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Setup rules for reminder emails

Setup rules for reminder emails

The average cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. This means that usually 7 out of 10 users abandon their carts and do not complete the transaction. Cart abandonment has become a burning issue that e-commerce store owners cannot ignore any longer.

While the Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce Pro provides multiple methods (including SMS & FB) to reach out to the customers, we’re continually looking for ways using which site owners can attract more customers back to complete their transactions.

While automated reminder emails help reach customers, adding personalized touches such as offering discounts or changing the email content based on the products abandoned or the stage at which the cart was abandoned goes a long way towards luring them back.

Customizing reminder emails for each abandoned cart may be a manageable manual job for a small operation with less traffic, but on a site with high traffic, the number of carts abandoned per day may  well be into the hundreds.

How to personalize emails for high traffic sites?

The first thing that we would need to do is divide the carts into different segments. segments can be based on user type, number of products in the cart, the categories to which abandoned products belong to and so on.

Once done, the next step would be to design reminder emails for each segment.

How to categorize carts into segments?

For example, it makes sense to offer a 10% discount to a customer who has abandoned $1000 worth of goods instead of someone who has abandoned $100 worth of goods.

Alternately, it makes sense to inform users about the last few pieces of a product left only if they have abandoned it.

The latest release v8.9.0 to our Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce Pro now allows the site owners to do just this! We have introduced a rules engine in our automated reminder emails.

What are rules?

In the last release, we have introduced the ability to send/not send a reminder email to an abandoned cart based on a set of rules created for the template by the site owner.

The site owner can choose to add any number of rules of his choice. These rules can be created across multiple options such whom to send the reminder emails to, number of products in the cart, the products present in the cart and so on.

So owners can now personalize their reminder emails without have to personally create and send them to each abandoned cart 🙂

New Rules Engine

The new rules engine allows the site owner to select a rule type, condition & value.
Setup rules for reminder emails - Tyche Softwares

Different types of rules available for setup:
Setup rules for reminder emails - Tyche Softwares

Using these options, owners can setup different combinations of email templates to be sent out to targeted users. The plugin now even provides the ability to choose whether all the rules should match or the reminder can be sent if any one rule matches.

We encourage site owners to use the different combinations available and be sure to share your success stories with us! It motivates us to continue building.

If you’d like us to add more rule types or have any questions or suggestions for us, please do let us know in the comments below.

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