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How this WooCommerce store achieved 300% growth rate by using the Order Delivery Date plugin

In this case study, we will be looking at how Justin Chua has used Order Delivery Date plugin to handle deliveries for their online flower shop.

Based in Singapore, Justin is the Co-Founder of Floral Garage Singapore.They sell Flowers, Gift Hampers, Soft Toys, party supplies like Balloons and other party decor. As mentioned on their website, their goal is to be the best florist in Singapore for everyone.

In addition, Floral Garage also gives back to the society. They have helped raise funds for animal shelters, donated materials for flag days, and spent time with the old folks by conducting a floral arrangement workshop.


Justin purchased the Order Delivery Date Pro Plugin in November 2015 from us & it has become an important part of their WooCommerce store since then.

We contacted Justin some time back & asked him to tell us on how our plugin has helped their floral store’s ordering process & how have they benefited from the plugin.

Below is the quick Q & A we had:

1) What sort of problem have you solved with our Order Delivery Date plugin?

When we started out our flower business initially, we worked with a couple of other delivery date plugins. They were not very flexible. As an online florist, we needed to offer our customers flexible delivery options to suit their needs.

Order Delivery Date Pro enabled us to offer multiple delivery and collection options, making our service much more attractive. Being able to block out instantaneous orders was also a great feature for us as we needed some time to prepare the flowers.

2) How did using the Order Delivery Date plugin changed your business?

One of the main reasons we got the plugin was also because of the calendar feature, where we could see our orders day by day. Before coming across order delivery date pro, we used to update our orders using excel and email, but now it’s all integrated.

This effectively cut our logistics management time to almost 0. With the increased efficiency in operations, we could handle so many more orders while having the time to do other stuff to grow the business.

3) Was there any measurable impact from the moment you started using our plugin till now – growth percentage, monetary increase over time?

Order delivery date was the turning point for our business. We slashed customer enquiry frequency, increased operational efficiency, offered loads more options all because of it.

We’re only 1 year old, but after using the plugin, we could focus our efforts on marketing and other aspects of the business, and we’ve grown at least 25% every month for the entire year ever since getting the plugin.

4) Did you use our extension in a fun, experimental way that you’d like to share with us?

What extensions? Haha. I’m not aware.

5) Anything else which you would like to share with us.

The first day I got Order Delivery Date Plugin was like getting the best present of my life.

I no longer had to send tedious email chains to my florist, or update my orders on my excel sheet every single night. Most plugins come with bugs and problems – Order Delivery Date works like a charm.

Here you go 🙂 I mean every word of it.

In Conclusion

The biggest takeaway for Justin was the fact that they stopped spending time on logistics & other mundane things & were able to spend that time in fulfilling more orders.

Every ecommerce business spends a significant chunk of their time on order fulfillment. The Order Delivery Date plugin can drastically reduce that time by automating your delivery scheduling process.

How does it help? You can schedule different delivery dates & times by Shipping Methods or by Product Categories. You can set cut-off times for same-day deliveries & also charge your customers extra. You can charge extra for weekend shipping. You can limit the number of orders you can deliver in a day. You can see all your deliveries in a Google Calendar. And much more!

It allows you to focus on your business & get more revenues. Moreover, it increases customer satisfaction.

If you think all these things are worth $99, go for the plugin. Wait.. you can also try out the free version of the plugin. It’s trusted by over 4000+ WooCommerce stores.

We would like to thank Justin Chua for providing us valuable insights on how our plugin has had a huge impact on their business.

You can visit their website at:

Note: There are no affiliate links in this post.

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