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Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

1 year license
30 day money-back guarantee
WordPress Version 3.0 and above
WooCommerce Version 2.0 and above

Allow customers to book appointments & reservations without leaving your website. You can sell overnight bookings, tickets, tours, hotel reservations, appointments & rentals.

Version 4.0.0
Last Updated 08.06.2017
50% discount on automatic renewals, billed yearly

Book Appointments & Reservations with WooCommerce

It transforms your WooCommerce shop to a full-fledged Booking platform. It can be used to create & manage all types of booking services. It enables you to sell time or date based bookings.

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Offer Any Product In Your Store As A Bookable Product. Link Bookings with other WooCommerce Product types like Simple Products, Variable Products, Grouped Products, Product Bundles & Composite Products.

This plugin allows you to do the following:

Select Booking Date(s) or Time based on availability

Accept Appointments, Full Day Bookings, Overnight Bookings, Rentals

Create Bookings With Simple, Variable, Grouped, Bundle & Composite Products

Real Time Availability checking & updation

Allows Visitors To “Add to Cart” Only After The Booking Date or Time Is Chosen

Allows Visitors To View Booking Details At Every Step Of The WooCommerce Checkout Process

Rent Items For A Fixed Booking Duration

Set Special Prices For Weekdays, Time Slots or Special Dates

Set Varying Prices Based On Number Of Days To Book

Limit Future Bookable Dates By Specifying Number Of Dates To Book

Create Yearly Recurring Bookings For A Date Range

Block Time Slot For All Services In A Single Booking

Real Time Availability Checking On Checkout Page In Case Of Multiple Visitors Trying To Book The Same Service

Specify Advance Booking Period Based

Key Features:


Set Hotel Bookings, Tour Bookings, Theme Park Bookings


Set Appointments, Limit Number Of Appointments For A Time


Sell Party Equipment Rental, Apartment Rentals, Clothing Rentals, etc.

Google Calendar 2-way sync

The bookings can be synced into the Admin’s & Customer’s Google Calendar automatically

Product-level Google Calendar sync

So different products can be assigned to different calendars

Automatic export and import

Fully automatic export and import of bookable orders to Google Calendar

Approve or deny booking

Ability to approve or deny bookings based on availability


Search product availability by dates

Multi-lingual Compatibility

Compatible with WPML, offers PO/MO files

Recurring Weekdays or Specific Dates or both

Set Recurring Weekdays or Specific Dates or both as Booking days

Time Slots for different booking days

Add different Time Slots for different booking days

Exclude days

Add global & product-specific holidays / blackout days / Exclude days

Highly Customizable Booking Calendar

Show Booking Calendar in 62 Languages & 24 Different Themes

Booking Details

Show Booking Details in the Customer & Admin notification emails

Option to capture only Booking Date

Option to capture only Booking Date if you are not using Time-based services

View Bookings in List View & Calendar

View all bookings in a single calendar view or as a list

Export in many formats

Export bookings to csv, pdf, excel formats

Sync Bookings

Sync bookings with external calendar applications with the help of ICS files

Flexible Labels & Availability Messages

Easily change the booking field labels and availability messages to be shown to customers on your website


  • The Booking Process will be “fully integrated” with your WooCommerce shop.
  • Flexible labels to name your bookings the way you want.
  • Choose the booking calendar of your language.
  • It allows you to sell vacation rentals & volume discount rentals.
  • You can accept booking orders over the phone or emails.
  • You can easily sync your bookings with calendar applications.
  • You can take advantage of more than a 100 payment gateways available with WooCommerce.
  • You can get real granular with the way you set booking options for each service.
  • You can set Global & Product Specific “exclude days” rules. It is similar to blackout days. You can prevent bookings for some of the dates.
  • You can create time slots, e.g. bookings can be made only from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM & so on.
  • You can specify the date and time of availability. This makes it useful for services that are available for limited time period such as a play or movie.

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Changelog for WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin

Changelog for v4.0.0(Release: June 08 2017)
This is major update to the plugin. Please test on a staging site if possible and take a site backup for your peace of mind. We have made some major updates to the UI as well as the database storage. Please note that we need to update your database to ensure you experience a smooth migration to 4.0.0. The update process will run automatically and may take some time. You will be notified if something goes wrong. Please feel free to get in touch with us on support@tycheso...

Seem a little pricey at $119? Some quick math… say you charge $40 per hour. Then 3 hours of your time is worth $120. So, this plugin only needs to save you 3 hours to pay for a Single Store License!

Video reviews:

What people say for the plugin:


The support I received from Komal at Tyche Software was first class. I’m not very technical but that didn’t matter at all. Komal took over and fixed my problem with great efficiency. I am delighted with their service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the product. – Amanda at Smith & Kinghorn.

Richard Burr

Guys, you did a GREAT job with the improvements of the last update. I know how hard it is to switch to a new structure because of my experience with web applications with tons of users. You did a good job! – Richard Burr


This plugin sounds terrific – Kera,

Carl Michael

Great plugin. v1.1 is a definite improvement over v1.0, keep up the great work. – Carl Michael


Thank you very much Ashok all is working wonderfully. Your customer service was fantastic. Your response time impressive. – Kimba

James Sadgrove

Love your plugin. What excellent Support! Looking forward when you add the Time option. – James Sadgrove,


Order Delivery Date PRO for WooCommerce: Really loving the Order Delivery Date for Woocommerce – Pro plugin. Keep up the good work. Love your plugin. – Iain,


Great plugin, great support. Ashok helped modify the plugin to work with my current theme. I highly recommend purchasing this plugin! – Tom,

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Andrew Woods

This guy is a legend! Builds fantastic, bullet proof plugins that are suited to a really diverse selection of applications. Personally I can think of at least 10 websites i have done that I can take this to and show it to them and they will buy it straight away. Why break a sweat and try to do it yourself when Ashok can build it perfectly for you so cheaply.
Lifetime customer here. Thanks for the great service and the fantastic plugins.

Ashok Rane

Thank you Andrew for your appreciation. I am glad you liked the plugin & my services. Hoping to continue my work in the same way.


I have a question. First this looks like a great product, and does most of what i need. One feature that I do not see, and it may not be available, can you require registration information for each “ticket” purchased. For instance, can I capture the name and age of each person going on the tour?

Ashok Rane

Hello, Thank you for the appreciation. There is no way currently that you can capture the name & age of each person going on the tour through the booking plugin. It could be added in a future release.

You could add your feedback / idea to:

michael boldin

What’s the possibility of a setting to require just a deposit % or set amount for an appointment rather than the full amount? I can see a workaround to do that right now, but it would be nice to have this as a backend setting that would auto-calculate the amount.

Ashok Rane

Hello Michael, that is indeed one of the many good suggestions for the plugin. Will need to see how this feature works in totality.
Will try to consider this point in one of the immediate release.

It would be great if you could add your feedback / idea to:

I will be using that one to see which features to add to the plugin at what time. Thank you for the suggestion.

Aloha Team, When building, a tour booking agency for the island of Kaua’i, Hawai’i, we hit a major road block in our progress. Due to our specific needs, the stock woocommerce system did not have the functionality our business required. We had no way to finalize guest reservation time and date. This is a very important piece of creating a smooth checkout process. After consulting Tychessoftwares, all of our needs were quickly and efficiently met. Ashok worked closely with my programer and I to design a plug-in that met our unique custom tour booking needs. This plug-in works awesome!… Read more »
Ashok Rane

Aloha Aaron,

Thank you for the appreciation. I am glad I was able to deliver you a plugin exactly as per your needs. It was a pleasure working with you & John in building this.
It requires an equally good team at the other end to have a plugin successfully completed. A big thank you to you & John.



Hello Ashok,

Thanks for the great plugin. Do you have an estimated release date for the feature to allow booking over multiple days? I am working on a website for a yoga instructor who would like to allow students to purchase packages of 8 classes and then select the 8 dates on a calendar. I am also wondering if there would be a feature to allow students to reschedule prior to the course dates should the need arise.


Ashok Rane

Hello Chris,

The multiple days booking feature should be ready within 1 month. However, your case seems to be different. Are you suggesting the students can select 8 different dates (spread out)? You can email me more about it on

The rescheduling feature is a good suggestion. Currently it is not planned though.

It would be great if you could add your feedback / idea to:

I will be using that one to see which features to add to the plugin at what time. Thank you for the suggestion.


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