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Story of a WooCommerce Shop That Recovered £4,700 GBP in Sales with Abandoned Cart Plugin

How much sales does Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce recover - Barn2 Media

This case study for Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce looks at how Katie and her team used the plugin to increase the sales for one of their WordPress clients. That, in turn, allowed them to make their client happy and increased the cash flow to continue investing in the website and make further improvements.

Katie is the Operations Director at Barn2 Media. They are one of the UK’s longest established WordPress agencies, founded in 2009. Barn2 Media sell premium WordPress plugins and provide affordable WooCommerce websites and WordPress SEO services for clients.

How much sales does Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce recover - Katie Keith Operations Director Barn2 Media
Katie Keith, Operations Director at Barn2 Media

Their client is a UK company selling high quality, handmade pet housing for a range of domestic animals.

Katie purchased the Abandoned Cart Pro plugin for the client’s WooCommerce site in March 2016. We asked her to tell us how our plugin has helped their client to increase sales.

Below is the Q & A we had:

1) What sort of problem have you solved with our Abandoned Cart plugin?

We wanted to increase conversions for one of our clients in order to maximise their sales and make their WooCommerce website more successful.

2) How did using the Abandoned Cart plugin change your business?

The Abandoned Cart plugin has increased my client’s revenue by thousands of pounds a year. While it’s a fairly low volume business selling pet housing, each product has a high value so the plugin has made a big difference.

3) Was there any measurable impact from the moment you started using the Abandoned Cart plugin of ours till now – recovered orders value, percentage increase in store sales, percentage of recovered orders, etc.?

I have been really impressed by how transparent and measurable the Abandoned Cart plugin is. The ‘Recovered Orders‘ tab makes it really clear how much of a difference the plugin is making so that I can update my client quickly and easily.

4) How much time did it take for you to get up & running with the Abandoned Cart plugin?

The plugin was easy to set up and only took about half an hour, including writing the email. The email looks really professional with very little work, which helps to encourage customers to buy.

5) Did you make any changes to the Abandoned Cart plugin like creating new email templates? Which email template has the maximum impact in terms of recovering orders & when is that email template sent after a cart is abandoned? So our readers can take a cue from this.

So far, we have used a single email which is sent 2 hours after the cart is abandoned. This is short and to the point, reminding them to complete the purchase and asking if they had any problems placing the other.

In future, we will look at adding further emails to contact customers again at different stages.

6) Anything else which you would like to share with us.

It’s interesting to see how much WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro has increases sales for high value products. I would have expected the plugin to increase sales for low value products that customers don’t mind whether or not they purchase (e.g. food), but I have been more surprised to see the difference it can make for products that require such a big buying decision.

I had expected that for something like pet housing, customers would either buy it or not. However, the evidence suggests that they may change their minds part-way through the process and sending a polite reminder email can increase custom loyalty and trigger them to buy. I will definitely be using the plugin for other clients.

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This is our first case study for the Abandoned Cart Plugin. Although this is one of our most used plugins, we didn’t get a chance to gather feedback from our customers.

Abandoned Carts are a reality. With plugins like ours, you can increase your sales just by spending a few minutes in drafting the right email copy for your target audience. The plugin will work in the background like a robot. It takes care of sending the right email at the right time.

It encourages your customers to complete their purchase by use of discount codes. Want to give them a 10% discount to complete their purchase? We have you covered.

I would like to thank Katie for providing us this insights on the impact of the Abandoned Cart plugin.

You can visit their website at:

Note: There are no affiliate links in this post.

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