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How to translate Booking & Appointment plugin strings using .po file

Software: Poedit – Gettext Translations Editor:  Download Link

1) Please select “woocommerce-booking.po” file from poedit -> file -> Open menu. You can select the woocommerce-booking.po which is located at /woocommerce-booking/languages/ folder.

2) Please confirm that poedit menu file-> preferences-> editor should have “Automatically compile .mo file on save” checked, if not then please check it and click on the “Ok”.

3) After opening .po file please translate the strings and please validate all translated string using the button “Validate” which is displayed at the top of the poedit menu.

4) Once it is correctly validated with no error, you have to save the files to one specific location which will
automatically generate the plugin “.mo” file at the same location.

5) You have to now rename the “.po” file which you have translated and “.mo” file which was automatically generated.

For example :

You have translated plugin in portuguese (brasilian) language then your “.po” & “.mo” file name will be renamed as “woocommerce-booking-pt_BR.po” & “”.

6) You have to copy both renamed file and you have to placed under the “/wp-content/languages/” folder.

7) You have to copy both renamed file and you have to placed under the “/woocommerce-booking/languages/” folder.

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Tania Frevert
6 years ago

Unfortunately there are a couple of strings left being not translated, i.e. ‘Please select an option’ coming from function bkap_get_per_night_price() in booking-process.php. Hard to find a workaround for that.


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