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Order Delivery Date Pro Plugin Case Study: How King’s Enterprises NV reduced operational costs

Operating several different store locations, keeping track of your imported products & managing deliveries, sounds familiar?

Yes, we’re talking about running a Wholesale & Retail distribution business! Surely, this mammoth task is no stranger to some of our clients. One of them, in particular, specializes in distributing products from dynamic brands such as Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Chanel, Michael Kors, and even Swarovski!

Designer bags, alcoholic drinks, jewellery, perfumes, chocolates- are at the core of what our client, King’s Enterprises NV from Suriname, South America, offers to their customers! In June 2019, they started using our Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin to collect the precise delivery dates for their orders.

To know more about their journey & how exactly our plugin entered their picture, we got in touch with Shivan Dilai, their IT Supervisor. Have a look here:

1) What sort of problems have you solved with our Order Delivery Date PRO plugin?

The plugin offers us the opportunity to communicate our delivery schedule with our customers through a delivery calendar and time slots. It ensures that we can set a delivery limit so that we can guarantee all delivery requests.

The days on which we cannot provide or guarantee delivery, we have the option to make the days partially or completely unavailable!

2) How did using it change your business?

We installed the plugin shortly before launching our e-commerce platform. So, we had no experience of accepting orders where customers chose their delivery time & date. But in any case, the plugin helped us schedule our orders.

In December, we found a bug in the plugin, so we deactivated it. That’s when we really noticed the difference! We had to call our customers and inquire their delivery preferences because they could not indicate when and at what time they wanted the orders. We also found that customers were reluctant to use the ‘Notes’ option to provide this additional information when necessary.

The absence of this plugin, therefore, increased our operational pressure and also costs (telephone costs).

3) Was there any measurable impact from the moment you started using the plugin till now – growth percentage, the monetary increase over time?

As indicated earlier, since the use of our e-commerce platform and the plugin were practically at the same time, it is difficult to measure this.

4) Did you use any of the extensions in a fun, experimental way?


5) Finally, is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

We are very satisfied with the plugin and also the technical assistance we are receiving when we are stuck and need help.

To conclude, King’s Enterprises NV is a testament to the fact that our Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin can help you reduce your operational costs & decrease the time spent on your deliveries! Try it today and experience our newly introduced admin UI!


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