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Top 5 Email Marketing Techniques To Get More Sales From Your WooCommerce Store

The simplicity and ease-of-use made WooCommerce one of the most sought after e-commerce plugins in the world, bringing in nearly $10 billion in business back in 2017. If you own a WooCommerce store/are planning to, then this is exciting news for your business. 

Though creating an online store is always a fun experience; running it efficiently is where it gets tricky! Because, let’s face it – if there are no sales, no matter how fancy a website, it can be a total waste. Managing leads and increasing conversions is what either makes or breaks your business. So, how do you ensure to keep your store up and running way ahead of your competitors? Let’s find out.

The Mantra of Email Marketing – How Do You Get the Most Out of It?

Did you know? Close to 93% of marketers use email marketing for advertising and creating a business online.

While there are plenty of marketing techniques to lure the attention of your prospective customers; one technique that never runs out of fashion is email marketing. This method, if done right, can bring a chunk of revenue and even lead to active engagement with your brand. 

However, e-mail marketing is a tricky space to tread. If done in an overly aggressive way, it can make your customers opt-out of them, and if under-played can leave your target groups feeling less valued. On the bright side, when done right, it can lead to revenues, direct advertising, and even long-term subscriptions. All you have to do is – strike a balance! 

So, if you’re someone who’s started a WooCommerce store, and want to take your business to the next level – here are a few email marketing techniques to improve your sales game:

  1. A Little Automation Can Get You A Long Way:

Email Marketing Automation is one of the most popular ways in which brands market themselves. What is Marketing automation? In simple terms, it implies automatic emails sent to customers based on various trigger points. Though this may sound an advanced step for a company starting, let’s not forget that the WooCommerce Store database can increase multi-fold in a short period! And manually personalizing is a near-impossible task once your leads database grows. This is where automation can help sort out the chaos. 

With the help of marketing automation, you can segregate all your customer email database into preferences, interests, behavior and more. This makes it easier for you to target a particular niche group of leads too!

Drip Campaign Funnel Example

Let’s look at some of the ways you can use automation techniques for push offers and trigger Emails based on your customer behavior:

  • Abandoned CartWhen a customer adds a product to his cart, it shows his interest in the product. If he abandons it post this, an automatic email can be sent to him later which can encourage him to complete the purchase.
  • Product Views – When a customer adds products to his cart or views a particular product, he is showing interest in the same. As a WooCommerce store owner, you can proceed to send an automatic email with products (similar to his liking). This can help boost a higher inclination towards purchase.

Sending out trigger emails (like the above) ensures that there is a proper customer action flow, making it simpler to advertise and engage with your customers. If you’re looking at an automated tool that can help you achieve segmentation for your business, you can try SendX. This marketing tool can segment your client list based on industry, size, and sales cycle. No longer shooting emails to everyone and landing in spam!

  1. Want Your Business to Survive in the Long Run? Gain Customer Loyalty:


Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the most critical factors for an online store to survive in the industry for a longer duration. If you’re able to make customers purchase and transact with your business frequently, you will become a trusted website in their mind. And, with time, you’ll also enjoy a steady flow of income over the long run. 

Leveraging email marketing is an excellent way for doing this, as you can view important metrics that allow you to understand if your customers are interested to know more from you or not. These stats include the likes of:

  • Open rate – Number of customers who have opened your email
  • Bounce rate – The number of customers who didn’t receive your email due to the receiver’s server denying or returning the mail
  • Click-Through Rate – The number of customers who clicked on your link and headed to the website.

These statistics are not only a good indicator of how well your customers are reacting to your content. But it also allows you to try ways in which you can improve your engagement with your customers.

When you segregate your customer-list, based on the customer’s engagement, you can send them personalized emails to help them purchase products that are viable to them. Very soon, you can expect a rapid database of customers joining in your loyalty pool. All because you made them feel valued and paid attention to what they wanted. The key is to put in the effort to make your customers feel special, and you will be rewarded well. 

  1. Choose Your Discounts Well:

Discounts are a sure-shot way of piquing the interest of the customer, so try to make them attractive. Your discount emails need to stand out among the plethora of other emails that customers receive. So, try to incorporate deals that give more volume at attractive prices. On WooCommerce, you have the liberty to choose different templates that can be customized for special discounts. Invest in templates that allow your business to surface on the crème while your competitors sink below.  

Discounts in Email Marketing

One of the other components for a sure-shot sale is to time your discounts around topical events or seasons. You can also personalize them for special occasions like birthdays and important milestones, or just for them being loyal. By creating a need-basis for customers to purchase your products, you will be able to execute precise email campaigns where customers will click and interact with. After all, the higher the rate of engagement, the better your chances of improving sales as well.

  1. Always Experiment with Your Email Strategy Over Time:


Email Marketing Campaigns are always a work in progress, and there’s no sure-shot method of ensuring that they work. For example, an affiliate marketer or an author would have very different Email Campaigns, which would be geared according to their own audience. And the nuances can never be figured out without testing stuff yourself. Once you get the ball rolling and generate enough leads, ensure that these learnings are always put in practice. 

If a certain technique worked for one season, gather your team together and evaluate why these emails worked. This way, you can plan well in advance when the next sale season is around and create enough buzz even before the sale goes live. Pre-ordering is another great way to help customers get their hands on your products before anyone else, tempting them to consider purchasing.

  1. Get Honest Feedback on Emails and Work on Them:

YouFoodz Feedback Email

Once in a while, you can send broadcast emails that don’t promote or sell but listen. This humanizes you as a brand and allows your customers to understand that you do listen to them. 

Create surveys through emails and ask them their preferences, likes, and dislikes. Once you’re able to do so, create actionable insights and changes to your business plan and evaluate them on the same!

In Conclusion 

Email marketing always works well when smart tracking meets smart content. Get a team of enthusiastic marketers, and you’ll be well on your way to making high sales! Ensure you’re always taking notes of what’s working and not because this marketing technique is a long-term play. 

Take the time out to create structured email campaigns, and you’ll start noticing the difference. Finding the right email marketing strategy will help you grow from both a brand perspective and bring in the revenue you desire. There is no one way to create the perfect email campaign, and the constant work-in-progress is sure to serve you in good stead over the long run. 

Did you try all the above email marketing techniques mentioned in the article? Let us know what worked for you the best in the comments below!

This is a guest blog post by Rohan. Rohan is a bearded marketer currently working on growing SendX: Email Marketing Software.

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