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The Forgotten Pages

Let’s talk about increasing sales using the standard About Us, Contact Us, etc. pages. Does your website have the following pages: About Us, FAQ and Contact Us. Chances are that it does.

Now here’s a question:

What purpose do they have?

Seems like an easy enough one. The About Us page tells a bit about your company, the FAQ handles some questions and the Contact Us page is all about helping people get in touch with you.

Let me rephrase the question:

How do these pages help your sales process?

Now, that’s a bit more difficult. Let’s start with the basics. First off, although the traffic to these may seem relatively unimportant, the users that visit them are most likely belonging to an advanced segment.

This changes everything. The pure dynamic of the sales funnel makes this traffic outrageously important.

So what can we do to make them more effective? Well for start, you should keep up with the expectations. If people see only a sales pitch on the About Us page they will get turned off.

Once this issue is settled you should start thinking of ways to redirect users to more advanced pages in the sales funnel (plug the traffic further down the stream). This means that virtually every page should contain links that expedite the sales process. What you don’t want is for people to hit the Homepage again.


A special notice should be made about the Contact Us page. People don’t like online forms. In a test conducted using heatmaps, a simple e-mail address was favored 4 to 1 to a “Contact us” form. Don’t hesitate to put your e-mail address out there. If you have a live chat feature, or maybe support functioning through Skype, mention here is as well. People simply like choice and they like feeling in control.


Every bit of work done towards increasing your sales counts. Next post would be focused on heatmaps & analytics.

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