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October 2014 highlights at Tyche

October 2014 highlights

October 2014 was a festival month for us in India. Apart from work, it was full of sweets & crackers! Here are some highlights of what we did at Tyche in the last month.

Hired 2 new staff members

We hired a couple of new people into our team, Komal Yadav & Mansi Shah. We’ve been looking to expand our team for quite a while now. They’re currently undergoing training. Both of them are slated to handle the support issues.

Worked on the code refining for booking plugin & addons

Over the last 2 months, we have been working towards refining the code base of the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin. It’s been a massive exercise! 80% of the code of the Booking plugin currently comes from a single PHP file. That’s not the way we would like our code to be. It was ok at the beginning, but as we keep on adding more & more features to it & more addons, it’s imperative that we give it a rock solid code-base.

Started work on WordPress Bookings

We have finally started working on the WordPress Bookings plugin. I talked about working on it at the start of this year.

We are currently at a preliminary stage – try to get a basic ecommerce system working with WordPress. The idea is to finish that in the month of November. Once that’s done, we will be focusing on the booking aspects of the plugin.

Celebrated Diwali

Lastly, we had the festival of Diwali during 21st October to 24th October 2014. It’s the biggest festival in India. That also meant quite a few holidays. 2 of our key team members, Moxa & Bhavik went off for a vacation. Bhavik is not back yet! That meant a drop in our response times for the support systems (tickets & forums). But in the end, we did handle it better then what I had anticipated.

November awaits more exciting events!

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[…] We have been working on refining the code structure for the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin since the last 3 months. I mentioned about it in last month’s post. […]

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