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Know About These Top 5 WordPress Page Builders Before Investing Your Time & Money (Especially if You Are Obsessed about SEO)

best wordpress page builders

Let’s face it: you and we all love WordPress, a world of possibilities at your fingertips, ready to transform your wildest web dreams into reality. But here’s the rub: unless you’re fluent in the language of “divs” and “PHP,” your dream website might remain just that – a figment of your code-averse imagination.

But we all know that constructing a powerful and visually appealing website is no longer a luxury but a necessity. For WordPress users, it’s like navigating through a sea of endless possibilities, with the website itself being an empty canvas. Page builders? They’re your brushes and colors. They empower you to create, design, and mold that canvas into a masterpiece without grappling with complex coding.

Elementor and WPBakery page builders are used by 22.1% and 11.8% of all WordPress websites, respectively. 

So today, we’ve assembled to review a league of the Top 5 Best WordPress Page Builders of 2024, each ready to take your website from pixelated purgatory to digital paradise. From the friendly neighborhood Elementor, your trusted beginner’s guide, to the lightning-fast Bricks Builder, the Usain Bolt of the page builder world, we’ll unveil their features, strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between.

Let’s dive right in to explore the top five WordPress Page Builders of 2024—the weapons we believe will help you conquer all challenges in this vibrant battlefield known as WordPress website creation.

Review: Best WordPress Page Builder For Your Business Website

We have assessed each builder thoroughly, considering usability, features, benefits, and user feedback. While varied in price, design, and functional flexibility, they all promise impeccable capabilities to craft a powerful online presence for your business. Get ready to explore the future of website creation diving Dive into our meticulously crafted and engaging review of the top 5 WordPress page builders of 2024!

elementor page builder for wordpress

Elementor stands as a premier WordPress Page Builder, renowned for its unrivaled capacity to design stunning, professional-grade websites with ease and speed. With its user-friendly interface and an extensive array of customization options, Elementor has revolutionized the way users construct and manage their WordPress sites.

Boasting a robust drag-and-drop editor, this inventive page builder eliminates the need for sophisticated coding skills, allowing novice coders to seasoned veterans alike to craft visually appealing and functional web pages. Its diverse collection of ready-made templates boosts efficiency while providing a solid foundation for unique designs. Moreover, it offers high-end responsive design controls, guaranteeing your site will captivate audiences no matter the device they’re using. It also comes with advanced marketing tools like pop-up builders and Woo builders which empower firms to maximize conversion rates.

In essence, it is an all-encompassing WordPress Page Builder that combines style with substance to elevate the standard of website design. Whether you’re a hobbyist or an established business aiming to create a standout online presence, Elementor provides the resources needed to make your vision come alive in the digital landscape.

Key Features & Benefits

Intuitive Drag and Drop InterfaceIt features an easy drag-and-drop builder that allows you to easily visualize and edit your site design. This makes page building simple and enjoyable for users of all skill levels.
Responsive EditingSee your pages and content blocks instantly adapt to mobile, tablet, and desktop views as you design. This ensures your site looks great on every device.
300+ Ready TemplatesChoose from hundreds of professionally designed templates for blogs, portfolios, e-commerce, and more to jumpstart your site-building.
No Coding RequiredThe page builder uses a purely visual interface so you can create beautiful pages without any code. This opens up design flexibility.
Granular ControlTake full control over your site design with options for custom fonts, colors, spacing, effects, and more. This advanced design flexibility is invaluable.
Seamless Theme IntegrationIt works perfectly with popular WordPress themes like Astra, Kadence, GeneratePress, and OceanWP.


✅ Less time is needed to create professional-looking sites due to its intuitive interface.
✅ Unparalleled design flexibility caters to individual preferences or branding dictates.
✅ Given what it delivers, using Elementor attests to a sound cost-performance balance.
✅ Makes web design accessible even for those with little-to-no coding expertise.
✅ Operates smoothly alongside other key WordPress plugins for enhanced functionality.


❌ With its large number of features and widgets, Elementor can slow down your site, particularly if you have many complex pages.
❌ It does not provide any built-in SEO tools which means you’ll have to rely on other plugins for optimization.

Pricing: The Website builder plugin of Elementor is priced at $59/yr for a single site (at the time of writing).

Verdict: It emerges as a strong choice for both beginners and seasoned web designers. Its intuitive interface speeds up site creation, offers unrivaled design flexibility, and aligns well with other WordPress plugins. These factors suggest a good cost-performance trade-off, despite potential slow-down from its extensive features, and dependability on external plugins for SEO. For users valuing swift, customizable web design without demanding high-level coding skills or built-in SEO functionality, Elementor is a commendable option.

02. Bricks Builder – The New Innovative One

bricks wordpress page builder

Bricks Builder is a groundbreaking WordPress page builder that redefines the traditional approach to website design with its innovative features and creative capabilities. Its penchant for pioneering has established it as an indisputable leader in creating stunning, responsive websites. One of its standout characteristics is its visual, drag-and-drop editor. This user-oriented feature manages to simplify website construction without compromising the flexibility required to build captivatingly unique designs. Novices and experienced developers alike will appreciate this seamless approach to customized creation.

What sets the page builder apart is its commitment to optimal site performance. Rather than bloating your pages with unnecessary code, it champions clean construction practices that enhance loading speeds while favoring SEO efficiency. The builder also enriches functionalities with features like dynamic data and conditions, allowing web creators to showcase content based on user interactions without any complex coding process. Additionally, the tool incorporates Woo Builder integration which aids businesses in transforming their online presence with captivating e-commerce sites.

It moreover stands as an avant-garde WordPress page builder promising significant impact in the realm of website development. It acts as a catalyst for creativity and performance optimization, cultivating a digital environment where both thrive simultaneously. Irrespective of your technical expertise or artistic vision, this innovative page builder provides tools designed to propel your web projects toward success.

Key Features & Benefits

Frontend Editing
Make changes to elements like text, images, icons, and more without having to exit the page. This speeds up workflow tremendously
Inline EditingEasily define site-wide styles for elements like buttons, headings, links, etc. from one style panel. This saves massive time on design work.
Global StylingSave elements like CTA blocks, hero sections, etc. as reusable custom bricks. This modular approach accelerates building.
Flexbox BasedLeveraging the flexbox layout makes designing responsive pages effortless. Content automatically adapts for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Custom BricksThe innovative JS framework results in blazing-fast performance. Minimal code means faster page loads.
LightweightThe innovative JS framework results in blazing fast performance. Minimal code means faster page loads.


✅ Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, creating professional-looking websites consumes less time.
✅ You can create unique styles suiting your brand identity or personal taste.
✅ Catering to all user levels from novice to expert it’s a cost-effective solution.
✅ Ensures web design is accessible even if coding isn’t your forte.
✅ It works synergistically with many other essential WordPress plugins enhancing overall functionality.


❌ As a relatively new player on the market, Bricks Builder doesn’t yet boast a large user community or extensive resources and tutorials which can make troubleshooting more challenging.
❌ Due to its unique approach to page building with an extensive set of features, there may be a learning curve for those accustomed to more traditional WordPress page builders.

Pricing: The Lifetime starter plan of Bricks Builder starts at $99 for a single site. For unlimited websites, it is $249 (at the time of writing).

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Verdict: Its strengths lie in its user-friendly interface, design flexibility, broad accessibility to all user levels, and compatibility with essential WordPress plugins—qualities that make it an appealing choice for cost-effective web design. However, being relatively new on the market means a smaller user community and fewer available resources for troubleshooting. Plus, its distinctive approach may require some learning curve, especially for those familiar with traditional page builders. Lastly, it is a promising option for users open to new learning experiences and who don’t heavily rely on community support or tutorials.

03. Gutenberg Blocks – The Core WordPress Powerhouse

gutenberg wordpress page builder

Gutenberg Blocks, the revolutionary WordPress core page builder, is transforming the website creation landscape by seamlessly integrating user-friendly design and feature-packed functionality. At its heart, this block editor aims for a democratized web development that caters to web developers of all experience levels. Setting this page builder apart is its unique block-based approach. Each text element, image, or section is a customizable “block” allowing users to intuitively assemble their websites. This innovative method simplifies the website-building process while offering unparalleled layout customization.

It prioritizes not just aesthetic appeal but also high-performance web experiences, thus striving for quicker load times and immaculate SEO practice embedded into its foundation. Its streamlined coding enables clean and light pages without compromising on dynamic content or multimedia integration. In terms of features, the Gutenberg editor excels with reusable blocks and template-saving capabilities. These allow users to save preferred designs for future use efficiently, optimizing the building process without incurring creative restrictions.

Furthermore, its compatibility with numerous plugins guarantees enhanced flexibility. You can incorporate advanced features like custom fields easily via plugin integration. To sum up, Gutenberg Blocks signifies remarkable progression in WordPress’s dynamic website creation space. Its introduction has paved the way for simplified yet highly tailored development experiences that empower every user with potential digital craftsmanship.

Key Features & Benefits

Built-in to Core WordPress
No need to install a separate plugin. Gutenberg comes included in WordPress 5.0+ so you can start using it right away.
LightweightThe blocks run directly on WordPress so there’s no code bloat. This results in very fast page loading speeds.
Easy Reusable BlocksQuickly save elements like sections, CTAs, columns etc. as reusable blocks. This accelerates site building tremendously.
Full Site BuildingIn addition to posts and pages, design headers, footers, sidebars and more with block sections.
Template BlocksQuickly save elements like sections, CTAs, columns, etc. as reusable blocks. This accelerates site building tremendously.
Custom CSS OptionsTweak block designs and spacing with custom CSS modifications for ultimate control.


✅ Makes WordPress more accessible for non-coders by providing a visual editing solution that is easy to understand and operate.
✅ Customization options on each block allow you to tailor the appearance based on your preference or brand style.
✅ Being part of WordPress core means it works seamlessly with an enormous ecosystem of themes and plugins.
✅ Since it’s included in WordPress at no extra cost, it becomes an affordable website-building solution.
✅ As part of WordPress core, it receives frequent updates ensuring compatibility with latest WP version plus strong support in case any issues arise.


❌ As a newer builder, it has compatibility issues with older themes or plugins.
❌ Its block structure makes accomplishing simple tasks more complicated than with the classic editor.

Pricing: Comes FREE with WordPress core plugin.

Verdict: It enhances WordPress accessibility with its visual editing solution, making it friendly for non-coders. Its customization and compatibility options, being a core part of WordPress, make consistent updates and support possible at no extra cost. However, as a relatively new builder, it may have compatibility issues with older themes or plugins. It also uses a block structure which some may find complicates simple tasks than the classic editor. Thus, depending on your familiarity with WordPress and your need for compatibility with older themes/plugins, choosing Gutenberg could be a fantastic yet cautious move.

04. Divi – The All-Rounder Choice

divi page builder for wordpress

Divi, an exceptional WordPress page builder, and theme, stands as the ultimate resource for developing stunning websites with versatile tools that cater to both beginners and advanced web designers. Its all-round functionality distinguishes it within the WordPress ecosystem. Uniquely built around a visual drag-and-drop editor, it empowers users to craft customized web design layouts directly on their screen. The Live Design feature renders real-time previews of modifications, ensuring superior control over every element of your site’s aesthetics.

Further enhancing its adaptability is its extensive module library. With 46+ content modules covering text, images, sliders, forms, buttons, and much more, it facilitates the creation of specialized sections with unparalleled ease. Notably in Divi’s repertoire is the Elegant Themes’ methodical focus on performance optimization ensuring lightweight pages with quick load times despite complex designs or large multimedia files. The scaffolding upon which it is built also adheres to modern SEO standards amplifying the visibility score.

Moreover, its vast array of pre-made layouts and reusable templates accelerates the web-building process while allowing room for customization. Coupled with robust role-management features that restrict user access based on roles makes collaboration a breeze. In essence, it stands as a holistic solution in the landscape of WordPress page builders. Its power lies in combining extraordinary customization solutions with uncomplicated user experience making it an essential tool in your website development arsenal.

Key Features & Benefits

Visual Builder
Choose from hundreds of ready-made layouts to instantly insert sections like pricing tables, contact forms, galleries, and more.
800+ Pre-Made LayoutsDefine site-wide styles, fonts, colors, and effects in one place and apply them globally. This saves massive time.
Global ElementsGrant different levels of design access to clients and team members based on their roles and abilities.
Role EditorDivi supports editing your pages and content on both the WP backend and the live website frontend. Convenient flexibility.
Backend + Frontend EditingThere’s an expansive library of docs, tutorials, and guides to assist you in mastering Divi in no time.
Extensive Knowledge BaseThere’s an expansive library of docs, tutorials and guides to assist you in mastering Divi in no time.


✅ Interact directly with your content in a visual interface which leads to faster and easier website creation.
✅ With a wide array of tools and settings, it provides endless customization possibilities fitting any brand or style.
✅ Its advanced design settings and role system make it easier for teams to collaborate.
✅ Offers yearly or lifetime licensing options providing more value for long-term projects.
✅ Ensures smooth running with regular updates and committed customer support whenever needed.


❌ If you ever switch to a different theme or editor, it leaves behind numerous shortcodes making the transition process cumbersome.
❌ Some beginners may find the advanced features and functions of it overwhelming initially.

Pricing: Divi’s yearly plan starts at $89 while its Lifetime deal starts from $249 (at the time of writing).

Verdict: Its visual interface and a wide array of tools make website creation and customization quite efficient. Its benefits to team collaboration and its long-term licensing value add to its appeal, reinforced by frequent updates & strong customer support. Despite these strengths, transitioning to a different theme or editor can be challenging due to a residual shortcode issue. Moreover, beginners might find it overwhelming courtesy of its advanced features. Therefore, Divi is an excellent choice for those intending a long-term tool use but may not be as suitable for absolute beginners or those who anticipate changes in their themes or editors frequently.

05. Beaver Builder – The Reliable Contender

beaverbuilder for wordpress

Beaver Builder, a notable WordPress page builder, is synonymous with reliability and convenience in the realm of web design. Its functionality is rooted in ease-of-use, delivering splendid websites irrespective of your technical skill level. Distinguished by its front-end drag-and-drop editor, it erases the complexity of web design. This approach empowers users to create aesthetically pleasing layouts and add content while witnessing changes in real time. The process is intuitive, and straightforward and eliminates code interfaces that may daunt beginners.

The page builder ambitiously presents a modular approach, boasting a plethora of engaging modules including sliders, backgrounds, and buttons as well as multimedia plugins like video and audio players. Every module guarantees flexibility with customization options providing thorough control over styling properties. Besides its robust creative suite, another feather in this innovative page builder’s cap is its immaculate reliability. Any layout changes or updates occur without compromising the website’s overall performance or stability. It ensures no loss of content should you ever decide to deactivate the plugin.

Moreover, it proffers pre-designed templates catering to all types of businesses and industries making it ideal for users seeking a quick launchpad. And it doesn’t skip teamwork tools either, role-based editing capabilities ensure structured collaboration on projects seamlessly. It truly proves to be an ideal blend of consistency and convenience that enables you to create professional-grade websites effortlessly. All in all, Beaver’s comprehensive toolkit for effortless web design makes it an ultimate choice among WordPress page builders.

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Key Features & Benefits

Drag & Drop Modules
Save time by using professionally designed templates for entire sites, pages, sections, and layouts.
Works With Any ThemeBeaver Builder seamlessly integrates with all WordPress themes, giving you design flexibility.
600+ Pre-Made TemplatesContent automatically adjusts across desktop, tablet, and mobile viewing for an optimal experience.
Responsive DesignThere are extensive docs, tutorials, and a supportive community to help guide you as you build.
Detailed DocumentationThere are extensive docs, tutorials and a supportive community to help guide you as you build.
Role-Based PermissionsAllow client and team access to make edits based on their level of permissions. Helpful for collaboration.


✅ It’s designed for easy use, making web designing simple even for novices.
✅ Provides developers with complete control over their layouts.
✅ Works well with most WordPress themes and widgets without issues.
✅ The drag-and-drop interface makes website building quicker and more efficient.
✅ Known for its quick response rate and commitment to ongoing updates and improvements.


❌ The free version and lower-cost plan offer limited widgets or modules compared to other page builders.
❌ Compared to its competitors, its premium plans are slightly more expensive.

Pricing: Its standard yearly plan starts at $99 for unlimited sites (at the time of writing).

Verdict: Its ease of use, along with its capability to offer complete layout control, couples well with its compatibility with most WordPress themes and services. The drag-and-drop feature makes it even more appealing for quick and efficient website building. Though recognized for its responsive updates and excellent support, it does fall short in widget selection in both the free version and low-cost plan, and the premium plans are notably pricier compared to competitors. Conclusively, we can say Beaver Builder is a good choice for those seeking simplicity, customization freedom, and exceptional support but be prepared for a higher financial commitment if advanced features are needed.

This list of popular WordPress Page Builders was curated based on recent voting conducted by TheWPWeekly. This list also includes other popular page builders.

abandoned cart pro CTA image tyche

Wondering how to bring back your Abandoned cart users?

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce is loaded with useful features that help you send an effective volume of reminders via text, email, and messenger. You can also share and manage discount codes that will encourage your customers to complete their orders.

Even better, you can stop the cart abandonment with the exit intent popup!

How to Choose the Right Page Builder For Your WordPress Site

Choosing the right page builder for your WordPress site can be pivotal to your website’s success. Here are some important factors to consider before investing your hard-earned money in a page builder:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The builder should have an intuitive interface, allowing both experienced developers and beginners to use it easily.
  2. Responsive Design: Ensure the page builder supports responsive design so your website looks great on all devices.
  3. Pre-Made Templates: Page builders should offer pre-made templates that can drastically save time and effort in designing pages from scratch.
  4. Revisions and Undo Options: The page builder should have the ability to undo changes or revert back to previous versions to prevent costly mistakes.
  5. SEO-Friendliness: Make sure the builder does not interfere with SEO best practices or slow down your site’s loading time as it may affect rankings on search engines.
  6. Customer Support and Community: The page builder should have good customer support and a strong user community that can provide real advice and prompt solutions.
  7. Compatibility & Updates: The page builder should be compatible with other crucial WordPress plugins on your site and regularly updated for security, performance, and feature improvements.

Keeping in mind these essential factors and thoroughly assessing the features according to your requirements, can find you the perfect match in terms of a WordPress Page Builder for your website.

Get More Tips OnHow to Choose a Page Builder for Your WordPress Site

Evaluate Key Criteria To Pick The Best Page Builder for WordPress

As you can see, each of the page builders reviewed above offers a wide range of options, features, and functionality to make your web page building in WordPress a breeze. Having said that, while you look for your ideal page builder, it is advised to evaluate the intuitiveness of the interface, the clarity of tutorials, and the availability of support resources. In terms of design flexibility, assess the range of templates, widgets, and customization options to ensure they align with your creative vision.

While looking at the performance gauge the builder’s impact on loading speed and overall site performance, as this directly affects user experience and SEO. Compare the cost of free versions, premium plans, and any additional fees for templates or extensions. Make sure to verify the quality of available documentation, tutorials, and community support to assist you in troubleshooting and learning.

Most page builders offer free versions or trials, allowing you to explore their pro features and interfaces firsthand. Create a sample page to evaluate the builder’s ease of use, design capabilities, and performance impact. Look online for reviews, expert comparisons, and community forums to gather insights from other users.

Always remember, the “best” page builder is ultimately the one that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements, skills, and preferences. Experiment, explore, and make an informed decision based on your unique needs and goals.

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