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Plugins Call for Price for WooCommerce

Call for Price for WooCommerce

4.9 rating

18 customer reviews

Average rating: 4.94 out of 5 stars
18 reviews
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1 year license
30 day money-back guarantee
WordPress 5.0.0 and above
WooCommerce 4.0.0 and above

Allows to display 'Call for Price' in multiple scenarios such as product price is empty or when a product price falls in a particular price range.

Version 3.3.0
Last Updated August 28 2020
Billed yearly until cancelled

Call for Price for WooCommerce

Call for Price for WooCommerce WordPress plugin extends WooCommerce by outputting 'Call for Price' when price field for product is left empty. You can customize 'Call for Price' text and style. Plugin supports variable products.

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Purchased the Pro version as it had the features I required. Support was first Class and very fast. Because of another plug-in I was also using (Price By User Role) it wasn’t quite functioning as I wanted. However Tom wrote some code for my functions.php file and it now all works with the Price By User Role installed. Excellent work !!

Works well with other WooCommerce Product types like Simple Products, Variable Products, Grouped Products & External Products.

Key features:

Product Types

Allows to set custom text for each product types such as Simple, Variable, Grouped and External.

Other Pages

Allows to set custom text for other pages and sections such as Related Products, Shortcodes, Homepage and Archives.

Product Price

Enable 'Call for Price' for products falling in particular price range.

Out of Stock Products

Enable 'Call for Price' on Out of Stock products.

Hide Sale tag

Hide sale tags for products with empty prices.

Per Product Taxonomy

Enable 'Call for Price' on particular Product Categories and Product Tags

Force on all products

Force 'Call for Price' on all the products using a single setting.

Per Product Styling

Configure text and styling per product.

Variation add to cart

Hide disabled 'Add to cart' button for variations with empty prices.

Hide Read More button

Hides 'Read more' button for 'Call for Price' products on archives.

Read More text

Add custom text for 'Call for Price' products on archive pages.

This plugin allows you to do the following:


Set custom text and styling at different sections and pages.


Force 'Call for Price' for particular products.

What people say for the plugin:


Works with variable products

Finally found call for price which works with variable products. Thanks.


Works well and Excellent support

The program works very well for me and the support has been excellent, fast and competent. I highly recommend it.


Easy and perfect!

Was able to google this, install it, and have it working in about 2 minutes. Couldn’t have been easier!


Works for simple products, not for variations

Worked like a charm for simple products! Neat!! But i could not make it work for variable product. I had left the price empty for all variations, but then the variations were not being shown, nor was the ‘Call for price’ text.

Brianna Deleasa

Simple & exactly what I needed

I didn’t have to customize anything; it works out of the box. Perfect!


Excellent Plugin With Great Support

I’ve just started using this plugin and soon upgraded to the premium version. It does everything we want and is very easy to use. Tom has been great with prompt support and very reactive to new feature suggestions.

I love this plugin

It works fast and the price is pretty good. I just had it for a couple days through my work.

James Wagstaff

Excellent Plugin, Great Support

I had a tricky issue with the Call for Price plug-in, the team provided great support and stuck with it until they had it fixed. The value of paid plug-ins lies mostly in the support and on this measure, Tyche are excellent value.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I add HTML content for 'Call for Price' option?

Yes, you can add custom HTML content along with the styling.

If I don't enter price what will be shown on the products page?

Depending on the Button Options, either 'Read More' will be displayed or custom text entered will be displayed.

Can I show 'Call for Price' for 'Out of Stock' products?

Yes, this can be done from the settings under Force Products 'Call for Price' option.

Can I style 'Call for Price' differently at different places?

Yes, you can style them based on the type of product and the location of the product.

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Our Call for Price for WooCommerce Plugin will transform Add to cart buttons for your products to style differently at different places along with different texts.

Display Call for Price for 'Out of Stock' products to ensure you retain your customers by informing them about when the products will be available.

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Just what you were looking for?

Our Call for Price for WooCommerce Plugin will transform Add to cart buttons for your products to style differently at different places along with different texts.

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