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Looking for a Job? We’ve got One!

A fun work environment, competitive salary, well-designed uniforms, flexible work schedules…sounds like a good job for you? Then read on. There are vacancies for a Content Writer

We, Tyche Softwares, are authors of some of the most popular plugins for WooCommerce, which include the Abandoned Cart Pro plugin, the Order Delivery Date plugin, the Booking & Appointment plugin and eight more, and are collectively used by over 150,000 customers. There’s obviously a lot more but we’ll get to it later. First up, the job descriptions:

1. Content Writer

You’ll be required to:

  1. Research on E-commerce, WooCommerce and WordPress to know what is happening in each field. 
  2. Contribute to the creation of plugin documentation such as these and help with general research
  3. Come up with ideas for blog posts to write, and for posts to assign to freelancers. You will have to write and publish at least two-three posts per week (around 1000+ words). These posts will be drafted & formatted on the WordPress dashboard.
  4. Create the images and infographics that go with the blog posts. 
  5. Coordinate with the content team to create and maintain a continuous flow of original, creative, engaging and useful content. You will also have to maintain a posting schedule for the website.
  6. Draft a monthly wrap-up emailer to summarise the tech and non-tech activities that happened in the month gone by. Should be posted on the first Thursday of each month. Looks something like this.
  7. Conduct email interviews with clients for case studies.
  8. Keeping a track of freelancer activity. This means, ensuring the articles have been submitted, feedback is given, and uploaded and scheduled for social media. Also, an excel sheet on the list of freelancers helps keep a track.
  9. Proficiency in using tools like Canva.
  10. Being able to add issues on Github that are encountered when creating plugin documentation.
  11. Create posts & post them regularly on our social media accounts of Twitter and Facebook.

Position: Full-time


Of course, this is not a finite list. We are constantly trying to learn new things, better our products, introduce new products, and increase our tech expertise. Apply if you think you can live up to the challenges.

Regardless of the post, you are applying to, there are some things all our employees share, which makes us what we are. These include attention to detail, a hunger to learn new things, a belief in the team spirit while retaining your individuality, and an overall friendly and fun-loving temperament. We seek out such individuals who may hum a song while coding, take a mid-day break to read something, or simply barge into my cabin to discuss an idea!

Which brings us to:

The Office and the Culture

We create amazing, useful, and overall beautiful plugins for WooCommerce (yes, we are nerds who will use the word ‘beautiful’ for software and are proud about it!). However, if you think you will be working with a drab team, a dull office, or an overall lethargic environment, think again. Days at Tyche are as fun as they are filled with some learning or another.

From long lunches to fortnightly book reading clubs and attending WordCamps as a team, from celebrating festivals with office games like Secret Santa to making use of online courses, there is always something happening. If it’s not that, then it’s a dart competition or an impromptu tea party.

Here are a few pictures from trips and events past:

Looking for a Job? We've got One! - Tyche Softwares
The Hike-a-thon: At our 2018 annual retreat in Kodaikanal.
Looking for a Job? We've got One! - Tyche Softwares
Another picture from Kodaikanal, this time from Chettiar Park.
Looking for a Job? We've got One! - Tyche Softwares
Tring-Tring: Cycling together around the Kodai Lake.
Looking for a Job? We've got One! - Tyche Softwares
Chogada times: Nine days of dance, garba, colours and fun.
Looking for a Job? We've got One! - Tyche Softwares
Mid-day meals: Out for a team lunch.
Looking for a Job? We've got One! - Tyche Softwares
Our food is here! Why else would we be smiling with our empty plates? At the team lunch.
Looking for a Job? We've got One! - Tyche Softwares
WordCamp Mumbai 2018: The team that attends WordCamps together, stays together!

More than one team-member has claimed that the fun-loving, friendly and ever-smiling team is the true strength of Tyche. Check out their testimonials here.

Job Specs for all roles

Salary: As per industry standards

Our office is: Flat no. 20, 3rd Floor, Shakuntala Niwas, Sheth Gopalji Hemraj High School Marg, Borivali East, Mumbai 400066. However, you can also chose to work remotely.

To Apply: Click the button below, fill out your form and upload your resume.

We will schedule an interview either over a video call or in person, depending on your availability, after our headhunters Utah have processed your application. 

A little more about us

We like WordPress and WooCommerce. A lot. We have built six plugins for the latter, which includes the Abandoned Cart Pro, the Booking & Appointment plugin, the Order Delivery and Product Delivery Date plugin and the Deposits plugin, since we began in January 2012. In October 2018, we acquired five more.

When we are not working on making business easier for customers across the globe (literally. We have customers from the US, UK, Europe, India, Australia), we are busy speaking at and sponsoring WordCamps in the country.

A lot of us work remotely, and use Slack and Asana to communicate with each other and keep track of our tasks. You will find that company policy related to timings, leaves etc is flexible and lenient, within limits.

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