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Pickup Date Addon for Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce Plugin

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Addon Version: 1.0
Release Date: May 18 2017

This addon for the Order Delivery Date Pro Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to add pickup date & time along with delivery date & time on the checkout page. The feature is useful for the businesses who rent their products.



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  • The addon lets you set your preferred delivery setting for the set pickup loactions.
  • Fully integrated with your Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce Plugin


This addon to the Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce will enhance your store by adding pickup date & time with delivery date & time. The same settings as delivery date field will be applied to the pickup date field.

Compatibility & Changelog

Order Delivery Date Pro: v6.8 & above.

WooCommerce: v3.0 & above.

WordPress: v4.7.1


Changelog for v1.0(Release: May 18 2017)

Initial release.

50% discount on automatic renewals, billed yearly

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13 Comments on "Pickup Date Addon for Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce Plugin"

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Luke Hartman

The Pickup Date does not show in the Order Details on customer admin or shop admin??

komal maru

Hi Luke,

The Pickup Date (from Pickup Date Addon for Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce Plugin) is displayed everywhere along with Delivery Date like on Order Received page, Order Listing page, Delivery Calendar, My Account->Orders page, Edit Order page.

I am attaching screenshots for your reference: 1) , 2) , 3) , 4)

Can you please let me know where the Pickup Date is not displayed on your site? If possible please provide screenshots which would help me in understanding and then I can assist you in a better way.


Oh! I checked it, looks good.

Thanks again,

komal maru

Hi Luke,

You are welcome.

I am glad to know that the provided information helped you to achieve the requirements on your site.

Please let me know if you have any further queries.

Hello, I’m looking at this add-on for a restaurant catering site I’m developing (client already has ODD pro license). I have a couple concerns… Displaying both the Pickup date AND the Delivery date on the checkout page after the customer has chosen a Pickup date is going to lead to confusion and uncertainty. There should be a conditional that allows the client to choose one or the other method, e.g. Is this order for Pickup or Delivery? [ ] Pickup [ ] Delivery (Display the date picker for chosen method) I have the same concern about the way it’s handled… Read more »
komal maru
Hi Eric, From my understanding, you want to set different delivery settings for different shipping methods. If yes, then you can achieve this requirement by setting different delivery settings for different shipping methods under the Custom Delivery Settings tab and no need to use this addon. This addon allows to add pickup date & time fields along with delivery date & time on the checkout page and not show only single fields depending upon the shipping method. You can follow the below post to setup the different delivery settings for different shipping methods added to the WooCommerce shipping zones. I… Read more »
Hi Komal. Thanks for the reply, but that’s not what I meant. My client has a catering business. Some of her customers pick up their orders at the restaurant. Other customers have their orders delivered. We need to give the option of either Pickup OR Delivery on the checkout page. On your demo, the checkout page displays (and requires) BOTH a Delivery Date and Time, AND a Pickup Date and Time. Check out the screen grab: I believe there needs to be some additional logic on the checkout page when using the Pickup Date Add-on so that the customer chooses… Read more »
komal maru
Hi Eric, Thank you for sharing the screenshots with us. In order to achieve your business requirement which is to show the settings based on the selected shipping method (Pickup or Delivery) in the Your order table in the calendar on the checkout page. This can be achieved by using only the core plugin and this addon is not required. As mentioned in my earlier reply also, that the different delivery settings can be set based on the shipping methods including the field labels. So, you can use the core plugin, in order to achieve your requirement where based on… Read more »
Rick H

Hello, I have a product rental business and was wondering if there is a way to change the price of the product based on the duration between the delivery date and the pick-up date? Example would be the product price increases for each week the customer has between delivery and pick-up.


komal maru
Hi Rick, Thank you for explaining your requirement in detail with an example. Currently, the mentioned requirement is not possible to achieve from our plugin where the product price increases based on the gap between the Delivery Date and the Pickup Date. Only the settings which are set in the core Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce for Delivery date field will be reflected on the Pickup Date field from the Pickup Date addon. However, the Delivery Date from the Order Delivery Date plugin is selected for the whole order on the checkout page or on the cart page and… Read more »

Laundry on demand service

I can utilize this plugin but can the pickup and delivery date be switched around.
So the pickup calendar is on top?

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