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How to accept Partial Payments with WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin

Partial payments refer to the payments where you accept a certain part of it for various reasons. It could be because the payment is big, it could be because you just want the customer to pay a nominal upfront fee when they are booking, it could be so you can use that partial payment for […]

Sell Appointments with WooCommerce – Part 2

Appointments with WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin In the last article we saw how you can Sell Appointments with WooCommerce only with recurring weekdays. This article will further explain how to sell appointments with Specific Dates and the other way would be a combination of both Specific Dates and Recurring weekdays. Specific Dates means a […]

Sell Vacation Rentals with WooCommerce

In the last post, we had seen How to sell hotel bookings with WooCommerce. Selling hotel bookings & selling vacation rentals are different in many ways. Hotel bookings are always of varying booking periods, whereas vacation rentals can be of varying as well as fixed booking periods. For example, some of our customers rent out […]

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