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Global Booking Settings Documentation

Global Booking Settings Documentation

The following are the global booking settings that apply to all the products & the booking calendars:

  1. Global Booking Settings (Date Format, Language, Theme, etc.):
    These settings are available at Booking -> Settings menu. You can select the following on this page:

    • The calendar language from one of 62 available languages
    • Date format for your calendar
    • Number of months to be shown in the calendar at one time
    • Choose the theme for your calendar from 24 available themes


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  2. Time Format:
    Now you can set the time format for the Time slots. There are two formats available, namely 12 hour and 24 hour.
  3. TimeFormat_660x370
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  4. First Day on Calendar:
    This functionality helps in setting up the first day of the week to be displayed on the calendar for booking field. All the weekdays are available to select from a drop down list. Select the day which you want to set as the first day of the week and the calendar will be changed accordingly.
  5. FirstDay670x270
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  6. Show “Add to Calendar” button on Order Received page:
    This setting when enabled will show a button on the Order Received page. This will allow you to add your booking in your calendar application as a reminder. It is supported by applications like iCal, Google Calendar and many more.
  7. Send bookings as attachments (ICS files) in email notifications:
    This setting will show an attachment in the Email notification page that will be received by the customer for his booking. The attached file will be of .ics format which is supported by many calendar schedular applications like iCal, Google calendar and many more.
  8. ICS_570x290
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  9. Setup Holidays / Exclude Days / Blackout days:
    You can add holidays or exclude days or blackout certain dates from your booking calendar. This is available at 2 levels. One is at the global level (WooCommerce -> Booking Settings), that is applied to all products.

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  10. Global Time Slot Booking:
    This setting is for making all the same time slots linked. So if any one of the product’s whose time slots are same, are booked fully, then all the other products who have the same time slot, that particular time slot will be blocked.
  11. Enable Rounding of Prices:
    When this setting is enabled, all the prices in the decimal form are rounded off to the nearest integer.
  12. Duplicate dates from first product in the cart to other products:
    Enabling this setting will display the dates on the product front end page which is already added in the cart. So if a product with check in date as 15h June 2014 and check out date as 20th June 2014 is already added to the cart, then on any other product front end page, these dates will be reflected. These dates can be changed as per the requirement.
    Note: This setting will not work for the products having Fixed booking block enabled.
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