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Setup Recurring Deliveries with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

Today we shall discuss our new addon of Order Delivery Date plugin which allows you to select or auto generate Delivery Date for the subscription product called as WooCommerce Subscriptions Compatibility Addon. Here we will understand how to setup Recurring Deliveries with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. This addon works as per the subscription period set for the […]

How to Set Different Delivery Settings for Different Pickup Locations from WooCommerce?

In our earlier post we discussed on how you can allow customers to select a pickup date and time for their order deliveries. Today on similar lines, we have introduced a new addon that will help you to set different delivery settings for different pickup locations from WooCommerce. This can be fulfilled using our Local […]

How Can You Allow Customers To Choose Pickup Date & Time For Their Order Deliveries?

As we are all aware of the functionality that Order Delivery Date plugin provides, today we shall understand how can you allow customers to choose a Pickup date and time for their order deliveries. This can be made possible by using our Pickup Date Addon. This addon allows the customers to select their desired pick […]

How To Send WooCommerce Bookings To Different Google Calendars For Each Bookable Product?

We have studied in our past post how to export bookings of all the WooCommerce products automatically to Google Calendar. This setup was on Global Level which was effective for all products listed on your WooCommerce store. So if any products booking takes place, it would be exported to a single calendar. Some users want to send […]

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