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New release: Order Delivery Date Pro plugin for WooCommerce v10.2.0

The v10.2.0 release of Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce was done on 28 Feb 2023. It was a minor release which had 10 bug fixes.

2 issues were related to custom delivery schedules whereas 3 of them were about pickup locations.

Custom delivery schedule bugs

In one of the issues, common settings for category based delivery schedules were not being applied on checkout.

New release: Order Delivery Date Pro plugin for WooCommerce v10.2.0 - Tyche Softwares

In the above case, the common settings are the weekdays Monday, Wednesday & Friday. When products from both the above categories were added to cart, then the common settings weren’t getting applied. This has been fixed.

Local Pickup issues

3 issues were fixed related to the Local pickup plugin, pickup locations. One issue was that the custom delivery schedule for Local Pickup Plus plugin were not being applied on checkout.

Then we had a strange issue where “Pickup Location is a required field’ error was displayed when we try to place an order with WooCommerce PayPal Payment plugin. This was only happening with the PayPal plugin & not otherwise.

Lastly, in the admin delivery calendar, when it was filtered with pickup locations, the orders with deleted pickup locations were also displayed. This has now been fixed.

Next release

The next major release of the plugin will see a few enhancements being added to the plugin that will be shared very soon.

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