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Bookings & Appointments for WooCommerce businesses

Plugin Version: 2.3.9
Last Updated Date: September 2 2015

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin transforms your WooCommerce shop to a full-fledged Booking platform. It lets you capture the Booking Date & Time for each service.

It is “fully integrated” with WooCommerce. It can be used to create & manage all types of booking services. You can sell tickets, tours, hotel bookings, appointments and much more with this plugin.

NEW: From v2.3.7, the plugin contains some bug fixes along with a few compatibility fixes with WooCommerce 2.4.x.

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Video Tour of WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin for Single day booking with Time slots
    • The Booking Process will be “fully integrated” with your WooCommerce shop.
    • Flexible labels to name your bookings the way you want.
    • Choose the booking calendar of your language.
    • It allows you to sell vacation rentals & volume discount rentals.
    • You can accept booking orders over the phone or emails.
    • You can easily sync your bookings with calendar applications.
    • You can take advantage of more than a 100 payment gateways available with WooCommerce.
    • You can get real granular with the way you set booking options for each service.
    • You can set Global & Product Specific “exclude days” rules. It is similar to blackout days. You can prevent bookings for some of the dates.
    • You can create time slots, e.g. bookings can be made only from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM & so on.
    • You can specify the date and time of availability. This makes it useful for services that are available for limited time period such as a play or movie.

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Seem a little pricey at $119? Some quick math… say you charge $40 per hour. Then 3 hours of your time is worth $120. So, this plugin only needs to save you 3 hours to pay for a Single Store License!

You can request support from the Contact page or post on the plugin’s forums.

  • Review by Beka Rice, sellwithwp.com (Read full review here)
    Verdict: The functionality that the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin gives you is great, and it really opens up the opportunities for selling time slots, services, tours, or other bookable products with WooCommerce. The ability to sell based on daily bookings or via time slots is awesome, and supports many sites that sell appointments or events. However, the ability to add per-range pricing and fixed-block bookings is my favorite part about the plugin. This really improves the flexibility of using the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin to sell many types of appointment or bookable products, and gives you a complete solution as a WooCommerce booking & appointment scheduler.
  • Review by Chris Lema, chrislema.com (Read full review here)
    Verdict: I spent about five hours trying a variety of configurations and testing them all out. In every case, from 30 minute appointments to multi-day spans, the plugin worked exactly as I hoped. I was able to configure WooCommerce and the plugin for appointments in my final site (for screenshots) in under an hour. So head over to Tyche Softwares and check out what they got going on (especially now during their sale).
  • Review by Craig Grella, OrgSpring.com (Read full review here)
    Verdict: There are several entries into the event booking space, with only a few real standouts. Most of the plugins try to be everything to everyone, and, in my opinion, fail miserably because of being spread too thin. Their options panels are too complicated, help documentation is nearly non-existent, and integrations with 3rd party plugins are inconsistent at best. But the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments Plugin is easy to use, easy to configure, and it works very well. Perhaps its best feature is its simplicity, and focus on pure bookings.
  • Review by Jean Galea, Wpmayor.com (Read full review here)
    Verdict: Bookings and Appointments are possibly one of the biggest niche uses of WordPress, and till now there hasn’t been one single leader in this niche. Although this plugin is very young, it has started off on the right footing, has a knowledgeable developer behind it, and is making the right choice by basing itself on one of the top e-commerce systems out there, WooCommerce. I highly recommend this plugin if you want to enable booking for any kind of service or product from your website. It’s ideal for anyone from hair salons to lawyers to vacation rentals, and we can finally say that there now is a reliable and well-backed booking system for WordPress.
  • Review by Nathan Weller, wphub.com (Read full review here)
    Verdict: As far as critical notes are concerned, this plugin merits very few. Which is why my final conclusion on the matter is that if you’re in need of booking or appointment setting via your WordPress website, I highly recommend giving the WooCommerce Booking & Appointments plugin by Tyche Softwares a try. If you’re actually booking new business then the price point is low enough at $79 to not be a big deal. Not to mention that the ease of setup means you won’t spend a great deal of time rolling out this new feature to your customers. You should be up and running in a matter of minutes! Which means you could seriously ramp up your business efficiency.
  • Review by Joe Fylan, wplift.com (Read full review here)
    Verdict: This plugin was surprisingly easy to setup and use. Within less than an hour site owners can be begin offering their products or services online, available to be booked on specific days or timeslots. Despite being a new release, the plugin has already been updated to include multiple date bookings which are ideal for hoteliers and multi-day rentals. This is a good sign that the developers are listening to user requests and are willing to update their product. Thanks to its ease of use, and the fact that it integrates with WooCommerce, building a professional site with this plugin is very easy due to the foundations already laid down by the WooCommerce platform and the many extensions available for it. If you are a web designer and are approached by a potential client who wants a website that is able to accept and manage bookings, then you can now happily offer them a solution using WordPress and the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin that is cost effective, easy to use from both the service provider and the customers perspective, and packed with a growing list of features.
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The WooCommerce Booking Plugin allows you to turn your WooCommerce store into a full-fledged Booking & Reservation system. It can be used for any online bookable service or product. This plugin creates a new block named "Booking" on each product page in your store. You can add a service which is bookable such as a tour then enable it's booking from this tab. The plugin includes a multi-lingual booking calendar which can be displayed in 62 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES on the product page. You can configure the following in this section for your bookable services:
  • Set hotel booking, accommodation, apartment rental type of services
  • Set Recurring Weekdays or Specific Dates or both as Booking days
  • Add different Time Slots for different booking days
  • Add maximum number of bookings permissible per time slot
  • Add maximum number of bookings permissible per day
  • Set minimal interval between the order & booking date
  • Integrates easily with Variable Products of WooCommerce
  • Add global & product-specific holidays / blackout days / Exclude days
  • Show Booking Calendar in one of 62 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES
  • Show Booking Details in the Customer & Admin notification emails
  • Option to capture only Booking Date if you are not using Time-based services
  • View all bookings on a single page - v 1.4
  • Search product availability using a widget by entering check-in & check-out dates- v1.5
  • Export bookings to csv, pdf, excel formats - v 1.4
  • Sync bookings with external calendar applications with the help of ICS files - v 1.4
  • Ability to turn on / off booking for selected products
  • Show multiple months in calendar
  • Easily change the booking field labels and availability messages to be shown to customers on your website
  • Choose from 24 different themes for the booking calendar
  • Booking date & time is displayed in Order details page
  • Choose the convenient date format
  • Choose the convenient time format - 12/24 hour
  • Gift items to your loved ones. You can add products to cart without choosing a booking date or time.
  • When an order is "Cancelled", the dates & timeslots that were booked for that order will be available for making further bookings.
This plugin allows your website visitors to do the following:
  • Select a Booking Date and / or a Time Slot based on the availability
  • Allows visitors to "Add to Cart" only when the Booking Date and / or Time slot is chosen
  • Allows visitors to view the booking details at every step of the WooCommerce cycle like the cart page, checkout page, order received page, notification email, etc.
  • Booked period is shown as unavailable for reserving even without being checked out
  • "Real time" availability checking done at checkout page in case of multiple visitors trying to book the same service that has space only for 1
  • Check the reserved period in the received invoice
Business which can use the plugin:
  • Alt. Medicine
  • Photography
  • Acupuncture
  • Personal Trainers
  • Financial Services
  • Chiropractors
  • and more…
  • Hair Salons
  • Massage Therapy
  • Spas
  • Consulting
  • Medical
  • Law Firms
  • Counseling
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels
  • Apartment Rentals
  • Bed and breakfasts / Lodging
  • Small Resorts
  • Landlords
  • Villa Reservations
  • Photo booth hire
  • Woocommerce 2.2 & above
  • Wordpress 4.0 & above

  • v 2.3.9 - This upgrade to the plugin contains a few bug fixes along with a few minor UI changes.
  • v 2.3.8 - This upgrade to the plugin contains compatibility fixes with WordPress 4.3 and a few other minor bug fixes.
  • v 2.3.7 - This update has some bug fixes along with few compatibility fixes with WooCommerce 2.4.x.
  • v 2.3.6 - We have added 2 new features such as a new calendar view is added for bookings and we have included PO & POT files to allow translation to any language in this version & fixed some bugs.
  • v 2.3.5 - This upgrade to the plugin contains some bug fixes and a few minor enhancements.
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You just need to activate this plugin & the "Booking" block will appear on the product pages of your WooCommerce store. You can see the global settings on the "WooCommerce -> Booking Settings" page. Deactivating the plugin will hide the "Booking" block & the global settings page.
Once purchased, to update the plugin to the latest version, please go to your WordPress Plugins page. As & when a new update is available, a notification will be visible just below the plugin description block. If you face any issues while updating the plugin, please drop an email to updates@tychesoftwares.com with your name, email address & plugin name.
Upcoming features
  • Code refining- The whole plugin will be refined. There won't be any new features added.
  • Make calendar field readonly to avoid keyboard popup on mobile devices - v1.2 - done & released
  • Allow to purchase services without choosing booking date (as a gift) - v1.2 - done & released
  • Ability to choose multiple time slots - v1.3
  • Ability to add range of Holidays instead of individual dates
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