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FAQ for Abandon Cart Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Abandon Cart Plugin:

  1. I just purchased the plugin but I am unable to find the License key. Where can I find one?
    You can find your license key in an email sent to the email account that you used while purchasing. If you don’t find an email in your Inbox folder, please check your spam folder.
  2. Where would I find the Abandon cart plugin on the admin side?
    You can find the Abandon Cart settings page under Woocommerce>Abandoned Carts on the left panel on the admin side.
  3. When would the cart be abandoned?
    For a registered user, the cart can be abandoned right after the product is added to his cart. Whereas, for a guest user, the cart can be abandoned only after the client reaches the checkout page and mentions his first name, last name and email id.
  4. How do I setup the Abandoned Cart Settings?
    In the WooCommerce>Abandoned Carts Menu, under the Settings tab there are options provided such as:
    Enable abandoned cart notifications”- where you can enable and disable the notifications,
    Cart abandoned cut-off time”- where you can set up after how many minutes the cart will be abandoned,
    Automatically Delete Abandoned Orders after”- This will decide after how many days the abandoned order will be deleted,
    Email admin on order recovery”- This field can be enabled or disabled. It ensures that the admin will receive a mail after the abandoned cart is claimed,
     ”Track Coupon”- This tracks all the coupons which are attached to the abandoned cart. This field can be enabled or disabled.
  5. Where would I find all the Abandoned Carts?
    You will find all the Abandoned orders from Registered or Guest user under the Abandoned Orders tab. For a guest user, once a cart is abandoned, next time the same guest user abandons a cart, the previous abandoned order record will be removed from the Abandoned Order’s list.
  6. How do I setup the Templates? What are the templates used for?
    The templates are used to inform the clients who have abandoned the cart. An email template can be made which will be sent to the clients who have abandoned their carts. You can make as many email templates. The templates can be set up by clicking on “Add new template” button. In the new window, one has to enter the following data in to these fields:
    Template Name”- where you give the name of your template,
    Send From This Name”- The email will be sent by the name given in this field,
    Send From This Email Address”-The email will be sent from the email id given in this field,
    Send Reply Emails to”-The replies to the emails sent to the client will be sent to this email id,
    Subject”-This will be the subject of the email sent,
    Email Body”-This is where you can write your text that will be displayed in body part of the email. You can have multiple formatting styles and can select different attributes such as Customer first name, customer last name ,full name,Shop link, Checkout link,etc from the “AC” button in the Email Body,
    Active”-This field can be enabled or disabled. This field decides if the Template is active and the email will be sent to the users. If inactive / disabled, this particular template will not be sent,
    Send this email“-This field sets the value for the time after which the email will be sent after the cart is abandoned,
    Enter a coupon code to add into email“- If you are providing the clients with coupons, which may lure the clients to claim back their abandoned cart, this is where you may give the coupon code,
    “Send a test email to“- In this column you can give an email id where a test template will be sent to check.
  7. What would happen when an order is claimed by the user?
    When an order is claimed, the order is removed from the Abandoned Orders list and moved to Recovered Order tab. No emails will be sent to the customers who have claimed the cart. There is a bar which states the total number of abandoned carts and its cost and the total number of claimed carts and its recovered cost. You can also view the order though the link given in the Recovered Orders list.
  8. Can I know which clients have received the email or which email have been sent?
    Yes. You can view which email templates are sent to which customers. You can also view which customers have opened the email.
  9. Do I have to do any kind of setup for CRON file?
    No, there is no need of setting up the CRON file. It is taken care by the plugin.
  10. How do I configure the plugin for WordPress multisite?
    You have to just upload the plugin and in network settings, check the option to enable plugin management, and then from each individual site you need to activate it.
  11. I purchased the plugin before December 7th 2013 and I am having trouble locating my license key. Where can I find it?
    You should first update the plugin to the latest version available from your Plugins page. Once you do that, you will find a license_key.txt file in your plugins folder “wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-abandon-cart-pro”. That file contains the license key.
    And if you have bought the plugin after December 7th 2013, then you will get your License key while you purchase the plugin. Also an email will be send after you purchase the plugin, that email will also consist the License key.
    Note: Please kindly check your spam folder for the email as it sometimes gets sent to your spam folder instead of your inbox.
  12. Are the licenses valid for lifetime?
    No, each license is valid for one calendar year from the date of your purchase. You can renew your license for another year at a substantially discounted rate.
  13. What do I get with my license?
    Your license grants you access to all of our support resources, documentation and product downloads for one calendar year from your purchase date.
  14. How much does it cost to renew my license?
    You can quickly and easily renew your license at a discounted price.
  15. Will my plugins quit working if my license expires?
    No way. If your license expires, your plugins will still work just fine unless something changes with the WordPress core itself. You just won’t have access to download the plugins, won’t receive product updates and won’t be able to access the incredible product support that we offer.
  16. I am getting fatal errors, database related errors, new email template are not getting stored and the abandon carts are not getting stored after installing the WooCommerce Abandon Cart PRO version. Why is that?
    If you have installed WooCommerce Abandon Cart PRO version after having WooCommerce Abandon Cart LITE version already installed you will get the above mentioned errors. You would need to delete the WooCommerce Abandon Cart LITE version from the wordpress plugins page and then install the WooCommerce Abandon PRO version from WordPress plugin page. Deleting the WooCommerce Abandon Cart LITE version will remove the errors.
  17. The test emails is not having short codes. Is it suppose to work this way?
    Yes, this is how the plugin functions, short codes are not replaced with any data in test emails because we do not have any real-time data to replace the short codes with. However they work fine in reminder emails. Users can test the same by abandoning a cart with their own email address, setting up an email template and then selecting the “Enable Abandoned Cart Notification” checkbox in the settings tab. Once a reminder email arrives after the stipulated time, they can check to see whether shortcodes are replaced with the cart data or no.
  18. I have purchased your plugin for single store license and I am working on my development site. I am wondering if I can use the same license when I move my site to a whole new server/ domain? How does this work?
    You can move the single-store license on your live site. Once done with the development, you need to deactivate the license from the development site & put that key on the live site. So the single-store license would work for development/live site.
  19. Can I upgrade from single store license to five or unlimited stores as well and just pay the difference?
    You can upgrade from single store to 5 or unlimited licenses if you purchase within 60 days of purchasing the single site license.
  20. Is your plugin compatible with WPML as I wanted my site to be available in multiple languages.
    The plugin is not currently compatible with WPML. We are working towards that.

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