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Tour Operators Addon for the WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin

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This addon lets you associate Tour operators (users) with each booking product. You can add Tour operators & each one can see only their own booking resources and bookings.

Addon Version: 2.3
Release Date: January 20 2021
  • This addon will work only with the Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce installed.


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  • Tour Operators (users) / staff can create bookable resources & view bookings – relieving the admin’s burden.
  • Tour operators act as intermediaries between the end consumer and the providers of tourism service
  • Fully integrated with your Woocommerce store and Woocommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin
  • Customers can add comments related to the booking when making the purchase


You can request support from the Contact page.

DetailsCompatibility and ChangelogInstallation and UpdatesRequirements
This addon lets you add and Manage Tour Operators (users). It allows the tour operators to log in and view the bookings made for their products.

The tour operator can also create new products and send it to the administrator to review and publish it.

The tour operator has the permissions to view the bookings made for his own products and view them.

The tour operator cannot edit the products which are published by the administrator.

This addon can be used by any business that would like to allow different users to add bookable products & view only their own booking resources & bookings.

  • WooCommerce v2.0 & above
  • WordPress 3.0 & above.
  • Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce v 2.2 and above.
  • Tour Operators Addon v1.9 requires Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce v2.8 or higher.


  • v 2.3 – This update to the addon contains compatibility changes for v5.5.2 of Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce.
  • v 2.2 – This update to the addon for Booking & Appointment Plugin is a mandatory update to ensure compatibility with the latest version (4.2.0) of the Booking plugin.
    1. The plugin has been modified to ensure the Tour Operators continue to be able to see their bookings using the new Booking menu.
    2. Also, imported events are now being saved and displayed as custom post types. This has been done in conjunction with the changes done for the Booking & Appointment plugin.
  • v 2.1 – This is a minor update to the plugin where an icon has been added for the Tour Operators Addon tab in the Booking meta box. This has been done to ensure UI compatibility with Booking & Appointment Plugin 4.0.0
  • v 2.0 – This update to the addon contains compatibility changes for WooCommerce version 3.0.0 and higher.
  • v 1.9 – This update to the plugin contains some minor issue fixes along with compatibility changes with Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce v2.8.
  • v 1.8 – 2 way GCal sync can be setup at the product level on tour operator level.

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You just need to activate this plugin & a new tab named “Tour Operators” next to “View/Delete Dates, Time Slots” tab on the admin product page will be created. On the admin Booking menu, a new option named “Tour Operators” is created where you can view all the registered Tour Operators in one glance. Deactivating the plugin will hide the “Tour Operators” tab on the admin product page as well as on the Booking widget will be hidden.

Once purchased, to update the plugin to the latest version, please go to your WordPress Plugins page. As & when a new update is available, a notification will be visible just below the plugin description block. If you face any issues while updating the plugin, please drop an email to with your name, email address & plugin name.


  • This addon will work only with the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin installed.
  • This addon will NOT work as a standalone plugin.
  • This addon will also NOT work if you are not using bookable products. It is designed to work only for bookable products & with WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin.


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Jonathan Kleemann
5 years ago

I have an special requirement and want to see if this fits my needs. I’m looking for a specific range of dates tour reservation. So if I have a tour in Rome that starts on october, 13th and ends on october, 26th, then the customer should select the full group of days in the calendar and would not be able to select, let’s say october 14th, or any other date after the 13th. on the contrary if they try to do so, the full range of dates would be selected. Does this plugin can do that?

4 years ago

I have slightly different use case which might fit this plugin. I’m wondering if this would work. We have different guides who are capable of running certain tours (mostly defined by the city they operate in). It would be great if they could enter our system and see the tours they have been assigned to. Perhaps even decline tour assignments and leave note on their tour expenses.

The relationship tour::guide is one-many. We decide on the assignment although this could be done by the guides in future.

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