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Release Notes – Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce Plugin v8.6

Order Delivery Date

We have been in process of releasing some major features in the Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin which are requested by our customers. This update (v8.6) includes some of the major requested features which will enhance your store with a better order process.

A brief list of the new features in this version are mentioned below.

  1. Delivery Date Availability Calendar widget
  2. Availability of the Delivery Date & Time can now be shown to the customers prior to the checkout process using the ‘Delivery Date Availability Calendar’ widget. The major benefit of this widget is that it will help you to reduce the rate of cart abandonment as the customers can check the availabilities of the order deliveries at an earlier stage.

    Delivery Date Availability Calendar
    Delivery Date Availability Calendar

    The available delivery dates are shown in the colour selected for it under General Settings -> Appearance link. And the booked dates are shown in the colour selected for it. However, the partially booked dates i.e. the dates for which one or more orders are placed will be diagonally divided with the colours of available dates and booked dates.

    Partially Available Dates
    Partially Available Dates

    And the available deliveries for each will be shown on hover of the date. And if there are time slots added for the dates, it will show the number of deliveries available for each time slot for a particular date.

    It also has an option to accept the postcode first and then show the availability based on the postcode to the customers. This can be useful to show availabilities for the custom delivery schedules for shipping zones added from the plugin.

  3. Delivery Reminder Emails
  4. You can now send a delivery reminder email to customers prior to some days. Reminders can be sent automatically before the X number of days set or manually for the deliverable orders.

    Reminder Emails
    Reminder Emails
  5. The plugin is now made compatible with the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by Bolder Elements, Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce by WP Desk and WooCommerce UPS Shipping by WooCommerce plugins. You can now add different delivery schedules for different shipping options added from these plugins.

We will be releasing detailed documents for the features soon. Keep a track for the documents here.

Go update the plugin to the latest version 8.6 and use the new features added which will help you to improve the purchase experience for your customers.

As usual your feedback is of immense value to us. Please let us know your feedback here.

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