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We build WordPress plugins for WooCommerce that help store owners increase their sales. We have a portfolio of plugins, with a highly focused niche. We are committed to providing top-notch services to our customers through our products & team.

Team Behind Tyche

Vishal Kothari

Vishal Kothari

I started Tyche in 2011, working on it part-time while holding a full-time job. We were two people then. In the last seven years, we have grown to a 18-member team, gone from working remotely to having our own office space in Borivali East, with 11 WooCommerce plugins on offer and several exciting things planned. As Founder and Chief Navigator of Tyche, I feel proud of the team, not just for the work we do, but the workplace we have built. Scroll down to meet them.

Software Tester or, The Bug Catcher

Apeksha Shah

As a graduate in Bachelor of Commerce, an IT company maybe an unlikely place of work for Apeksha. But the mother of one found a mentor and teacher in Vishal, and together with her dedication and discipline, has now become the tester at Tyche. “I didn’t even know what a plugin was and was very under-confident about the issues I raised. But since our senior tester left last year, the responsibility to test all the plugins for bugs is mine and I feel comfortable with it. I really like the work environment, and enjoy what I do.” And the best part? Her 5-year-old son is starting early – attending WordCamps with her whenever possible!

Chetna Bhutka
Support Ninja

Chetna Bhutka

Over the three years she has shifted here, Chetna, whose first job is Tyche has gone through quite a shift as she relocated to her hometown after two years in Mumbai. “It was difficult, but I have started enjoying the flexibility and that I get to be with my family.” Communication channels like Slack make sure she is connected always. “And I look forward to team trips, like the one we took in August to Kodaikanal. It’s a chance for me to bond with everyone.”

Research Assistant

Chaitali Jogani

She’s among the newest employees on the block and it is her story more than her work that is truly inspiring. After being a home-maker for most of her life, a role broken only by that of a part-time tuition teacher, she decided she wanted to take up work. “I wanted a place that was closer home and could provide me with the flexibility of work hours.” She entered her cousin Vishal’s office not knowing WordPress and not having used the computer for years. But she is getting into the groove and is extremely happy in this new phase. “More than me, my two kids are happy. They ask me about my day, about what I learnt. It’s an incredible feeling!” she says. “I took two years to take this decision, but now I am self-motivated to do my best!”

Marketing Director

David Katzner

David has founded, managed and guided numerous endeavors ranging from parenting support to sports games, photography to television production and pretty much everything in between. He is passionate about helping people realize their vision and express their creativity.

Support Ninja

Dhara Shah

It is not easy to shift fields, but when Dhara, decided to shift from CA, it was with support from Vishal and all the colleagues at Tyche that made it possible. “And this supportive environment marks my entire experience here. Whether I have needed help or leaves, we alway have each other’s backs. Learning can be fun but also frustrating and scary. From having dreams about client-issues to developing the patience to deal with them, Dhara has come a long way. “I love talking to people, so I enjoy the essence of what I do. And yes, no more field changes for me!” “I think the best part was the seven-day Kodaikanal trip we took in August this year. Even though I have been here a short while, I think I already have a favourite memory!’

Head of Products

Dhruvin Shah

He is among the first members of Tyche and developed the Abandoned and Booking plugin from scratch with him. After working from 2012-2013, he took a break to explore other opportunities, but soon realised that a smaller team and the scope to do more and learn more attracted him. “Since I joined after college, my eagerness for development grew here. I tried working at a multinational company, but found it restrictive. Even new learning is guided by what your seniors want. So I decided to return around 2017,” says Dhruvin, who loves to travel when he is not busy nerding it out at Tyche!

Kartik Parmar

Kartik Parmar

Kartik has been working at Tyche for over two years, starting with support and to now overlooking the Booking & Appointment plugin. An IT engineer, he was always interested in programming languages and loves what he does. “The best thing about working here is the team. I can be myself, and we are always joking and fooling around. Professionally, the scope of things to do here as helped me get a firmer grip on technology and has made me a better coder.” While there have several moments to celebrate at Tyche, it is the last day of the Singapore tour that he will always remember. “We were all in the swimming pool together and splashing around. It was just the best!”

HR & Accounts Executive

Kavita Zaveri

With a seven-year banking experience, to shift to an HR role has not been easy for Kavita, who joined Tyche in April 2018. “After I quit banking, I took a two-year break to be with my daughter. One of my criteria to return to work was flexibility which I get here. I now feel comfortable in this role, and am excited about the new things I have been learning.” Apart from new learnings, she also has a lot of fun using her knowledge from her banking days to build processes here. “I like to experiment, so whether it is a dynamic salary sheet that generates salary slips, or attendance register, I experiment and thankfully, it gets support.” She is also looking forward to building the Tyche bookshelf, holding activities for the team every few months and getting used to an office “that does not have single sheet of paper around!”

Senior Developer

Pinal Shah

Pinal too, is among the oldest members of the Tyche team. She started with Tyche when everyone worked remotely, and has continued that way since. “I would take over an hour travelling one way, so that does not make sense.” With a daughter and home to take care of, she often has often had to sit till 1 AM! “But it’s a bargain I made.” For her, seeing the company and the booking plugin grow is immensely satisfying. And does she miss the fun of being in office? “Not so much. Plus, if there is a party, you are sure to find me here!”

Support Ninja

Priyanka Jagtap

This is her first job, and as such, a smaller team and Tyche’s work culture helped her the most. “While I was hired for support, I could also try my hand at development for a year along with support, to see in what sphere I would want to continue in.” Eventually, she decided that the everyday challenge of facing clients, their diverse issues and the variation this provided was what she enjoyed. “There is not a day of boredom.” In the two and a half years, the main thing she has learnt is interpersonal communication. “I have learnt to gauge the client’s mood, temper and issues to help solve their issues. And to anyone in support, this is the main thing to understand.”


Rashmi Malpande

A year and a half ago, Rashmi, already unhappy with her non-technical job at a company in Nagpur, met Vishal and the Tyche team at a WordPress conference in Nagpur that led to an interview, and an eventual move to Mumbai. “A new city, a new office. It could have been overwhelming, but the team is so supportive,” she says. She’s quiet by nature, so having a lively team that never shy from pulling each other’s legs is a lot of fun. “They are always encouraging me, not just professionally, but also personally, to speak up and talk more!” At Tyche, she got what she wanted – a core technical role. “After years in a non-technical role, it was so exciting to develop the Deposits plugin. I really feel I am growing here.”

Support Lead

Upendra Kapse

It was March 2018, at the WordCamp Mumbai. Upendra, already six years into working with WordPress themes met Vishal. Seven months later, he is an integral part of the Tyche team, though he works remotely. The main attraction was that he could work from home and did not have to relocate to Mumbai. “I am a family man and it was difficult for me to leave my parents behind. At the same time, I wanted an opportunity in the city, because smaller towns have limited potential. So Tyche is perfect for me.”

We have been actively participating in WordCamps across India & abroad. You can have a look at our WordPress contributions.

Want to be part of our awesome team? (Or if you simply need a job as a technical writer, senior developer or support engineer?) We are hiring!.

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