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Multiple Time Slot Addon for WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin

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Multiple Time Slot Addon for WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin

This addon for the Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce allows your customer to select multiple timeslots on a date for each product on the website.

Addon Version: 2.5
Release Date: November 30, 2020


  • You can select any of the two methods to display the timeslot, i.e. Single or Multiple time slot.
  • This addon helps in allowing to select multiple timeslot while booking a product/ service.
  • All the time slots selected while adding the product to the cart will be displayed on the cart page, Checkout page and on order received page as well as in the Customer Email Notification.
  • The View Booking page also displays all the time slots selected for a particular order.


You can request support from the Contact page.

DetailsCompatibility and ChangelogInstallation & UpdatesRequirements
This addon to the Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce will help you to select multiple time slots while booking a product/ service

This addon is useful in the businesses where appointments are taken, or where particular work is done in the given time slot.

This addon is only for booking setup where time slots are involved.

While making the time slots you will be made available to choose an option of how do you want to display the time slots. There are 2 options: Single and Multiple. If you choose Single, then the time slots will be displayed in a dropdown box on the front end. And if you select Multiple then the time slots will be displayed with checkboxes where you can select multiple time slots.

All the time slots selected while adding the product to the cart will be displayed on the cart, checkout, Order Received as well as on the Customer Email Notification page.

All the time slots will have a different Add to Calendar button on the Order Received page.

The View Booking page on the admin side will also have different entries for different time slots for the same order.

  • WooCommerce v3.0.0 & above
  • WordPress 3.0 & above.
  • Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce v4.15.0 and above.


  • v2.5 – This update contains some issue fixes and UI/UX improvements.
  • v2.4 – This update contains some issue fixes and the compatibility with v4.15.1 of Booking plugin.
  • v2.0 – This update to the addon contains compatibility changes for WooCommerce version 3.0.0 and higher.
  • v1.9 – This update to the plugin contains some issue fixes along with compatibility changes with Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce v2.8.
  • v1.8 – Some issues with WPML multi-currency is fixed.
  • v1.7 – The addon has been modified to ensure compatibility changes with the new price display changes on the front end product page.
  • v1.6 – The addon has been made compatible with WooCommerce Bookings by WooThemes.

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You just need to activate this plugin & a new field named Time Slot Selection will be added after the Enable Booking Time field in the Booking tab on the product admin page.
Deactivating the plugin will hide the Time Slot Selection field from the Booking Tab.


Once purchased, to update the plugin to the latest version, please go to your WordPress Plugins page. As & when a new update is available, a notification will be visible just below the plugin description block. If you face any issues while updating the plugin, please drop an email to with your name, email address & plugin name.


  • This addon will work only with the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin installed.
  • This addon will NOT work as a standalone plugin.
  • This addon will also NOT work if you are not using bookable products. It is designed to work only for bookable products & with WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin.


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Joris Heyndrickx
Joris Heyndrickx
6 years ago

Oh! This addon requires the Woocommerce Bookings plugin from Tyche to work, NOT the Woocommerce Booking form Woocommerce itself. This should be mentioned more clearly IMHO.

José Carlos Vela
4 years ago

Hi there again, I already bought the Bookings plugin from you guys, but considering buying the multiple slot addon, that´s why the question regarding multiple booking on different days. Is it possible to do such thing? Thanks in advance.

Shruti Shetty
Shruti Shetty
4 years ago

Hi Jose,

Currently, it is not possible to book multiple timeslots on different dates in a one go using the Multiple Time Slot Addon. You can select any single date and the timeslots you want and add it to the cart. Then select another date you want to for the same product and add to the cart. You can repeat this process and then book the product together.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

5 years ago

Hi, is this price good for one year only? IN the checkout, there’s an option to renew license. How much?

5 years ago

Can you verify something for me? We are offering swim lessons, and we need the user to buy a swim lesson package and then be able to select 3-5 lessons per week for 6 weeks. Is this possible with this plugin? Will they be able to add as many time slots as they need? Time slots may very per lesson so it won’t necessarily be the same time or day for every appointment.

Priyanka Jagtap
Priyanka Jagtap
5 years ago
Reply to  Ben

Hi Ben, Thank you for sharing your business requirement with us. Using Multiple Time Slot addon, admin can create time slots for the product and on the front end of the product page it allows the customer to choose multiple time slots only on a particular date. So currently, it is not possible to select multiple dates and timeslots for those dates. However, the customer can select a date and the available timeslots then add it to the cart and again repeat the same for other dates. But as you mentioned that you want to limit the customer to select… Read more »

Marcus Lai
Marcus Lai
5 years ago

Will the plugin override WP theme CSS?

Shruti Shetty
Shruti Shetty
5 years ago
Reply to  Marcus Lai

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for asking the question.

>> Will the plugin override WP theme CSS?
: We have tested our plugin with all the default themes of WordPress so there will be no overridden of any of the WordPress themes with our plugin.

Can you please explain me the scenario for the question you are asking so that I will able to answer you more neatly and in a proper way.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Neil Ball
Neil Ball
4 years ago

On a previous comment Ben asked if it was possible to pay for a block booking (with a single payment) that allows a specified quantity of multiple dates to be booked within a period of time. Has this feature been added yet? If it hasn’t is it likely to be added in the future?

Kartik Parmar
4 years ago
Reply to  Neil Ball

Hi Neil,

Yet this feature is not available in the plugin but we do have plans to add such feature. This year it will be difficult because we are already occupied in the implementation of some other features.

But we do accept customization requests so if you are interested in the customization then please let me know so that accordingly I will discuss your requirements with Vishal(Founder of Tyche Softwares) and let you know how we can proceed further.

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