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Free WooCommerce Plugins

Taison Tyche | 1.3 22/10/2022

Send to a Friend Addon for Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

Description This addon is for the Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce which allows users to invite their friends to join them for various types of bookings that are made…

Taison Tyche | 1.1 16/10/2022

Prevent Customers To Cancel WooCommerce Orders

Description This plugin prevents customers from canceling a WooCommerce order. It will hide the Cancel button on My Account page for all user roles, except administrator.The plugin also prevents an…

Taison Tyche | 1.1 12/10/2022

WooCommerce Coupons by Categories and Tags

Description This plugin makes it VERY EASY to manage 100s of coupons by allowing you to add Categories & Tags to your WooCommerce coupons. Just like you add tags &…

Taison Tyche | 4.2.2 11/11/2022

Print Invoices & Delivery Notes for WooCommerce

Description You can print out invoices and delivery notes for the WooCommerce orders. You can also edit the Company/Shop name, Company/Shop postal address and also add personal notes, conditions/policies (like…

Taison Tyche | 1.0 21/11/2022

Export WordPress Menus

Plugin Version: 1.0 Release Date: August 29, 2017 Export WordPress Menus plugin allows you to export your WordPress Menus. You can also export menus month wise. A filter is provided to…

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart- Lite | 3.19.0 12/1/2023

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce – Lite

Description This plugin will allow the customer to choose an order delivery date and time on the checkout page. The delivery date and time will be visible to the site…

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart- Lite | 2.6.0 10/11/2022

Product Delivery Date for WooCommerce – Lite

Plugin Version: 1.8 Release Date: May 23 2018 This plugin will allow the customer to choose a delivery date on the WooCommerce frontend product page. The delivery date will be…

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart- Lite | 1.8 10/11/2022

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart – Lite

Recover sales with WooCommerce Plugin Version: 5.10.0 Last Updated Date: August 25, 2021 Recover over 30% of your lost sales automatically. It's so easy! WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin works in…