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Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

Three types of bookings can be setup with this plugin. 1. Single Day 2. Date & Time 3. Multiple Nights.

Our Booking plugin is compatible with all default product types comes with WooCommerce. Also, we have made it compatible with Bundle, Composite, and Subscriptions product type.

Yes, by setting up the value in ‘Max Bookings’ option you can restrict the number of bookings for each date. For Single Day and Date & Time booking type we have ‘Max Bookings’ option and for multiple nights we have ‘Maximum Bookings On Any Date’ option in the Availability tab of Booking meta box.

Yes, we have Edit Bookings feature which allows editing the booking details on Cart and Checkout page. You can enable option from Booking-> Settings-> Global Booking Settings-> Allow Bookings to be editable.

 Yes, we have View Bookings page where one can view, search and sort the bookings.

Yes. by setting up Google API for products, you can import and export the bookings automatically to the Google Calendar. Product-level settings are in ‘Google Calendar Sync’ tab of Booking meta box on Edit Product page.

You can create manual booking from Booking-> Create Booking page. You can create new order when manually creating the booking or you can add the booking to already existing order.

Yes, we have ‘Purchase without choosing a date’ option in the General tab of Booking meta box which allows the customer to purchase the product without selecting the booking details.

You can use .po file of the plugin for translating the plugin strings. Or you can use WPML plugin for translating strings as we have made our plugin compatible with WPML plugin.

Yes, by enabling ‘Requires Confirmation’ option in the General tab of Booking meta box you can achieve it.

We do not interfere with the payment gateways. So all the payment gateways which works fine with WooCommerce, will work fine with this plugin as well.

Yes, you can exclude the weekends by disabling Saturday & Sunday (or any weekdays) in the Weekdays table in the Availability tab of our Booking meta box.

 Yes, by enabling ‘Enable Inline Calendar’ option the General tab of Booking meta box, the Booking calendar will be always visible.

 The plugin is made compatible with WPML. We do have a certificate of compatibility from the WPML.

Yes, we have Reschedule Bookings feature which allows to reschedule the bookings from My Account page.

You can set booking fields labels as per your business requirements from Booking-> Labels & Messages page.

You can set it for all the bookable product by setting value to ‘Minimum number of days to choose’ on Booking-> Global Booking Settings page. Also, yo can enable minimum numbers of nights for particular product by setting value to ‘Minimum number of nights to book’ option in the Availability tab of Booking metabox.

We have Fixed Blocks Booking feature which allows to setup the fixed blocks for the booking the product. On the front end of product, customer have to choose required fixed block and upon selecting the start date, end date will get automatically selected.

Yes. we have ‘Price By Range Of Nights’ feature which allows store owner to create ranges for the product. Range price can be set per day basis or a fixed price.

Yes, on View Bookings page, we provide two buttons, one is for Printing the bookings and another is for download the CSV of the bookings.

Yes, we have ‘Calendar View’ button on Booking-> View Bookings page. Click on it, and you will be redirected to a page which will show calendar view of all the bookings.

Yes, one can set special price for required weekdays as well as for the specific dates.

 Yes, this plugin is compatible with WC Vendors Pro and Dokan Pro plugin.

 Yes, we have Resources feature in this plugin. You can create and manage resource from Booking-> Resources page. And you can set the resource by enabling ‘Booking Resource’ option and adding required resource settings in the Resource tab of Booking meta box.

 No, but we have Partial Deposits Addon which allows taking the partial payment for booking the product.

 No, to do that you have to use Seasonal Pricing Addon which allows to increase/decrease the booking price for certain periods relative to the base price.

We have made every effort to make our plugin compliant to the GDPR guidelines. As a part of compliance we do not capture any data of end users and customers without consent.

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