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Tyche Softwares is also available in Spanish now..



As we promised exciting news in November, its just 10 days and here it is, a small part of it for you:

We have been translating our whole website from English, which was the original language, to Spanish by using WPML plugin, which I would say provides a wholesome of functionalities to translate anything.

The process has been very dull and repetitive for me as the translations had been provided to me by a professional translator. So practically I spent almost 1 and a half month only copy pasting the content.

But as dull and boring it could get, I had a chance to learn a new language which I always wanted to do, and fortunately it was Spanish, which I always wanted to learn.

But then once we were done putting all the translated content in place came the twist when all had to be put live.

As this was the first time I or our whole team was translating anything for the matter of fact, we got many issues while making translations live. The pages which were translated had some minor mistakes which needed to be corrected, but once the page was put live, we had no clue how to edit the page.

In the process some of our product pages disappeared, appeared in Spanish rather than appearing in English. Once we even had to pull our site down as all our pages were displayed in Spanish by default, which could result a blunder.

But with the guidance of WPML‘s forums and Easy Digital Download‘s forums, we found solutions to the many issues we faced. Today, we managed to complete the whole site translated in Spanish.

So finally today, all the Spanish content has been translated, barring a few changelogs.

I am excited to see how this one plays out in terms of spanish keyword searches on Google. Click here to see the Spanish website.

More to come- We are adding a new language, Italian, to our site. So await for Tyche Softwares to be in Italian as well..

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