. Admin username/password: demo/demo.

  62. Pre-Purchase Question – Is it possible with this plugin to have different calendars per shipping choice. For example, local delivery would allow Saturday delivery with times, but shipped deliveries would allow only Wed-Sat with no times. Each would likely have different minimum interval for order to delivery.

  63. Hey.

    I am trying to input time slots for my delivery dates, but they will not appear. Can you help? Also, by any chance do you know how to change “Shipping Address” to read “Delivery Address” in the woocommerce checkout? Thank you for your time and help! This is a great plugin!

  64. I just purchased this plugin and it works very well. We can deliver orders not the next day (or better, next working day) but the day after that. And we do not deliver (and work) Saturday and Sunday.

    I figured i’d use “Minimum Delivery time (in days):” for this, 2 days. But it also counts the days we do not ship. So today (Friday) minimal delivery day to choose should be Tuesday. But the plugin says a customer could get it delivered on Monday!

    Basically this works for us from Monday to Thursday (ordering date), but on Friday you can select Monday, which should be Tuesday.

    Is this a bug or a ‘feature’?

    Keep up the good work.

  65. This is almost exactly what I need for my bakery orders that are for pickup only… One thing though, does this or will this ever be able to sync the delivery date and time to my google calendar?

  66. Hi I want to include this plugin of yours in my site, But i have a very strange situation, if my customers selects delivery date to be on saturday and sunday, i want my shipping costs to be increased by 50% of what is the actual shipping cost,

    Is this possible using this plugin ?

  67. Hi there, firstly I want to thank you for this awesome plugin. It’s really helpful.

    I just want to ask, why the date not appearing in the customer email? Can you advice me how to make it appear?
    Really appreciate your feedback.

    Thank you

      1. Same for me – I think it’s due to the WooCommerce update that just happened. I really need it to appear in the email 🙂 Maybe they changed the hook?

        1. Hi Chris, When we tested this with the latest Woo & WP versions, the delivery date does appear in the notification email. But we have had a few other customers reporting this issue. We are looking into this one.


    1. Hi Carly,

      We have just replied to your email. Since we are based in India, we were past our end of working hours when this was posted.

      You can reply to the email that we’ve sent.


  68. Pre-Purchase Question
    I have multiple couriers,everyone of which have a personal time avalaibility. I need that they have access to a personal calendar in which everyone of them can be able to set his own time avalaibility. It’s you plugin able to do so?
    If not, what is the price to customize the plugin in this way?
    Thanks in advance. Giovanni.

    1. Hi Giovanni,

      Do you mean multiple shipping methods when you say “couriers”?

      Currently our plugin does allow the admin & Shop Manager to set the date/time availability for each shipping method, product category, shipping classes & table rate shipping methods.

      If you want each of them to set only their own time availability for delivery, we will need more details about your setup. Once we have that, we can tell you if we shall be able to customize it or not and for what price.


    1. Hi Britt,

      Yes. You get free updates & support for 1 year from the date of purchase. After a year, you have to renew your license so you can continue to get further updates & support from us. The plugin will continue to work even if you do not renew the license.

      The renewal price is 50% of the plugin price.


  69. Hi,
    Can I change the date options based on whether delivery or pickup is selected? I need Sunday available for Pickups, but not available for delivery. How can I do this? Thanks!

  70. I’ve ticked: “Delivery date in the Shipping Section:”, but it does not appear in the shipping section. It just disappears from the billing section. What should I do to fix it? Thanks!

  71. Hi, I have just installed the pro version today after reading that it can be set for different shipping classes. Where do I specify the shipping class the delivery dates apply to, we cannot find the setting anywhere in the plugin settings?

    Thanks in advance,

    John F

    1. Hi John,

      You can specify your shipping classes in the “Custom Delivery Settings” tab of the plugin’s admin dashboard under the “Order Delivery Date” menu.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions.


  72. Very good plugin, it works as expected, with a lot of handy parameters. Thank you to the team for the quality of the support. My client is impressed, the flow between orders and delivery dates is made a lot more rational thanks to this plugin.

  73. Hi,

    I am using the free version and I am very happy with it. But I might need to get the pro version as I need to set different settings for different products.

    On my site, the clients make the purchase on line, but come to the shop to pick up their items (I sell food). But some products are immediatly available, such as chocolates and bread, so I must set the agenda so they are allowed to pickup the same day.
    And for other products, such as pasteries, a delay of 1 or 2 days need to be set before we can allow the clients to pick up their purchase.

    Before I buy the pro version, can you confirm that in the Pro version, it is possible to set different pickup dates on the agenda, for different products.

    This is very important as with the free version I need to block the 2 next days for ALL products, and it means lost business.

    Thank you

  74. Hi Marelia,

    Yes, it is possible in our Pro version to set different date and/or time settings for different product categories which is achieved by using Custom Delivery Settings tab.

    In your case, you can enable same day delivery for product categories ‘Bread’ and ‘Chocolates’ and for product category ‘Pasteries’ you can set ‘Minimum Delivery time(in hours) based on your requirement.

    You can test your requirements on our demo site. Here are the links: http://demo.tychesoftwares.com/woocommercepro/wp-admin and this is the front end link: http://demo.tychesoftwares.com/woocommercepro/?page_id=5

    :Komal Maru.

  75. Hi
    We purchased Order Delivery Pro for woo commerce about 10 days ago and it worked for 3 days but after that it stop working since 8th Feb. Now it just don’t show on the checkout page.

    My WP version is 4.4.2

    Please help us to resolve this problem ASAP.

    Best regards,

  76. Set minimal interval between the order and delivery date – i want a feature that if customer orders today the minimum delivery date should be available for customer is after 2 days. Is it possible to set this time interval. it is mentioned in the features list but i cant find this option in the demo site admin. Could you let know if this possible. looking forward to purchase this soon.

  77. Hi Raj,

    Yes, it is possible from our plugin to set the minimum number of hours required to prepare for delivery. This requirement can be achieved by using a setting named as ‘Minimum Delivery time (in hours)’ present under the General Settings tab -> Date Settings.

    In order to set 2 days minimum time to prepare for delivery, you need to set 48 hours for the mentioned above setting.

    1. Hi

      Thanks for your reply. yes i had done that in both general settings and also in custom delivery settings for local delivery shipping method, however if i go to checkout and select local delivery as shipping method i can still select todays date as delivery date which i shouldnt as i have 48 hours. am i missing something here, u could see demo site setting i did (it might have been changed some one else though as it is there from morning as it is) and let me know

          1. Hi

            Thanks. We are looking to integrate this plugin with woocommerce multistep checkout plugin. is it possible to add the delivery date selection as a separate step in a mutistep checkout pages. Also how easy to customize the date selection? instead having a simple date pickets can i have a date scrolling and have AM PM radio boxes next to each date?

          2. Hi Raj,

            We have not tested our plugin with multi-step checkout process. So we can’t say for certain if it will work.
            Currently the only way to pick a date is through the calendar. You can’t customize that except for changing the theme of the calendar. I hope that helps.


  78. Hello,
    I just purchased this plugin but it is not working with my theme.
    The old version was working just fine. The calendar is not popping up on the new version…
    Please advise.

    1. Hi Ali,

      Your issue has been sent to our support team. They will get back to you by creating a ticket for this.


  79. Hi,
    there is a problem with the plugin: I created a role with special capabilities (for customer user), and it hasn’t the capability “manage_option”.
    If I active the plugin “Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce” when I sign up in wp-admin with a user with my specific role, automatically the role gain the “manage_option” capability (and the user sees many options)
    If I disable the plugin it’s ok..
    Can you help me?

  80. Hi Michele,

    I have created a user( of customer role) and I have changed some capabilities for this role apart from the ‘manage_option’ capability using ‘User Role Editor’ plugin as well our Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin is activated.

    When I have sign-up in wp-admin with this user role, I was not able to gain the ‘manage_option’ capability. From our plugin, ‘manage_option’ capability is added only for the ‘shop_manager’ role and not for any other role.

    Can you please let us know using which plugin you are trying to edit the capability for the customer role?

  81. Hi,

    I’m interested in purchasing this plugin for a project. I just wanted to check if the booking delivery function can be limited to a certain number of bookings per time slot and afterwards the booked date will be blocked or booked out?

  82. Hi Robert,

    Yes, it is possible from our plugin to limit the number of deliveries for specific time slots. We have a setting named as ‘Maximum Order Deliveries per time slot (based on per order):’ present under the General Settings tab->Time Slot link.

    A time slot will become unavailable for further deliveries once that many orders (the set value for the above setting) are placed for delivery for that time slot. When all the time slots are booked for a date, the date also will not be available for further delivery in the calendar.

    You can test your requirements on our demo site. Here are the links: http://demo.tychesoftwares.com/woocommercepro/wp-admin and this is the front end link: http://demo.tychesoftwares.com/woocommercepro/?page_id=5

  83. Hi
    I would like to know if with this plugin I can set free shipping for an especific date but just for customers that bought more then a certainly amount in cart.For example free shipping on mondays if the a person is buying more then $ 99.00. Waiting for you answer to buy it. Thanks

    1. Hi Rodrigo,

      You can achieve the mentioned above requirements from our plugin by setting different date and time settings for Free shipping method in Custom Delivery Settings tab where the Delivery charges are not to be set for weekdays (example:Monday) and then set the ‘Minimum Order Amount’ setting for the Free shipping method to ‘$99’ in WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping->Shipping Zones.

      Please let me know whether we understood your requirements correctly, if not, then please explain us in detail about your requirements so that we can assist you in a better way.

      1. Doing this the shopper will only get free shipping if he purchases more than $99 and choose monday in the calendar, right?

        Another thing if we have trouble installing or configuring this are you guys able to do this support ?

        Thanks, waiting for your answer to buy it

        1. Hi Rodrigo,

          Showing the Shipping methods or hiding shipping methods on the checkout page is not from our plugin, this functionality is been handled by the WooCommerce plugin.

          So, when the order amount will be more than or equal to $99 then the Free Shipping method will be available but other shipping methods will not be hidden.

          And when any clients select the Free Shipping method on the checkout page , the delivery settings which are set in the Custom Delivery Settings tab for this shipping method will be reflected on the checkout page.

          Yes, if you face any troubles in the installation or in the configuration we will be available to help you.

          We will not be able to reply to your any queries between 29th October to 1st November 2016 because we are on leave due to the festive occasion here in India.

  84. Hi,

    I use this plugin and it works great, but I miss one functionality. I hope you can help me with that.

    I want to set different delivery dates for different logged in users. So, user A can select Monday and Tuesday as delivery date and user B can select Wednesday and Thursday.

    Can you help me with this functionality?



    1. Hi Melvyn,

      Thank you for appreciating our plugin and for using our plugin on your site.

      Currently, it is not possible to set different date and time settings for different logged in users from our plugin.

      Can you please let us know whether you want to provide different date and time settings for different logged in users or for different user roles? For example: Say if there are some 5000 users on your site then you want to set different delivery settings for those 5000 users or you want to set different delivery settings as per different user roles.

      Once we are clear about your requirements then we can see how we can achieve that functionality using our plugin.

      1. Hi,

        Thank you for the fast respons. Both options you describe would work for us but I think the best option if possible is to use different user roles.

        Thanks for thinking for an solutions and if you have more questions for me, please let me know.

        Thanks, Melvyn

        1. Hi Melvyn,

          Thank you for answering the question which I have asked in my last reply.

          We can take this up as a customization for your site where from our plugin different delivery settings can be set for different user roles.

          We will be including this functionality in the future if you are not fine with the customization but we do not have any estimated date as when we will be working on it.

          1. Hi,

            Unfortunately that you don’t know when you will this functionality to be ready. For customization, what would that cost? Than I can consider to do it that way.



  85. Hi,

    I have purchased Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce. It works well. i want to display delivery date field on checkout page only if shipping method is free shipping. otherwise i want to hide it on checkout page

    1. Hi Umang,

      Thank you for purchasing our plugin and for appreciating the work. 🙂

      Yes, it is possible from our plugin to show the Delivery Date and/or Time Slot fields on the checkout page for only some shipping methods and disable the fields for some by using Custom Delivery Settings tab.

      I am attaching a documentation link which will help to set up delivery date and time settings for different shipping methods: https://www.tychesoftwares.com/how-to-setup-delivery-date-time-settings-for-different-shipping-methods/

      The ‘Settings by Shipping methods’ tab name is changed to Custom Delivery Settings. You can follow the same blog post though to set different date and time settings for different shipping methods.

      After going through the documentation please follow the below steps to hide the delivery fields for a specific shipping method (except for Free Shipping):
      1) First enable ‘Custom delivery:’ checkbox present under the Custom Delivery Settings tab.
      2) Then click on ‘click here’ link, it will redirect to the Custom Delivery Date and Time settings page.
      3) Select the shipping method in the ‘Shipping methods’ text box.
      4) Then disable the ‘Enable Delivery Date:’ checkbox present under the Date Settings section on the same tab.
      5) Then click on the Save Settings button.

      I am attaching a screenshot for your reference: http://screencast.com/t/zb1bGGbj5Ag

      Then set the required delivery settings for the ‘Free Shipping’ shipping method in the same Custom Delivery Settings tab.

      Please let us know if you have any further queries.

  86. Hi,

    I have installed Order Delivery Date pro for woocommerce. I want to Enable Delivery Date capture on the checkout page only for specific zip codes. it is possible?

    1. Hi Umang,

      Yes, it is possible to set the different date and time settings for different zip codes.

      First, you will need to create a shipping zone in the WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping->Shipping Zones link. Then you will need to assign the required zip codes/post codes to the created Shipping Zone. I am attaching a screenshot for your reference: http://prntscr.com/czl0ac

      Then you will need to assign the shipping method according to your requirement. Attaching a screenshot for your reference: http://prntscr.com/czl1rf

      Then you will need to set different delivery settings for that shipping method in the Custom Delivery Settings tab. I am attaching a screenshot for your reference: http://prntscr.com/czl36f

      The instructions can be found in the documentation link: https://www.tychesoftwares.com/how-to-setup-delivery-date-time-settings-for-different-shipping-methods/

      By following the above instructions, you will be able to set different delivery settings for different zip codes.

      Please let us know whether the provided instructions helped you to achieve your requirements.

      1. Thanks. but i have problem is that if zip code is not in free shipping then i want to hide delivery date field in checkout page. i just want to hide delivery date if no shipping method available.

        1. Hi Umang,

          Yes, you can achieve this requirement also from our plugin by following the previously provided instructions on how to hide the delivery fields for the shipping methods from our plugin.

          You can set the required delivery settings for just the Free Shipping method in the Custom Delivery Settings tab and hide the delivery fields for all the other shipping methods .

          Currently, it is not possible from our plugin to hide the delivery fields if there are no shipping methods are present on the checkout page.

  87. Hi,

    I have purchased order date date pro for woocommerce plugin and installed. i just want to know how to change notification email of Delivery Date & Time Updated ?


    1. Hi Umang,

      You can change the template file in order-delivery-date/templates/emails folder for the email sent to the admin when Delivery Date & Time is updated on the My Accounts -> Orders view page.

      Let me know is you have any further queries.

      Komal Maru

  88. Hi,

    I just want to change recipient email of Delivery Date & Time Updated for order delivery date pro plugin.
    can you help me?

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Hi Umang,

      You can change the recipient email id in order-delivery-date/emails/class-orddd-email-update-date.php file at line number 33 where the email will be sent to the changed recipient id when Delivery Date & Time is updated on the My Accounts -> Orders view page.

      I am attaching a sample example below for your reference:
      $this->recipient = $this->get_option( ‘recipient’, ‘sample@gmail.com’ );

      Please let me know if you have any further queries.

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